Friday, September 6, 2013

The Horror Of Claw: Day 6


Missile Miser did not expect his basic armor to stop Claw. But luckily for
him he had been working a back up. He began work on Mecha Claw almost
immediately. A giant armor that looks like a robotic brother to the gruesome

Missile Miser did not test the armor in the field, but he is confident Mecha
Claw could crush the Trojan Mecha that Horse Power uses.

Claw is back to his feet and attacks Mecha Claw. Only to find his manic
swipes blocked by a force field.

Mecha Claw opens its mouth revealing an ion cannon and fires it at Claw.

Burning the monster's hand, which quickly regenerates.

Claw lifts the Mecha Claw and suplexes it into a row of buildings. The
thrusters in Mecha Claw's back ignite and it is back to it's feet.

Claw holds out both arms and sends a large black ball of fire at Mecha

The robots left hand has been melted. Missile Miser opens the metallic robe
of Mecha Claw and sends a barrage of missiles at the Nightmare Of Ricca.

Gold Sama sees the carnage being unleashed by Claw and his robotic
doppelganger and knows that if he is not stopped, the city will be destroyed.

"Then embrace my power Sama. Use it to destroy my nephew."

"That is not necessary yet Demon."

Fantomah's specter looks angry.


The specter of Fantomah disappears. While Gold Sama hopes that the
Micro is faring better in his mission. .


The Innards Of Claw

The Micro has studied biology most of his life. As a small child he dissected
worms trying to figure out what makes them tick. As he got older he studied
other animals and life forms.

But the inside of the Claw is nothing like anything in this world. The innards
of Claw look more like a bizarre alien jungle than any living thing on Earth.

He has been fighting off snakes, tendrils and a living forest of spikes trying
to find Claw's heart.

He unloads his custom made laser pistols into yet another snake and soon
the tendrils melt. The Micro feels relief until a giant dinosaur with Claw's
head appears and smashes him into what passes for the ground.

The Micro begins grows bigger and lifts the foot off of his body. Tossing
the dinosaur aside.

Suddenly more snakes and tendrils emerge from the pores of Claw and
begin smothering the Micro.

In an effort to fight the creatures off, he grows to full size.


Fantomah searches the city for an appropriate host. She sees a wealthy
woman emerging from an uptown clothing store. Fantomah can tell she has
great mystic potential.

The woman is overwhelmed by the power of Fantomah. Soon her
consciousness is no longer her own.

She flies off to confront the nephew of Fantomah.


Missile Miser panics as now the right arm has been disabled by Claw.

Miser is now preparing to hit the self destruct switch in Mecha Claw.

Ending both his and the God Of Hate's life.

Before that can happen both Mecha Claw and Claw are hit by what they
think is a tsunami. Instead what they see is a giant humanoid construct made of water.

At its core is the Fin Man, employing an art he vowed never to use again. The under used Aqua Mancing skills to form this armor.

As he did the voices entered his head. Telling him to wash away the Earth.

To take Atlantis and make it his own. The Fin Man ignores these voices and
attacks both Claw and his robot double.

He sends a stream of salt water into the exposed circuits of Mecha Claw,
taking the robot out of the fight.

Claw attacks Fin Man, who creates a watery shield from his left arm and a
mace from his right arm. He smashes Claw in the head and tries to drown
the monster.

Only to find his water armor evaporating from the heat emitted from Claw.

Gold Sama now begins to think that the Micro has failed and is about to
become intangible to rescue him.

When Claw is attacked by Fantomah, who has grown to the height of her nephew.

"Why Auntie, did Sama reject your offer?"

Fantomah consumes Claw in hell fire.

Claw laughs at this.

"I was born from the creative fires of your brother."

Fantomah projects bolts of her godly life force at her nephew sending
him to his knees.

Claw tries to stand up, until it feels like his stomach is being torn apart. It
is the Micro, Claw allowed him enter his body. Thinking it would be fun to
let his antibodies tear him to pieces.

Star Shock, Sama and Jianhu join hands and send out a merged beam of
energy into the chest of Claw.

The Nightmare of Ricca presses on. Refusing to fall even as his lunar suit is
falling apart and his enhanced body fails him.

On sheer determination the monster counters with his own bolt of energy.

Until a Golden Hammer goes thru his chest and his body falls apart.

The hammer returns to the man called Togaplex. Who exits this dimension thru a door created
by the hammer.


Crime King has just landed on Earth in a Rulian Space Cube.

He sees Claw failed in his bid to destroy Gold Sama. Crime King is pleased,
for soon Crolok will have to report his failure to the Ruler. Then Crime King can harness the energies of the Infini-Knight for himself.

A semi nude Claw approaches Crime King. He is covered in his own blood
and craves Crime King's head. Even weakened, The Crime King fears Claw.

Both he and Retro-9 back away and allow the Nightmare Of Ricca to claim
the Space Cube.

The controls were preset by Crime King and Claw disappears.


Brad Simon lays in a hospital bed in pain. Even though Jianhu saved his life,
he could not completely heal such grievous injuries.

Now he has to deal with his failure. He confronted the arch enemy of Duel-Devil
and essentially died.

Matt Hill enters the room and gives Brad an old book.

"Who are you?"

Matt Hill's expression does not change.

"You don't recognize me? I'm the Red Duel-Devil. That book you are
holding is the journal of my father."

"Why are you giving this to me?"

"To provide inspiration."

The young man leaves the room.


A wealthy young woman is dropped in front of an upscale boutique with no
memory of Fantomah. Little does she know, this experience shaved years
off of her life.


Jake Finman sits in his room in DuPont Towers. He regrets using the water
mancer powers against Claw. He knows he will be tempted to use the powers
again. Eventually he will go too far in using them.


The Rulian Space Cruiser

Crime King is having a party in his quarters with a few Rulian guards and

Retro-9 goes up to Crime King.

"Query: Claw was unsuccessful in his attempt to kill the Gold Sama. Why
are you celebrating?"

"Killing Gold Sama was not really the intention. I just needed access to that
beast Claw. Now he is in deep space and I have this."

Crime King produces a vial of green blood that belonged to the Claw.


On a planet that looks to be made of cement with lakes of lava. the Claw crash lands. His Rulian Space Cube completely wrecked.

He rips the door off the cube and emerges. He looks around at the squat
dinosaur creatures known as the Dominorse and knows he has
discovered a new frontier to destroy.

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