Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Infini-Knight and Day Finale

The Mind Of Infini-Knight

Infini-Knight has emerged from his coma. He still does not have full use of his Grid Powers. 

Crime King has recovered from the attack and sends a wave of Grid Energy at Infini-Knight, who catches it. He tries to control it, only to be slammed violently to the ground. 

Gold Sama watches this and senses a disturbance. This struggle has done more than rattle the astral plane. It has effected the Grid Zone. In the real world the Grid Energies are like a violent hurricane. Sama can sense that King is no longer on Earth. 

But at the rate the Grid Energies are being unleashed, they will consume the galaxy. 

Crime King prepares to crush the weakened Infini-Knight, but before his foot can reach the ground, Sama flies down and grabs the Knight. 

“The Grid Zone, its energies are out of control.”

“Get me to the temple on the hill. That is where the center of my being is. Perhaps I can regain control.”

Sama looks at the astral form of Infini-Knight, who looks like a shell of his former self. His limps are atrophied, he can barely hold his head up. He realizes he is not capable of regaining control in this state. 

Crime King grows ever larger. Gold Sama creates a vortex that sucks Crime King deep into the ground. Even with his added power, King cannot psychically free himself from such a trap immediately. 

As they near the temple, storms erupt. Caused by Crime King's attempts to free himself. Sama is struck by lightning and falls to the ground. 

Infini-Knight wearily stands up. 

“I know you plan to take control of the Grid Energies. You know I am too weak to regain control right now. But this is my mind, I can at least control these storms. Go into the temple.”

Gold Sama walks thru the gates of the temple. He recognizes the alien architecture from when he crushed the psyche of Infini-Knight. He sees a swirling door of light and color. As he gets closer, he finds himself being pushed back. But the Sams uses all of his strength to push back. He thinks that Sama is a false name. That the universe knew him by a different title. 

He looks down and sees himself in green robes. The green robes feel right. But he still cannot remember his former name. Why would he have another name. Why would he be covered in gold. Why does green seem more comforting. 

As the grid energies push him back. He firmly plants his feet to the ground, he puts his hands together and prays. 


A field of life force surrounds the Gold Sama as he embraces his new identity and as two very different energies merge, all of time changes. The green robes change to gold and it is as if the Gold Sama has always reigned. 


The Planet Jupiter

Crime King and Star Shock were sent here by the power of Togaplex and his Golden Hammer. The two hardly notice that they have left Earth and are fighting within a gas giant. 

Star Shock destroys the grid armor of Crime King. Revealing the face of the Rulian called Infini-Knight. But in Star Shock's rage, she does not care. She intends to destroy anything in her path. 

She tackles Crime King and they crash thru the walls of a temple, or more accurately a prison. 

Perhaps if Crime King were not fighting a war on two fronts, he would comment on how wrong this is. How Jupiter has no land masses, that it is simply a gas planet. 

Instead he attacks Star Shock with his remaining Grid Powers. Smashing walls and barriers, to get to his young prey. Star Shock is consumed by the power of a pantheon of gods long dead. Becky Sanders is buried beneath their rage. 

Something about this building hurts her on a primal level. She must destroy this place, along with Crime King. 

She fires a wave of energy powerful enough to destroy the state of California. 

The walls of the prison are destroyed, the statues of bound Greek Gods are shattered. 

Becky lays on a piece of temple floor remaining from the battle. Her costume is in tatters and in any other scenario, her modesty would get the best of her. But she is too drained to care about anything else. 

She stands up, a cool yellow hand touches her shoulders. 

“It is over human, we have defeated the Crime King.”

Grid Energy surrounds both Becky Sanders and Infini-Knight as they return to Earth.


The Psyche of Infini-Knight

Crime King flies in a sea of darkness. He sends psychic energy in every direction, in his attempts to escape. Soon the Gold Sama will take control of the Grid Energy.

King had never respected the super natural. He thought people like the Sama or this Infini-Knight had simply taken a short cut to get power. If there were a God, surely it would be the self styled King. Who long ago stopped going by his birth name. 

But he sees the supernatural as a science beyond his reckoning. If he can get out of this place, he will kill Infini-Knight and return to his body. 

He finally claws thru a wall made of paper. He sees a healthy Infini-Knight. 

“You have violated my mind. If I had the power, I would kill you. You are no longer in control of this body or the Grid Zone. 

I will banish you to your true body human, may you rot forever!!!”


Drama Bay

Fantomah has learned something. She hates aliens. She will bring this Moon Front to his knees. It bothers her that she is referring to herself in gendered terms. The blasted human host is affecting her. 

Moon Front realizing his gravity powers will not crush one such as Fantomah, is now using brute force. Punching her in the face, with enough strength to topple a mountain. 

Fantomah peels the skin from her chest where tentacles emerge and engulf Moon Front. He feels his body being crushed. Moon Front with his last bit of energy, tears apart the tentacles. He collapses to his knees and his moon form fades, revealing a Rulian. 

Fantomah prepares to attack again, only for a barrier of Grid Energy to separate her from the Rulian called Moon Front. 

Moon Front knows that his friend Corlook has regained his body. Infini-Knight (Corlook) repairs DuPont Towers. Absorbing most of the Grid Men and the energy constructs Crime King created. 

Jianhu and Arrowmatic emerge from the building. The Micro soon follows. 

Jianhu walks to Infini-Knight. 

“Where is the Gold Sama?”

“He has not returned to his body?”

Fantomah grins.

“Do not fret mortals, the Sama is safe.”

When they get to the room in the catacombs, they see that the body of Jed DuPont, the Gold Sama is missing. 


Retro-9 finds the body of Crime King in the garage, that King used as a hideout in his Tech Baron days. 

Can a computer worry? We will not find out today as Crime King wakes up. Feeling very rested, as if he has slept for a week. 

Before he can process everything, both King and Retro-9 are caught in another Vortex. 

They emerge in a dark room, with various windows of unearthly light shining on them. 

Out of a corner emerges two beings. One in a mask, carrying a gold hammer. The other a massive being. In a strange type of crimson bondage armor, a mane of white hair with eyes of pure fire. 

Crime King grasp his energy scepter, only to see it melted instantly. 

The masked man speaks.

“That is only a sample of my father's power.”

“Your father?”

The man removes his mask, revealing a chiseled handsome face. 

“Yes, Almighty Zeus himself. Who would know his power better than Hercules.”


It has been two weeks since the battle with Crime King. Jianhu believes Fantomah's story. She has nothing to gain from his disappearance. She needed The Gold Sama as much as anyone else.

The Infini-Knight allowed Jianhu access to his mind. The Rulians did not abduct The Sama. 

Jianhu cannot sense Gold Sama anywhere on the planet Earth. He now has more responsibility that he could have imagined. 


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