Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Infini-Knight and Day Finale

The Mind Of Infini-Knight

Infini-Knight has emerged from his coma. He still does not have full use of his Grid Powers. 

Crime King has recovered from the attack and sends a wave of Grid Energy at Infini-Knight, who catches it. He tries to control it, only to be slammed violently to the ground. 

Gold Sama watches this and senses a disturbance. This struggle has done more than rattle the astral plane. It has effected the Grid Zone. In the real world the Grid Energies are like a violent hurricane. Sama can sense that King is no longer on Earth. 

But at the rate the Grid Energies are being unleashed, they will consume the galaxy. 

Crime King prepares to crush the weakened Infini-Knight, but before his foot can reach the ground, Sama flies down and grabs the Knight. 

“The Grid Zone, its energies are out of control.”

“Get me to the temple on the hill. That is where the center of my being is. Perhaps I can regain control.”

Sama looks at the astral form of Infini-Knight, who looks like a shell of his former self. His limps are atrophied, he can barely hold his head up. He realizes he is not capable of regaining control in this state. 

Crime King grows ever larger. Gold Sama creates a vortex that sucks Crime King deep into the ground. Even with his added power, King cannot psychically free himself from such a trap immediately. 

As they near the temple, storms erupt. Caused by Crime King's attempts to free himself. Sama is struck by lightning and falls to the ground. 

Infini-Knight wearily stands up. 

“I know you plan to take control of the Grid Energies. You know I am too weak to regain control right now. But this is my mind, I can at least control these storms. Go into the temple.”

Gold Sama walks thru the gates of the temple. He recognizes the alien architecture from when he crushed the psyche of Infini-Knight. He sees a swirling door of light and color. As he gets closer, he finds himself being pushed back. But the Sams uses all of his strength to push back. He thinks that Sama is a false name. That the universe knew him by a different title. 

He looks down and sees himself in green robes. The green robes feel right. But he still cannot remember his former name. Why would he have another name. Why would he be covered in gold. Why does green seem more comforting. 

As the grid energies push him back. He firmly plants his feet to the ground, he puts his hands together and prays. 


A field of life force surrounds the Gold Sama as he embraces his new identity and as two very different energies merge, all of time changes. The green robes change to gold and it is as if the Gold Sama has always reigned. 


The Planet Jupiter

Crime King and Star Shock were sent here by the power of Togaplex and his Golden Hammer. The two hardly notice that they have left Earth and are fighting within a gas giant. 

Star Shock destroys the grid armor of Crime King. Revealing the face of the Rulian called Infini-Knight. But in Star Shock's rage, she does not care. She intends to destroy anything in her path. 

She tackles Crime King and they crash thru the walls of a temple, or more accurately a prison. 

Perhaps if Crime King were not fighting a war on two fronts, he would comment on how wrong this is. How Jupiter has no land masses, that it is simply a gas planet. 

Instead he attacks Star Shock with his remaining Grid Powers. Smashing walls and barriers, to get to his young prey. Star Shock is consumed by the power of a pantheon of gods long dead. Becky Sanders is buried beneath their rage. 

Something about this building hurts her on a primal level. She must destroy this place, along with Crime King. 

She fires a wave of energy powerful enough to destroy the state of California. 

The walls of the prison are destroyed, the statues of bound Greek Gods are shattered. 

Becky lays on a piece of temple floor remaining from the battle. Her costume is in tatters and in any other scenario, her modesty would get the best of her. But she is too drained to care about anything else. 

She stands up, a cool yellow hand touches her shoulders. 

“It is over human, we have defeated the Crime King.”

Grid Energy surrounds both Becky Sanders and Infini-Knight as they return to Earth.


The Psyche of Infini-Knight

Crime King flies in a sea of darkness. He sends psychic energy in every direction, in his attempts to escape. Soon the Gold Sama will take control of the Grid Energy.

King had never respected the super natural. He thought people like the Sama or this Infini-Knight had simply taken a short cut to get power. If there were a God, surely it would be the self styled King. Who long ago stopped going by his birth name. 

But he sees the supernatural as a science beyond his reckoning. If he can get out of this place, he will kill Infini-Knight and return to his body. 

He finally claws thru a wall made of paper. He sees a healthy Infini-Knight. 

“You have violated my mind. If I had the power, I would kill you. You are no longer in control of this body or the Grid Zone. 

I will banish you to your true body human, may you rot forever!!!”


Drama Bay

Fantomah has learned something. She hates aliens. She will bring this Moon Front to his knees. It bothers her that she is referring to herself in gendered terms. The blasted human host is affecting her. 

Moon Front realizing his gravity powers will not crush one such as Fantomah, is now using brute force. Punching her in the face, with enough strength to topple a mountain. 

Fantomah peels the skin from her chest where tentacles emerge and engulf Moon Front. He feels his body being crushed. Moon Front with his last bit of energy, tears apart the tentacles. He collapses to his knees and his moon form fades, revealing a Rulian. 

