Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Infini-Knight and Day: Part 2

2. Another dimension The being known as Togaplex stands before a pillar of light. “My son, I know you are disheartened by your defeat at the hands of the mortals.” “I was not defeated!!! With all due respect father.” “My son, your time to strike draws near. The pawn of the Pyramid Master is soon to be unleashed. She will be the key to my freedom....” “Yes father, I understand.” The hammer glows and Togaplex disappears. ***** Drama Bay, California Infini-King sits on a throne of energy in the ruins of DuPont Towers. He is rapidly learning how to exploit the powers of the Grid Zone. “The Gold Sama will die by my hand.” Retro-9 prepares a statement. “I will pursue the Sama.” “No, I am more comfortable with you near me.” Infini-Knight shines a light on Retro-9, scanning the robot completely. Now he creates an army of energy constructs based on Retro-9. “Find the Sama and bring him to me!!” Jianhu and Fin Man watch this scene helplessly, imprisoned in the energy walls of Infini-King's fortress. **** White Fury, Arrowmatic and the Micro have been studying the fortress of Infini-King for an hour now. Arrowmatic speaks first. “If Sama, Jianhu and Fin Man have been defeated, we will not last five minutes. We need to contact Liberty Corps. Horse Power can clean King's clock.” Micro looks down at the ground. “I called over an hour ago. Horse Power are not even in this dimensional plane at the moment.” White Fury speaks. “Okay then, can you contact Recluse and Blur back easy?” Micro keeps his eyes toward the ground. “Recluse doesn't even have a phone. Blur well, I called him. He is on his way. But I can't say he'll be much help.” Arrowmatic has a look of revelation. “Where is Star Shock?!? Between her, Micro and you Fury, we should be able to take King on.” “We have not been able to reach her since the business with Mindfunk and the masked guy. I think she went home to her mother.” Micro looks up. “I have a plan, but you two will be at risk.” White Fury speaks “We're in.” Arrowmatic looks more hesitant. “Ok...” “Good, you two attack the fortress head on. While you are attacking, I will plant Micro-Bombs around the place. They will destroy Crime King and anyone else in our way. I'll rescue the others if...” “If what?” “If they are still alive.” **** Gold Sama has been in the sewers for hours now. Desperately trying to unlock his powers. Before he can try again, he hears a loud grinding sound. A wall is torn down and he sees a trio of multicolored energy constructs. “The Sama has been located. Attack sequence ready.” Gold Sama shatters the head of the first robot. Only to be hit from behind by a second one. Using all of his skill and power. He takes down more of the constructs. But there are simply too many and they are too powerful. He turns intangible to retreat and is hit by another sonic barrage that grounds him. The constructs pummel and slice the Sama. If it continues much longer, he will be dead. A red wave of energy enters the sewer and dissolves the constructs. Sama hopes beyond hope, that Star Shock is his savior and not. “Fantomah?” Fantomah is in the same host body, she had in New York during the skirmish with Claw. “I sensed you were in peril, Sama. Right now you are too important to me.” “Where did you find the host, Fantomah?” “Does it matter.” Sama falls to one knee. “Not at the moment. But later....” **** Chicago, Illinois Becky Sanders has not been fully honest with her mother about why she left school mid semester. She simply said she had a drug overdose. Her mother was not happy. Now Becky is washing the dishes, thinking at least she can keep her mom's home clean. Until she receives the biggest headache of her life. The Pyramid Master appears in her kitchen. “Becky Sanders, Star Shock is needed in Drama Bay.” “What? Its nothing the Cosmic Forces can't handle.” “WRONG!!! They have been defeated. You must go now. The universe is in too delicate a state to let a wild card like this Crime King run free.” Becky Sanders puts on the Band Of Annihilation and flies out the kitchen window. **** Arrowmatic and White Fury have begun the attack on the energy fortress of Infini-King. But as they tear down the first wall, they find the walls morph and generate weapons. An army of robotic energy constructs emerge and attack the two. Arrowmatic greets them with a barrage of exploding arrows. But even he is not fast enough to take out so many enemies and they overwhelm him. White Fury sees Arrowmatic overwhelmed and is herself taken by anger. She attacks the energy constructs and dismantles them one by one. Her costume is shredded and it appears that she has grown in stature from the adrenaline burst. A beam of energy crushes her into the pavement. The Infini-King has appeared. In his left hand is the limp body of the Micro. Who he stopped from planting explosives. “I sense the Sama has defeated my energy constructs. But now that I have defeated you three, I imagine he will come to me.” **** The Planet Pluto. Cyphred is waiting for the Ruling Class to arrive. He knows they are the only hope of stopping Infini-King and saving the life of Infini-Knight. “We are here Commander Cyphred.” Leading the Ruling Class is Moon Front. A Living Moon, part of a greater army. This one happens to be a Rulian. He is the best friend of the Infini-Knight. “I would have been here months ago. But this particular tribe of Dominorse proved to be nasty.” Next to Moon Front is Ghost Chase, the fastest woman in the universe. Her race posses both super speed and intangibility and live within a gas giant. They have only recently evolved to have the ability to become tangible for brief periods. Next is the being called Over Size. The beings on their planet possess the ability to alter their size. It is necessary to survive on an ever shifting home world. Finally there is War Max, a sentient robotic weapons archive. It has the ability to replicate billions of weapons in the universe. It had been created by a Bedrosen Scientist named Dr.Warptron. The robot had conquered several Rulian border worlds. Until it was stopped by Infini-Knight and reprogrammed. Moon Front speaks again. “Cyphred you expect us to believe that a human put Infini-Knight into a coma and another human stole his body and powers?” Cyphred looks up at into space. “Yes” “We are going to crush this Crime King and capture the Gold Sama.” Ghost Chase disappears and reappears in the blink of an eye. “There is a problem.” “What is that?” “Earth has been sealed in a bubble of energy even I can't get thru.”

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