Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Infini-Knight and Day: Part 3


Drama Bay

Star Shock crashes thru the energy fortress of Infini-King. She fires a bolt of energy into Retro-9, briefly shorting out the robot.

She shatters the various energy constructs attacking her. She fires bolts of energy freeing the Micro, White Fury and Fin Man. Before she can free the others, she is trampled by a energy bull created by Infini-King. Followed by an energy beam fired by King. 

“Girl I never suspected you were smart.”

She recovers and charges into King, who creates a wet blanket of energy and slams her down. 

He follows by creating a dozen energy constructs with baseball bats to beat her. 

“As I said, I never thought you were smart. But to attack me this directly, you must be a whopping moron.”

Star Shock starts powering up, causing the constructs to dissolve and the energy blanket tears, only for King to strengthen the blanket.  

White Fury prepares to attack, only for Fin Man to grab her. 

“No, we must escape.”

“We can't let her die!!!”

A battered Micro grabs Fin Man and Fury. 

“Guys this is going to hurt.”

The three shrink out of sight.


The Sewers of Drama Bay

The Gold Sama takes the hands of Fantomah. He has hesitantly agreed to borrow the Demon God's Power.

He expands his mind to cover the entire world. Until he focuses on the energy fortress of Infini-King.

He sees that King has taken the body of Infini-Knight. He is unsure of where King's body is. He only knows King was able to take the body, because Gold Sama crushed the mind of Infini-Knight. 

Fantomah smiles, thinking her prey is within her grasp. 

Sama looks at her grimly. 

“No, I can drive King from the Rulian's mind without your demon powers.”

“And how do you expect to get in without telepathy?”

Sama removes a bag of Moon Beans from his robe. 

“I suspect this drug may get me into the mind of Infini-Knight. But I still need your help.”


Drama Bay Airport 

The Eagle's Claw Aircraft lands in Drama Bay Airport. 

On board is Liberty Corps Directors, Laser (formerly Bold) Eagle, The Bronze Destroyer and Special Agents, Flash Fry, Cold Snap and Dirt Nap.

Before they can even unbuckle their seat belts, the Eagle's Claw is consumed by a rainbow of energy, that blows up the ship. 

People and media at the airport are in shock. Minutes pass that feel like hours. Until the wreckage is blown apart by a laser. Eagle and his team emerge, covered in ice. 

“Tell Crime King, that Liberty Corps will not go down that easy!!!!”


Earth's Atmosphere. 

Cyphred and the Ruling Class are near the barrier created by Infini-King. They are riding on a large meteor controlled by Moon Front, with an artificial atmosphere created by Rulian technology. 

Cyphred speaks. 

“I could attempt to teleport to Earth.”

Moon Front replies. 

“No, the Grid Energy might tear you to pieces. War Max do you have a weapon that could break the barrier?”

“Any weapon capable of piercing the barrier, would also destroy the planet.”

Moon Front is solemn. 

“Then it is up to me. I was hoping to save my energy for this Crime King.”

Moon Front raises his hands and a purple glow surrounds them. Moon Front is using his gravity powers to tear the dome apart. The dome begins to tear and bend, when a figure resembling Infini-Knight emerges. 

“I could sense you tearing at my barrier. I recognize you from the foggy memories of Infini-Knight.”

Moon Front is overcome with anger.

“Human I will tell you once. Release the body of Infini-Knight. You cannot handle this.”

Infini-King creates a energy sword in both hands.

“We shall see Rulian, we shall see.”


The sewers of Drama Bay

Fantomah guards the body of the Gold Sama. 

“I cannot believe you rather take something as base as a drug, rather than host my godly power.”

“The drug will wear off Fantomah. You will not, keep me safe and we may come to an agreement.”

Gold Sama swallows the pill and is body is surrounded by a blue light. 

Soon he has entered the astral plane. He sees the specter of Dr.Mindfunk. A flickering damaged specter. Soon he reaches the mind of Infini-Knight. 

He sees a landscape that resembles a combination of alien jungle and something from Arthurian Legend. 

His feet touch the ground and he sees the body of a Rulian in a colorful costume. 

Upon closure inspection, every bone in the Rulian's body is broken. This is truly the handiwork of the Gold Sama. 

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