Fantomah prepares to attack again, only for a barrier of Grid Energy to separate her from the Rulian called Moon Front. 

Moon Front knows that his friend Corlook has regained his body. Infini-Knight (Corlook) repairs DuPont Towers. Absorbing most of the Grid Men and the energy constructs Crime King created. 

Jianhu and Arrowmatic emerge from the building. The Micro soon follows. 

Jianhu walks to Infini-Knight. 

“Where is the Gold Sama?”

“He has not returned to his body?”

Fantomah grins.

“Do not fret mortals, the Sama is safe.”

When they get to the room in the catacombs, they see that the body of Jed DuPont, the Gold Sama is missing. 


Retro-9 finds the body of Crime King in the garage, that King used as a hideout in his Tech Baron days. 

Can a computer worry? We will not find out today as Crime King wakes up. Feeling very rested, as if he has slept for a week. 

Before he can process everything, both King and Retro-9 are caught in another Vortex. 

They emerge in a dark room, with various windows of unearthly light shining on them. 

Out of a corner emerges two beings. One in a mask, carrying a gold hammer. The other a massive being. In a strange type of crimson bondage armor, a mane of white hair with eyes of pure fire. 

Crime King grasp his energy scepter, only to see it melted instantly. 

The masked man speaks.

“That is only a sample of my father's power.”

“Your father?”

The man removes his mask, revealing a chiseled handsome face. 

“Yes, Almighty Zeus himself. Who would know his power better than Hercules.”


It has been two weeks since the battle with Crime King. Jianhu believes Fantomah's story. She has nothing to gain from his disappearance. She needed The Gold Sama as much as anyone else.

The Infini-Knight allowed Jianhu access to his mind. The Rulians did not abduct The Sama. 

Jianhu cannot sense Gold Sama anywhere on the planet Earth. He now has more responsibility that he could have imagined. 


Friday, November 8, 2013

Infini-Knight and Day: Part 5


Streets Of Drama Bay

Fin Man, White Fury and the Liberty Corps Special Agents have been brought down by a wave of gravity. 

The wave was generated by the Deputy Leader of the Ruling Class named Moon Front. Moon Front is a living moon, part of a galactic secret police. 

Right now the earth heroes do not care about that. Laser Eagle struggles to reach the laser pistol on his belt. 

He blast a fire hydrant near Moon Front and the Ruling Class. Fin Man understands what the Liberty Corps director is trying to do. Fin Man utilizes his watermancing powers and turns the water into a fist that smashes Moon Front into the ground. 

With the Living Moon's concentration broken, the heroes attack the Ruling Class. 

Laser Eagle and Cold Snap go after Ghost Chase, who proves to be far too fast. Avoiding freeze blast and freeze blast. Eagle proves to be as agile, but cannot deal with her speed and intangibility. She lures Cold Snap into firing a freeze blast at her, which passes thru harmlessly and hits Laser Eagle. 

Cold Snap goes to check on the Liberty Corps Director, when Ghost Chase hits him with a hundred punches in seconds. 

Flash Fry fights War Max, attempting to hit the Weapons Archive with heat blast. Flash Fry attempts to think of a strategy to stop the robot. He is hesitant to use his heat powers at their maximum. Even if they take down the robot, that type of intense heat might kill any civilians in the area.

War Max fires a round of bullets at Flash Fry, who melts them before they can get near him. Fry tosses a pair of steam grenades at the robot, hoping they can fog up his instruments. In one fluid motion, Flash Fry grabs the back of War Max and begins over heating the back of the robot. 

“Over Heating... Manual shut down in less than one minute....”

Unfortunately for Flash Fry, War Max has enough time to access Arctic Berzerker missiles from the Snow Planet of Thaw. 

Flash Fry falls to the ground, frozen solid. He will melt unharmed, but not for several hours. 

We now have the Bronze Destroyer and Dirt Nap battling the Upperclassmen known as Over Size. 

Bronze Destroyer throws a grappling hook around the aliens arm and swings up kicking him in the chin. He drops to the ground and fires several rounds of lasers into its chest. 

Over Size stomps Destroyer, who rolls out of the way, while Dirt Nap creates a sinkhole, for his giant foot. She then hits him with a wave of pavement in the face, as Destroyer buries his laser hatchet in the Alien's back. 


She shrinks to nothingness. Only to take out Destroyer with a giant fist. He shrinks back down and appears behind Dirt Nap, kicking her in the face with a giant foot. 

This leaves Fin Man and White Fury against Moon Front. Moon Front's status as a living moon, is wrecking havoc with the water mancing powers of Fin Man. 

Who can hardly form a water armor for the fight. He takes to the direct route. Smashing Moon Front in the jaw. 

As Moon Front feels pieces of his jaw fall into his hand, he is relieved. 

“You are very powerful human.”

“Not a human.”

“Even better, I don't have to worry about doing this.”

