Monday, November 4, 2013

Infini-Knight And Day: Part 1

Infini-Knight and Day


The Rulian Space Cruiser orbiting Jupiter. 

Cyphred and a group of Rulian Soldiers are marching toward the private quarters of the Crime King. Hours ago he took the body of the comatose Infini-Knight and has not reported back. 

Cyphred's commander, Crolok confronts him. 

“Cyphred I did not grant you permission to do this. If Crime King can heal the broken mind of the Infini-Knight, then let him.”

Cyphred has had to bite his tongue for months now. He knew Crolok was not qualified to lead even a small fleet on a pointless scouting mission. Once they were attacked by the Gold Sama, they should have fled. When The Infini-Knight was defeated, they should have retreated. 

When they realized a human had mastered the use of a Rulian Fighter Suit, they should have killed him. Instead Crolok was too afraid of being embarrassed in front of his father. Too afraid of being embarrassed in front of the Ruler. 

Cyphred could possibly be executed for treason. But following Crolok's leadership, he will be killed anyway. 

“Enough Crolok, I am taking command of this ship. We are getting rid of Crime King and dismantling the defective Retroactive Continuity Unit.

“But you can't...”

“Don't try to fight me Crolok. You know you are no match for me. You know I was only stationed with you, because your own father, our Ruler knew how incompetent you are. If he had suspected how dangerous this planet is. You would have stayed in your cubicle on Planet Crown. Now I am going to stop Crime King before it is too late.”

Before he can go further, a beam of multicolored energy burst thru the door. Cyphred, Crolok and the soldiers are either dead or severely injured. 

“It is too late to stop me Rulians. The power of the Infini-Knight is now mine. Long live Infini-King!!!!


Drama Bay, The apartment of Brad Simon. 

Brad Simon is laying in bed reading. Trying to let his injuries heal. A month ago, he was disemboweled by the Claw. While in a New York City hospital, he was given the journal of the original Duel-Devil, Bart Hill. 

Now he is reading about Duel-Devil's struggles as a husband and father. His struggles as the Duel-Devil. The injuries that had piled up on him. The mental fatigue he endured. How even in his late thirties, he was still struggling with the murder of his parents. Trying to overcome the training of his martial arts master, Qron, even as he relied on it every night to survive. 

Struggling to deal with corruption by his fellow police officers. All while trying to turn a group of boys into men. To give them guidance and training to do good. 

It was all becoming too much for this 39 year old man who felt like he was 139. 

“Brad, I brought you some groceries.”

Brad puts down the book. He has looked forward to seeing Mia all day. Even if things have been tense since their last meeting. She brightens his day in ways he does not care to admit. 

“What did you bring me?”

“More than the ground beef and oranges that were in your fridge.”

Brad tries to get up. 

“Please Brad, don't walk. You need to conserve your strength.”

“Right because, I'm so weak and pathetic.”

“BRAD, you know that is not what I meant. You need to fully heal, before you can become Duel-Devil again.”

“I'm sorry I snapped Mia. I have been doing this for a long time. It is all I have, it is all I want to have. I don't want to pressure you, but I want the Terror Serum. I can do a lot of good with it. You know I can, please trust me.”

“Brad, it's not that simple.”

“Then what is it Mia? Please, you can tell me.”

“I don't think I can recreate the serum.”


“Papa, he never trusted me with it. He never wrote things down. It took me several tries to recreate the serum. Those weeks were terrible, they did permanent damage to me. Now I'm having these adrenaline burst. They are giving me greater strength than Papa ever dreamed of.... But I'm scared of what I have done to myself. 

I'm scared I'm no longer human.”

Brad Simon walks toward Mia Rivera. 

“Brad, you're hurt.”

“Shut up.”

Brad Simon hugs Mia Rivera. They begin to kiss, when they hear a loud explosion. Mia's Cosmic Forces communicator begins going off. 

“Brad, I have to.”

“Go ahead and go Mia. I'm no good to the team like this anyway.”


DuPont Towers

Infini-King landed on Earth instantly. In addition to the Infini-Knight's Grid Zone powers, he also has his Rulian born teleporting powers. 

“Face me Sama!!!!” 

He fires a beam into the towers the destroys floors 4 thru 5. 

The Fin Man hates the Crime King. Crime King once manipulated him into attacking Atlantis. Into stealing a valuable Atlantian Artifact. Into attacking the Tide Tyrant. It was the first time he used his water mancing powers. He drained all the moisture from Tyrant. A man who did more for him than his own father. 

All so King could steal the Trident Of Neptune. So he could use it as a power source for his alien armor. 

Now Crime King is here, he has destroyed DuPont Towers. 

“Sorry Crime King, you are going to have to settle for me!!”

The newly dubbed Infini-King creates a wall of energy for Fin Man to crash into. 

“So sorry Fin Man, but you just will not do.”

He creates a energy chain around the body of Fin Man and whips him into the pavement repeatedly. 

The chains dissolve and Fin Man leaps to his feet. Only to be hit by a beam of energy fired by Infini-King. 

“Om Mani Padme Hum”

A golden bolt of fire strikes Infini-King. It is the Jianhu to the Gold Sama. He follows it with a dropkick into King's skull. Followed by a series of martial arts strikes that injure Infini-King, even thru his Grid Zone armor.

Infini-King fires a beam of energy toward Jianhu, who leaps into the air to avoid it. Only he hits a energy web created by King. 

“Thought you might be missing your friend, the Blue Recluse.”

A newly created energy spider bites Jianhu in the chest, before fading away. Gold Sama has used his intangibility to place his fist in the back of Infini-King's skull. 


King goes down to one knee, Sama continues to press on. Until a loud eonic energy causes Sama to back away and become tangible. Giving King the chance to hit him with an energy mace, generated from King's back. 

The sound assault was generated by Retro-9, the robotic partner of Infini-King. 

“Thank You, Retro-9. I am adjusting to these powers, but soon I will be as powerful as Infini-Knight.” 

King creates an army of Grid Men and they attack the remaining DuPont Security Guards, Fin Man, Jianhu and Gold Sama. 

Before they can get to Sama, he turns intangible and sinks into the sewer system. 

“Observation, The Sama has escaped. Even at diminished capacity, he is too dangerous to leave alive.”

“He will attempt a second attack. Along with the girl called Star Shock. For now we created a fortress.”

King holds his hand in the air and a rainbow of energy comes from his hands and creates a castle, where DuPont Towers stood. 


Deep Space, The broken husk of the Rulian Space Cruiser. 

Cyphred is the only one still alive. He watched the human slaughter his men. He should be dead himself. But he will live long enough to kill the self titled Infini-King. 

He reaches his communicator and sends out a hope that it works. 

“Cyphred? Cyphred? We assumed you and Crolok were dead.”

“Crolok is dead. The rest of the men are dead. I am dying, but most importantly. Infini-Knight is dead.”

“How what could?”

“A human killed him and usurped his powers. You must send the entire fleet and the Ruling Class.”

Cyphred collapses and teleports to Earth, uncertain if even the Ruling Class can stop the Infini-King.

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