Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Horror Of Claw:Day 5


Brad Simon is dying. He had taken up the mantle of Duel-Devil from his
father Jeffrey "Curly" Simon. Curly (along with three of his friends) had
been trained by the original Duel-Devil.

Curly had been anxious to train Brad in taking up the mantle of Duel-Devil.

His friends Pee Wee and Scarecrow gave up the mantle of Duel-Devil and
had no interest in passing it on to their children.

Jock had been the best of Duel-Devil's students.... But he did not have any
kids of his own.

Curly never quite acclimated himself to what some people call "the real
world". He never did great in school and took what work he could.

His heart was always in being a masked hero. He felt like he was making a
difference and considered it the only legacy he could leave to his son.

He started training Brad at the age of five. Brad's mother objected, but
Curly could not be deterred. By the age of twelve, Brad was an
accomplished athlete, excelling at football and baseball.

Then Curly disappeared, his mother told Brad that Curly had been hit by
a truck. That was why the funeral was closed casket.

But Brad knew the truth. His father was not hit by a truck. He had a final
mission as Duel-Devil and was killed.

Brad obsessed with taking the Duel-Devil mantle. He studied everything he
could about fighting, detective work and driving any kind of vehicle.

When he turned eighteen, he received his inheritance from Curly. It was
twenty thousand dollars. Brad had no idea where Curly got that much
money. He suspects he robbed gangsters over the years. But he could not
prove that.

Mom was disappointed Brad did not put that money toward college. Instead
he went to trade school and became a mechanic. Moved to the west coast
and started his career as Duel-Devil. He wore the blue and yellow costume
of his father.

He was set to continue his father's legacy, until the other guy showed up.

Another man claimed to be Duel-Devil, wearing the red and blue costume of
the original, turned up. The idea enraged Brad, but it inspired him to work harder. But no matter how hard he worked, the other guy was better.

He had state of the art vehicles and equipment. While Brad made do with a
used crop duster. he could never get to work right, a modified tow truck and a dirt bike.

That Duel-Devil became famous for stopping the Scrambler from destroying
all television and radio airwaves and Imprisoning the last three heads of the
Northeast branch of the Grim Circle.

Brad meanwhile was known as an imitation Duel-Devil, someone trying to
steal another man's reputation.

Now Brad is dying, he has just been disemboweled by the monstorus Claw.

The demon that was defeated by the original Duel-Devil in the forties.

Brad was just saved by the other Duel-Devil. He is unable to make out what is happening. He only knows he is going to die and he has not talked to his mom in a month.


The red and blue Duel-Devil arrived to the scene to save the other Duel-Devil from being disemboweled by the Claw.

He throws a series of exploding boomerangs at Claw.

Claw marches toward Duel-Devil Red, until Arrowmatic fires a sonic arrow at Claw.

A sonic screech goes out sending Claw to his knees. Duel-Devil's research
knew exactly what frequency would interfere with Claw's equilibrium. He had quickly given the sonic Arrow Head to Arrow-Matic.

The Red Duel-Devil looks over at Jianhu.

"He is still alive, save him."

Jianhu flies over to the dying Brad Simon and begins to heal him using the
magic of the Sama Temple. The hole in Brad's stomach closes, but he is still
far too weak to fight.

Meanwhile the White Fury has stood by his side. She is filled with rage at
feeling Brad could have died. She is even madder at herself that she cares
so much.

She sees Claw disoriented and is filled with rage. With adrenaline, people
have been known to lift cars off of their children.

Those people do not have the power serum of the legendary Black Terror
coursing thru their veins. With adrenaline fueling her, Fury's strength
dwarfs even Star Shock.

She catches Claw with a punch that fractures the monsters jaw. Then follows
thru with a punch to the gut that breaks two of his ribs.

Claw finally crushes the arrowhead that was disorienting him. He looks down
at his own blood and is angered. He heals quickly, but the idea of a
a swine hurting him is too much to bear.

With a blinding speed, Claw puts White Fury thru five buildings.

"The game is over."

Turning his lunar suit to full power, Claw grows fifty stories tall.


Arrow-Matic used the sonic arrow given to him by the other Duel-Devil. He
really thought they had a chance when Fury managed to hurt him.

Then the monster turned giant and he does not know what to do. This is too
much for him. He saw the newsreel footage and even read about him in
history class. But this is beyond belief.

He turns to Fin Man for help and sees the Atlantean is gone.

"Wish I had thought of that."


The man with the Golden Hammer regrets not attacking Claw earlier. Now
he maybe too powerful. But the man puts these ideas behind him.

The Golden Hammer is the most powerful weapon in the universe. He will
let the humans weaken/distract Claw and he will strike.


Claw smashes a building with ease. He does wonder why Crime King has not
tried to stop him. Perhaps the ant has greater intelligence than he credited
him with.

Star Shock flies to attack and Claw swats her down. He wonders why the
Pyramid Master granted such power to an idiot.

A bolt of energy sends Claw to his knees. He turns around and sees a
gigantic Mecha Claw has entered the fray.

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