Using his gravity powers, he sends Fin Man flying into the sky. He will land harmlessly in the ocean. 

White Fury leaps at Moon Front, who crushes her to the ground with his gravity powers. 

She struggles to get up as Moon Front increases the pressure. He notices she is growing more musclebound and gaining mass by the second. 

Soon even mighty Moon Front is straining. Until finally she breaks free. White Fury is now a BRUTE.


With one punch she sends Moon Front flying across the city. 

Ghost Chase flies over at super speed, only to be met by a sonic clap, created by Fury slapping two cars together. Ghost Chase intangible form disperses. 

Over Size grabs her in his two massive hands. He gets close to her. 

“Look lady, we're on the same side. Calm down.”

White Fury responds by headbutting the giant, knocking him out. 

This leaves White Fury and War Max. War Max scans her powers and realizes at her current power, she could crush the robot. He also sees the current form is the result of an adrenaline burst. Going thru his archives, War Max fires a gas cannon from the Planet Tranqrix 7. 

 The Tranqrix did not believe in violence. So they created peaceful means thru chemical warfare. 

Fury staggers and shrinks to her normal size collapsing. 

Moon Front returns, in search of Fury. 

When the Ruling Class are surrounded by a black cloud. 

“Aliens, I do not know your purpose in aiding Crime King. But you will now feel the wrath of Fantomah!!!”


The Lair Of Crime King

Blast of grid energy are coming from every directions. Micro knows he has to be careful. Free Star Shock and Jianhu and they can defeat Crime King. 

When he grows to his normal size, his scrambler is shattered by Crime King. 

“Fool did you think I did not notice you? I am the mighty King of Crime.”

Micro transforms into Macro and drives his fist into Crime King. Who catches it with a catchers mitt, energy construct. 

He then creates a giant battering ram and knocks out Macro. 

Star Shock sits watching helplessly as her mind is pulled into another realm. She sees Pyramid Master standing above her. 

“I had hoped to avoid this. To save this for another occasion. But this Crime King is proving a threat to all existence and unfortunately you lack the skill to defeat him at your current power.”

His eyes glow and he strikes her with a blast of lightning that energizes her core.

She returns to reality and shatters her energy prison. Star Shock now has electricity coming from all parts of her body. 

She flies at Crime King, only for both of them to be caught in a vortex. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Infini-Knight and Day: Part 4


The Atmosphere of Earth

A energy clone of Infini-King has challenged the Ruling Class to a fight. He is testing the power of Moon Front. The living moon hits him with a wave of gravity energy, shattering the shield and sword of the energy clone.

Moon Front tries to punch the clone and it flattens itself and rises behind Moon Front, crushing him with a mallet. Ghost Chase attacks the energy clone before it can follow thru. She dizzies it with her ghostly speed, landing a few tangible punches.

The robot called War Max is next. It creates a few basic Zoner hand pistols and fills the clone with several holes.

Before it can put itself back together, it is caught in the grip of Moon Front's gravity field. Over Size crushes the clone with a giant foot.

The field surrounding Earth dissolves.

Moon Front can't help but think that was too easy.


The Energy Fortress of Infini-King

King feels a sharp pain go down his spine. The energy clone he sent to kill the friend of Infini-Knight, has been destroyed.

He can also sense that the Liberty Corps B-Team survived. Right now he is using most of his power to keep Star Shock bound. But he cannot help but feel he is being attacked on another front. Something that is taxing his resources.


The Mind Of Infini-Knight
Gold Sama has found the astral form of Infini-Knight. Right now he is simply a Rulian is a special uniform. To stop Crime King, he must return Infini-Knight to full health. He thinks back to the brutal battle they had in space and cannot help but think he was manipulated. At the time the visions felt so real and the Rulians were so quick to attack.

But being so close to Infini-Knight in a non combatal role, he can sense the nobility in the alien.

He puts his hand on the aliens forehead and chants.

“Om, Mani, Padme, Hum”

Sama merges with the astral form of Infini-Knight. Sinking deep into his memories.

He sees the Rulian known as Corlook as a young soldier/scientist in the Rulian Army. The Rulians were at war with a monstrous race called the Dominorse. The dinosaur like creatures could travel thru space without need of a rocket ship.

The Rulians meanwhile had entered an energy crisis. Rumors told the Ruler had been putting much of the empires resources into making him a cybernetic being.

Corlook is still unsure of the validity of the rumors. The Ruler has always possessed incredible power. Far stronger than any single Rulian. Dating back to the empires first experiments with genetic manipulation and cybernetics.

The memories are changing again. Now he is on a barren ugly planet that his squadron had won from the Dominorse. The creatures had been very intent on keeping it. But the Ruler was determined to take a seemingly useless world.

Corlook was part of the crew that was digging to the center of the world. Hoping to find anything useful. Until they dug too far and the explosions started.

The crew members all quickly teleported away.

