Friday, November 8, 2013

Infini-Knight and Day: Part 5


Streets Of Drama Bay

Fin Man, White Fury and the Liberty Corps Special Agents have been brought down by a wave of gravity. 

The wave was generated by the Deputy Leader of the Ruling Class named Moon Front. Moon Front is a living moon, part of a galactic secret police. 

Right now the earth heroes do not care about that. Laser Eagle struggles to reach the laser pistol on his belt. 

He blast a fire hydrant near Moon Front and the Ruling Class. Fin Man understands what the Liberty Corps director is trying to do. Fin Man utilizes his watermancing powers and turns the water into a fist that smashes Moon Front into the ground. 

With the Living Moon's concentration broken, the heroes attack the Ruling Class. 

Laser Eagle and Cold Snap go after Ghost Chase, who proves to be far too fast. Avoiding freeze blast and freeze blast. Eagle proves to be as agile, but cannot deal with her speed and intangibility. She lures Cold Snap into firing a freeze blast at her, which passes thru harmlessly and hits Laser Eagle. 

Cold Snap goes to check on the Liberty Corps Director, when Ghost Chase hits him with a hundred punches in seconds. 

Flash Fry fights War Max, attempting to hit the Weapons Archive with heat blast. Flash Fry attempts to think of a strategy to stop the robot. He is hesitant to use his heat powers at their maximum. Even if they take down the robot, that type of intense heat might kill any civilians in the area.

War Max fires a round of bullets at Flash Fry, who melts them before they can get near him. Fry tosses a pair of steam grenades at the robot, hoping they can fog up his instruments. In one fluid motion, Flash Fry grabs the back of War Max and begins over heating the back of the robot. 

“Over Heating... Manual shut down in less than one minute....”

Unfortunately for Flash Fry, War Max has enough time to access Arctic Berzerker missiles from the Snow Planet of Thaw. 

Flash Fry falls to the ground, frozen solid. He will melt unharmed, but not for several hours. 

We now have the Bronze Destroyer and Dirt Nap battling the Upperclassmen known as Over Size. 

Bronze Destroyer throws a grappling hook around the aliens arm and swings up kicking him in the chin. He drops to the ground and fires several rounds of lasers into its chest. 

Over Size stomps Destroyer, who rolls out of the way, while Dirt Nap creates a sinkhole, for his giant foot. She then hits him with a wave of pavement in the face, as Destroyer buries his laser hatchet in the Alien's back. 


She shrinks to nothingness. Only to take out Destroyer with a giant fist. He shrinks back down and appears behind Dirt Nap, kicking her in the face with a giant foot. 

This leaves Fin Man and White Fury against Moon Front. Moon Front's status as a living moon, is wrecking havoc with the water mancing powers of Fin Man. 

Who can hardly form a water armor for the fight. He takes to the direct route. Smashing Moon Front in the jaw. 

As Moon Front feels pieces of his jaw fall into his hand, he is relieved. 

“You are very powerful human.”

“Not a human.”

“Even better, I don't have to worry about doing this.”

Using his gravity powers, he sends Fin Man flying into the sky. He will land harmlessly in the ocean. 

White Fury leaps at Moon Front, who crushes her to the ground with his gravity powers. 

She struggles to get up as Moon Front increases the pressure. He notices she is growing more musclebound and gaining mass by the second. 

Soon even mighty Moon Front is straining. Until finally she breaks free. White Fury is now a BRUTE.


With one punch she sends Moon Front flying across the city. 

Ghost Chase flies over at super speed, only to be met by a sonic clap, created by Fury slapping two cars together. Ghost Chase intangible form disperses. 

Over Size grabs her in his two massive hands. He gets close to her. 

“Look lady, we're on the same side. Calm down.”

White Fury responds by headbutting the giant, knocking him out. 

This leaves White Fury and War Max. War Max scans her powers and realizes at her current power, she could crush the robot. He also sees the current form is the result of an adrenaline burst. Going thru his archives, War Max fires a gas cannon from the Planet Tranqrix 7. 

 The Tranqrix did not believe in violence. So they created peaceful means thru chemical warfare. 

Fury staggers and shrinks to her normal size collapsing. 

Moon Front returns, in search of Fury. 

When the Ruling Class are surrounded by a black cloud. 

“Aliens, I do not know your purpose in aiding Crime King. But you will now feel the wrath of Fantomah!!!”


The Lair Of Crime King

Blast of grid energy are coming from every directions. Micro knows he has to be careful. Free Star Shock and Jianhu and they can defeat Crime King. 

When he grows to his normal size, his scrambler is shattered by Crime King. 

“Fool did you think I did not notice you? I am the mighty King of Crime.”

Micro transforms into Macro and drives his fist into Crime King. Who catches it with a catchers mitt, energy construct. 

He then creates a giant battering ram and knocks out Macro. 

Star Shock sits watching helplessly as her mind is pulled into another realm. She sees Pyramid Master standing above her. 

“I had hoped to avoid this. To save this for another occasion. But this Crime King is proving a threat to all existence and unfortunately you lack the skill to defeat him at your current power.”

His eyes glow and he strikes her with a blast of lightning that energizes her core.

She returns to reality and shatters her energy prison. Star Shock now has electricity coming from all parts of her body. 

She flies at Crime King, only for both of them to be caught in a vortex. 

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