All except Roclik, best friend of Corlook. He had been hit in the head with a piece of debris. Corlook teleported to his friend and tossed him aside as a wave of energy burst from all sides of the crater. He was consumed by the multicolored energy. But it did not burn, it simply rebuilt him. He emerged from the crater smarter and filled with power. From that day forward he was one with the Grid Zone.
Before Sama can get more information, he is shot in the shoulder with a spear. It was thrown by a Dominorse. Infini-Knight's memories are more dangerous than he suspected.


The Energy Fortress of Infini-King

Retro-9 can tell the Infini-King is straining. His mastery of the Grid Zone powers is far from complete. He believes the Rulian body that King stole is beginning to rebel. Scanning the planet he can see that the Ruling Class has shattered the energy barrier covering Earth.

“Observation, it maybe time to summon reinforcements.”

“No.... not yet. I can still crush them by myself.”

“Query, why did you attack Earth before mastering your powers.”

“You know that I would only be able to control this body for a limited time. I had to create a power base quickly.”

“Report, The Liberty Corps Agents survived your attack.”

“That I was not prepared for. Retro-9, create an army of Grid Men, to aid the Robot Energy Constructs I built to search for Sama. Have them attack anything that moves.”

“Query, what of Star Shock?”

“She dies.”


Laser Eagle leads the Liberty Corps Agents to the fortress of Infini-King.

Before they can get further, the Micro, Fin Man and White Fury appear before him. Fury drops to her knees and vomits. Even the Fin Man looks sick.

The Micro looks apologetic.

“ I have this equipment in my mask, that keeps me from being hurt by changing sizes so fast. That is why you guys are so sick right now.”

Bronze Destroyer walks forward.

“You three work for the Sama? Where is he?”

Fin Man speaks.

“We do not know, he escaped before Crime King could capture him. I'm sure he has a plan. What about you chief?”

Cold Snap grabs Fin Man.

“That is Director Dixon punk. Show some respect!!!”

Fin Man lifts Cold Snap by the collar.

“Easy snow angel, don't need an excuse to crush you.”

White Fury snaps.

“Dammit, we need to work together!!!!”

Fury seems to grow slightly larger. Fin Man puts down Cold Snap.

Micro speaks again.

“Eagle, Destroyer, what is your plan.”

“We plan to storm the fortress from different directions. Lure Crime King into a direct confrontation and take him down.”

Micro speaks

“You'll die.”

Flash Fry speaks

“Micro, we have fought Crime King hundreds of times. He's tough but we can win.”

"He fought Gold Sama to a stand still. I have a plan and you can help.”

Laser Eagle and Bronze Destroyer each have a lifetime of experience. One thing they have learned is to not turn down an idea out of hand.

“Tell us”

“The energy fortress is actually a shell for the remains of DuPont Tower. There are tunnels underneath the towers, put in by the Gold Sama when he built the tower. I have the schematics here in my wrist computer. I get in thru the secret entrance and set up my energy scrambler and Crime King should be relatively powerless.”

The group of heroes are hit by energy blast. They see an army of Grid Men and Energy Robots lead by Retro-9.

Laser Eagle takes out his pistol and leads the charge.

“What are you waiting for Micro, GO!!!!”

Micro shrinks into nothingness.


The Mind Of Infini-Knight

On the Astral Plane, the Gold Sama has full access to his powers. A well placed energy bolt, causes the Dominorse Creatures to explode.
Gold Sama is crushed by a giant foot belonging to Crime King. 

“Thanks for saving me the trouble of finding you.”


The Ruling Class are heading for Drama Bay to stop Crime King and retrieve the body of Infini-Knight.

They charge down to Earth on a meteor controlled by Moon Front. Before they can get further, they are attacked by the robot called Retro-9. 

It fires a Ion Missile at the meteor, sending the Ruling Class into free fall. Before Moon Front uses his gravity powers to catch the others. 

War Max scans the Retroactive Continuity Unit and attacks. Firing a barrage of bullets that Retro-9 blocks with a simple force field. War Max scans the robot and finds it is as advanced as War Max is. 

Moon Front prepares to attack when.

“Halt Moon Front Of The Ruling Class!!!”

“Not going to work Robot!!”

“If you do not hunt, Infini-Knight of the Ruling Class will die!!!”

Moon Front stops. He only came to Earth to save his friend. 

“Right now the body of Infini-Knight Of The Ruling Class is in possession on Crime King. If you attack now, the body will be destroyed.”

“What do you want robot?”

“Right now the fortress of Crime King is being attacked by a small army of human. Kill them immediately.”

The Ruling Class have made a vow not to take the lives of lower life forms. Moon Front in particular has an obligation to the Moon Nation not to take life. 

But they must save Infini-Knight. At the very least they can slow the humans down. 
***** The Mind Of Infini-Knight
Crime King has stomped Gold Sama into the ground. He cannot help but cackle as he grinds his giant foot into the Sama. Gold Sama mutters his chant and appears behind Crime King at a equally gigantic size. Sama breaks the nose of Crime King with a palm thrust. Or at least the mental image of his nose. Crime King has a scepter appear in his hands and fires a ball of energy at the Sama. Who turns it into a giant demon rabbit. That attacks Crime King, biting the fingers off his left hand. Crime King quickly turns his hand into a missile launcher and fires a volley into Gold Sama. Sama bleeding heals his wound and turns the blood into a slingshot and fires himself into Crime King. Who in turn creates a boxing glove that hits Gold Sama in the jaw, knocking him down. King takes the glove off and reveals the horse shoes. “You see Sama, even with your vaunted mental powers. I am the master of this domain.” A wave of grid energy sends Crime King crashing into the alien castle. It was created by the Rulian known as Infini-Knight. **** The Liberty Corps Agents are operating like a well oiled machine. Cold Snap freezes waves of Grid Men, while Flash Fry melts them. The change in temperature shatters them. Laser Eagle goes thru the air, attacking all of the flying energy Retro-9 duplicates. Bronze Destroyer, using the strength granted to him by his spirit guardians, takes his laser hatchet and hacks the Grid Men to pieces. White Fury is not doing as well. The stress is changing her. She is getting stronger, but at the cost of her reasoning. She wants to break everyone in her sight. Not just the Grid Men. Fin Man uses the water created from Cold Snap's melted ice and creates water shrapnel to take out another wave of Grid Men. While the woman called Dirt Nap, formerly called Sandblast, is using the Earth itself to devour waves of Grid Men. The group is confident that they can win this battle, when they are all taken down by a crushing gravity ball. Fired by Moon Front of the Ruling Class. **** In the tunnels beneath DuPont Tower, Fantomah guards the glowing Comatose body of the Gold Sama. Right now he means to end the battle, by removing Crime King from the body of Infini-Knight. The earth shakes violently. These tunnels were reinforced to survive any type of Earthquake. She knows she must guard the Sama. But she thinks she could end this directly. She looks at Sama and decides to join the battle. **** Micro is getting closer to the lair of Crime King. He does some last minute tinkering with the energy scrambler he retrieved from his lab. He first obtained it from a super villain called the Scrambler. His scrambler cannon had been meant to destroy all radio waves. Instead it was destroying planets in the Underverse. The Micro had to stop him. But now he must face Crime King again, who hours earlier had defeated him with ease. He reaches the lair and wishes he could activate it at his Micro size. But it must be full size, to disrupt the Grid Zone Energies. Before he gets to the lair, he hears screaming. He sees Crime King in a life and death battle with himself?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Infini-Knight and Day: Part 3


Drama Bay

Star Shock crashes thru the energy fortress of Infini-King. She fires a bolt of energy into Retro-9, briefly shorting out the robot.

She shatters the various energy constructs attacking her. She fires bolts of energy freeing the Micro, White Fury and Fin Man. Before she can free the others, she is trampled by a energy bull created by Infini-King. Followed by an energy beam fired by King. 

“Girl I never suspected you were smart.”

She recovers and charges into King, who creates a wet blanket of energy and slams her down. 

He follows by creating a dozen energy constructs with baseball bats to beat her. 

“As I said, I never thought you were smart. But to attack me this directly, you must be a whopping moron.”

Star Shock starts powering up, causing the constructs to dissolve and the energy blanket tears, only for King to strengthen the blanket.  

White Fury prepares to attack, only for Fin Man to grab her. 

“No, we must escape.”

“We can't let her die!!!”

A battered Micro grabs Fin Man and Fury. 

“Guys this is going to hurt.”

The three shrink out of sight.


The Sewers of Drama Bay

The Gold Sama takes the hands of Fantomah. He has hesitantly agreed to borrow the Demon God's Power.

He expands his mind to cover the entire world. Until he focuses on the energy fortress of Infini-King.

He sees that King has taken the body of Infini-Knight. He is unsure of where King's body is. He only knows King was able to take the body, because Gold Sama crushed the mind of Infini-Knight. 

Fantomah smiles, thinking her prey is within her grasp. 

Sama looks at her grimly. 

“No, I can drive King from the Rulian's mind without your demon powers.”

“And how do you expect to get in without telepathy?”

Sama removes a bag of Moon Beans from his robe. 

“I suspect this drug may get me into the mind of Infini-Knight. But I still need your help.”


Drama Bay Airport 

The Eagle's Claw Aircraft lands in Drama Bay Airport. 

On board is Liberty Corps Directors, Laser (formerly Bold) Eagle, The Bronze Destroyer and Special Agents, Flash Fry, Cold Snap and Dirt Nap.

Before they can even unbuckle their seat belts, the Eagle's Claw is consumed by a rainbow of energy, that blows up the ship. 

People and media at the airport are in shock. Minutes pass that feel like hours. Until the wreckage is blown apart by a laser. Eagle and his team emerge, covered in ice. 

“Tell Crime King, that Liberty Corps will not go down that easy!!!!”


Earth's Atmosphere. 

Cyphred and the Ruling Class are near the barrier created by Infini-King. They are riding on a large meteor controlled by Moon Front, with an artificial atmosphere created by Rulian technology. 

Cyphred speaks. 

“I could attempt to teleport to Earth.”

Moon Front replies. 

“No, the Grid Energy might tear you to pieces. War Max do you have a weapon that could break the barrier?”

“Any weapon capable of piercing the barrier, would also destroy the planet.”

Moon Front is solemn. 

“Then it is up to me. I was hoping to save my energy for this Crime King.”

Moon Front raises his hands and a purple glow surrounds them. Moon Front is using his gravity powers to tear the dome apart. The dome begins to tear and bend, when a figure resembling Infini-Knight emerges. 

“I could sense you tearing at my barrier. I recognize you from the foggy memories of Infini-Knight.”

Moon Front is overcome with anger.

“Human I will tell you once. Release the body of Infini-Knight. You cannot handle this.”

Infini-King creates a energy sword in both hands.

“We shall see Rulian, we shall see.”


The sewers of Drama Bay

Fantomah guards the body of the Gold Sama. 

“I cannot believe you rather take something as base as a drug, rather than host my godly power.”

“The drug will wear off Fantomah. You will not, keep me safe and we may come to an agreement.”

Gold Sama swallows the pill and is body is surrounded by a blue light. 

Soon he has entered the astral plane. He sees the specter of Dr.Mindfunk. A flickering damaged specter. Soon he reaches the mind of Infini-Knight. 

He sees a landscape that resembles a combination of alien jungle and something from Arthurian Legend. 

His feet touch the ground and he sees the body of a Rulian in a colorful costume. 

Upon closure inspection, every bone in the Rulian's body is broken. This is truly the handiwork of the Gold Sama. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Infini-Knight and Day: Part 2

2. Another dimension The being known as Togaplex stands before a pillar of light. “My son, I know you are disheartened by your defeat at the hands of the mortals.” “I was not defeated!!! With all due respect father.” “My son, your time to strike draws near. The pawn of the Pyramid Master is soon to be unleashed. She will be the key to my freedom....” “Yes father, I understand.” The hammer glows and Togaplex disappears. ***** Drama Bay, California Infini-King sits on a throne of energy in the ruins of DuPont Towers. He is rapidly learning how to exploit the powers of the Grid Zone. “The Gold Sama will die by my hand.” Retro-9 prepares a statement. “I will pursue the Sama.” “No, I am more comfortable with you near me.” Infini-Knight shines a light on Retro-9, scanning the robot completely. Now he creates an army of energy constructs based on Retro-9. “Find the Sama and bring him to me!!” Jianhu and Fin Man watch this scene helplessly, imprisoned in the energy walls of Infini-King's fortress. **** White Fury, Arrowmatic and the Micro have been studying the fortress of Infini-King for an hour now. Arrowmatic speaks first. “If Sama, Jianhu and Fin Man have been defeated, we will not last five minutes. We need to contact Liberty Corps. Horse Power can clean King's clock.” Micro looks down at the ground. “I called over an hour ago. Horse Power are not even in this dimensional plane at the moment.” White Fury speaks. “Okay then, can you contact Recluse and Blur back easy?” Micro keeps his eyes toward the ground. “Recluse doesn't even have a phone. Blur well, I called him. He is on his way. But I can't say he'll be much help.” Arrowmatic has a look of revelation. “Where is Star Shock?!? Between her, Micro and you Fury, we should be able to take King on.” “We have not been able to reach her since the business with Mindfunk and the masked guy. I think she went home to her mother.” Micro looks up. “I have a plan, but you two will be at risk.” White Fury speaks “We're in.” Arrowmatic looks more hesitant. “Ok...” “Good, you two attack the fortress head on. While you are attacking, I will plant Micro-Bombs around the place. They will destroy Crime King and anyone else in our way. I'll rescue the others if...” “If what?” “If they are still alive.” **** Gold Sama has been in the sewers for hours now. Desperately trying to unlock his powers. Before he can try again, he hears a loud grinding sound. A wall is torn down and he sees a trio of multicolored energy constructs. “The Sama has been located. Attack sequence ready.” Gold Sama shatters the head of the first robot. Only to be hit from behind by a second one. Using all of his skill and power. He takes down more of the constructs. But there are simply too many and they are too powerful. He turns intangible to retreat and is hit by another sonic barrage that grounds him. The constructs pummel and slice the Sama. If it continues much longer, he will be dead. A red wave of energy enters the sewer and dissolves the constructs. Sama hopes beyond hope, that Star Shock is his savior and not. “Fantomah?” Fantomah is in the same host body, she had in New York during the skirmish with Claw. “I sensed you were in peril, Sama. Right now you are too important to me.” “Where did you find the host, Fantomah?” “Does it matter.” Sama falls to one knee. “Not at the moment. But later....” **** Chicago, Illinois Becky Sanders has not been fully honest with her mother about why she left school mid semester. She simply said she had a drug overdose. Her mother was not happy. Now Becky is washing the dishes, thinking at least she can keep her mom's home clean. Until she receives the biggest headache of her life. The Pyramid Master appears in her kitchen. “Becky Sanders, Star Shock is needed in Drama Bay.” “What? Its nothing the Cosmic Forces can't handle.” “WRONG!!! They have been defeated. You must go now. The universe is in too delicate a state to let a wild card like this Crime King run free.” Becky Sanders puts on the Band Of Annihilation and flies out the kitchen window. **** Arrowmatic and White Fury have begun the attack on the energy fortress of Infini-King. But as they tear down the first wall, they find the walls morph and generate weapons. An army of robotic energy constructs emerge and attack the two. Arrowmatic greets them with a barrage of exploding arrows. But even he is not fast enough to take out so many enemies and they overwhelm him. White Fury sees Arrowmatic overwhelmed and is herself taken by anger. She attacks the energy constructs and dismantles them one by one. Her costume is shredded and it appears that she has grown in stature from the adrenaline burst. A beam of energy crushes her into the pavement. The Infini-King has appeared. In his left hand is the limp body of the Micro. Who he stopped from planting explosives. “I sense the Sama has defeated my energy constructs. But now that I have defeated you three, I imagine he will come to me.” **** The Planet Pluto. Cyphred is waiting for the Ruling Class to arrive. He knows they are the only hope of stopping Infini-King and saving the life of Infini-Knight. “We are here Commander Cyphred.” Leading the Ruling Class is Moon Front. A Living Moon, part of a greater army. This one happens to be a Rulian. He is the best friend of the Infini-Knight. “I would have been here months ago. But this particular tribe of Dominorse proved to be nasty.” Next to Moon Front is Ghost Chase, the fastest woman in the universe. Her race posses both super speed and intangibility and live within a gas giant. They have only recently evolved to have the ability to become tangible for brief periods. Next is the being called Over Size. The beings on their planet possess the ability to alter their size. It is necessary to survive on an ever shifting home world. Finally there is War Max, a sentient robotic weapons archive. It has the ability to replicate billions of weapons in the universe. It had been created by a Bedrosen Scientist named Dr.Warptron. The robot had conquered several Rulian border worlds. Until it was stopped by Infini-Knight and reprogrammed. Moon Front speaks again. “Cyphred you expect us to believe that a human put Infini-Knight into a coma and another human stole his body and powers?” Cyphred looks up at into space. “Yes” “We are going to crush this Crime King and capture the Gold Sama.” Ghost Chase disappears and reappears in the blink of an eye. “There is a problem.” “What is that?” “Earth has been sealed in a bubble of energy even I can't get thru.”

Monday, November 4, 2013

Infini-Knight And Day: Part 1

Infini-Knight and Day


The Rulian Space Cruiser orbiting Jupiter. 

Cyphred and a group of Rulian Soldiers are marching toward the private quarters of the Crime King. Hours ago he took the body of the comatose Infini-Knight and has not reported back. 

Cyphred's commander, Crolok confronts him. 

“Cyphred I did not grant you permission to do this. If Crime King can heal the broken mind of the Infini-Knight, then let him.”

Cyphred has had to bite his tongue for months now. He knew Crolok was not qualified to lead even a small fleet on a pointless scouting mission. Once they were attacked by the Gold Sama, they should have fled. When The Infini-Knight was defeated, they should have retreated. 

When they realized a human had mastered the use of a Rulian Fighter Suit, they should have killed him. Instead Crolok was too afraid of being embarrassed in front of his father. Too afraid of being embarrassed in front of the Ruler. 

Cyphred could possibly be executed for treason. But following Crolok's leadership, he will be killed anyway. 

“Enough Crolok, I am taking command of this ship. We are getting rid of Crime King and dismantling the defective Retroactive Continuity Unit.

“But you can't...”

“Don't try to fight me Crolok. You know you are no match for me. You know I was only stationed with you, because your own father, our Ruler knew how incompetent you are. If he had suspected how dangerous this planet is. You would have stayed in your cubicle on Planet Crown. Now I am going to stop Crime King before it is too late.”

Before he can go further, a beam of multicolored energy burst thru the door. Cyphred, Crolok and the soldiers are either dead or severely injured. 

“It is too late to stop me Rulians. The power of the Infini-Knight is now mine. Long live Infini-King!!!!


Drama Bay, The apartment of Brad Simon. 

Brad Simon is laying in bed reading. Trying to let his injuries heal. A month ago, he was disemboweled by the Claw. While in a New York City hospital, he was given the journal of the original Duel-Devil, Bart Hill. 

Now he is reading about Duel-Devil's struggles as a husband and father. His struggles as the Duel-Devil. The injuries that had piled up on him. The mental fatigue he endured. How even in his late thirties, he was still struggling with the murder of his parents. Trying to overcome the training of his martial arts master, Qron, even as he relied on it every night to survive. 

Struggling to deal with corruption by his fellow police officers. All while trying to turn a group of boys into men. To give them guidance and training to do good. 

It was all becoming too much for this 39 year old man who felt like he was 139. 

“Brad, I brought you some groceries.”

Brad puts down the book. He has looked forward to seeing Mia all day. Even if things have been tense since their last meeting. She brightens his day in ways he does not care to admit. 

“What did you bring me?”

“More than the ground beef and oranges that were in your fridge.”

Brad tries to get up. 

“Please Brad, don't walk. You need to conserve your strength.”

“Right because, I'm so weak and pathetic.”

“BRAD, you know that is not what I meant. You need to fully heal, before you can become Duel-Devil again.”

“I'm sorry I snapped Mia. I have been doing this for a long time. It is all I have, it is all I want to have. I don't want to pressure you, but I want the Terror Serum. I can do a lot of good with it. You know I can, please trust me.”

“Brad, it's not that simple.”

“Then what is it Mia? Please, you can tell me.”

“I don't think I can recreate the serum.”


“Papa, he never trusted me with it. He never wrote things down. It took me several tries to recreate the serum. Those weeks were terrible, they did permanent damage to me. Now I'm having these adrenaline burst. They are giving me greater strength than Papa ever dreamed of.... But I'm scared of what I have done to myself. 

I'm scared I'm no longer human.”

Brad Simon walks toward Mia Rivera. 

“Brad, you're hurt.”

“Shut up.”

Brad Simon hugs Mia Rivera. They begin to kiss, when they hear a loud explosion. Mia's Cosmic Forces communicator begins going off. 

“Brad, I have to.”

“Go ahead and go Mia. I'm no good to the team like this anyway.”


DuPont Towers

Infini-King landed on Earth instantly. In addition to the Infini-Knight's Grid Zone powers, he also has his Rulian born teleporting powers. 

“Face me Sama!!!!” 

He fires a beam into the towers the destroys floors 4 thru 5. 

The Fin Man hates the Crime King. Crime King once manipulated him into attacking Atlantis. Into stealing a valuable Atlantian Artifact. Into attacking the Tide Tyrant. It was the first time he used his water mancing powers. He drained all the moisture from Tyrant. A man who did more for him than his own father. 

All so King could steal the Trident Of Neptune. So he could use it as a power source for his alien armor. 

Now Crime King is here, he has destroyed DuPont Towers. 

“Sorry Crime King, you are going to have to settle for me!!”

The newly dubbed Infini-King creates a wall of energy for Fin Man to crash into. 

“So sorry Fin Man, but you just will not do.”

He creates a energy chain around the body of Fin Man and whips him into the pavement repeatedly. 

The chains dissolve and Fin Man leaps to his feet. Only to be hit by a beam of energy fired by Infini-King. 

“Om Mani Padme Hum”

A golden bolt of fire strikes Infini-King. It is the Jianhu to the Gold Sama. He follows it with a dropkick into King's skull. Followed by a series of martial arts strikes that injure Infini-King, even thru his Grid Zone armor.

Infini-King fires a beam of energy toward Jianhu, who leaps into the air to avoid it. Only he hits a energy web created by King. 

“Thought you might be missing your friend, the Blue Recluse.”

A newly created energy spider bites Jianhu in the chest, before fading away. Gold Sama has used his intangibility to place his fist in the back of Infini-King's skull. 


King goes down to one knee, Sama continues to press on. Until a loud eonic energy causes Sama to back away and become tangible. Giving King the chance to hit him with an energy mace, generated from King's back. 

The sound assault was generated by Retro-9, the robotic partner of Infini-King. 

“Thank You, Retro-9. I am adjusting to these powers, but soon I will be as powerful as Infini-Knight.” 

King creates an army of Grid Men and they attack the remaining DuPont Security Guards, Fin Man, Jianhu and Gold Sama. 

Before they can get to Sama, he turns intangible and sinks into the sewer system. 

“Observation, The Sama has escaped. Even at diminished capacity, he is too dangerous to leave alive.”

“He will attempt a second attack. Along with the girl called Star Shock. For now we created a fortress.”

King holds his hand in the air and a rainbow of energy comes from his hands and creates a castle, where DuPont Towers stood. 


Deep Space, The broken husk of the Rulian Space Cruiser. 

Cyphred is the only one still alive. He watched the human slaughter his men. He should be dead himself. But he will live long enough to kill the self titled Infini-King. 

He reaches his communicator and sends out a hope that it works. 

“Cyphred? Cyphred? We assumed you and Crolok were dead.”

“Crolok is dead. The rest of the men are dead. I am dying, but most importantly. Infini-Knight is dead.”

“How what could?”

“A human killed him and usurped his powers. You must send the entire fleet and the Ruling Class.”

Cyphred collapses and teleports to Earth, uncertain if even the Ruling Class can stop the Infini-King.