Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Horror Of Claw: Day 4


The new Missile Miser armor has proven to be no match for Claw. Miser was able to put all the resources of The Ivy Pro Corporation into it.

He fires another plasma beam at Claw, who deflects it with a kick. Claw is growing tired of fighting with Missile Miser.

He flies toward Miser at a frightening speed and tears the arm off of the mech. He spits on the chest of the giant armor, causing the metal to corrode and melt. With one hand he rips Phineas Hawthrone from the armor.

Before he can rip the tiny old man's heart from his chest, Claw is hit by a bolt of lightning and the golden energy of the Sama temple.

He looks up and sees some girl wearing the Band Of Annihilation and the Golden Sama's lackey Jianhu.

Then a chill goes up his spine. He realizes that Fantomah is near.


Matt Hill is a prominent New York business man. Living off of money from his families Emerald Mine, he has invested the money into the poorer neighborhoods in New York.

Rebuilding deteriorating tenements and giving the poor affordable housing.

But Matt Hill has his secrets too. He is the red and blue Duel-Devil. Continuing the legacy of the Original Duel-Devil.

He climbs into the hanger of his private tower and enters the Devil Jet.


Duel-Devil Yellow is filled with a mixture of frustration and fear. Right now he sees the Claw fighting Jianhu and Gold Sama. The Micro went off in his own direction like he always does.

While Devil and the others were ordered to stay back. To help with crowd control.

This tears the Yellow Duel-Devul apart. He should be the one fighting Claw. The original Duel-Devil defeated Claw with no special powers.

He has to fight Claw, it is what his father trained him to do.

The White Fury puts her hand on Devil's shoulder.

"Devil, I know you want to fight him. But we must listen to Sama, he knows best."

"That is easy for you to say Fury. What if it were Diablo and Sama told you to stay back?"

As he said that, Fury can tell by the look in his eyes that he has decided to attack Claw.



The Fin Man questions why he is here. There are cops to help with crowd control. He should be fighting Claw, he is as strong and fast as Star Shock.

As he helps a little old lady into a shelter he thinks of the nearby Atlantic Ocean. He thinks of how much power that ocean can give him.

But then he remembers the price of so much power.


The man with the Golden Hammer stands on a building watching the Cosmic Forces battle Claw. His father wants Claw dead, such a being cannot be controlled and can only hinder his plans.

His father has also instructed him to kill the Pyramid Master's underling.

So the man with the hammer waits to see how this battle ends up, before attacking.


Claw is being dismantled by the girl with the Band Of Annihilation.

He has not actually activated the suit given to him by Crime King. He was saving it for a confrontation with Horse Power. When he arrived in New York, he found he could not sense any of those humans on the planet.

Now he is fighting some girl he has never heard of, Sama and Jianhu.

The girl is as powerful as Claw at his base power. She posseses no skill or killer instinct. He could defeat her fairly easily. But Sama's lap dog is more powerful than he remembered.

He also posseses true skill and a killer instinct that every Sama candidate must possess.

Claw notices interestingly, that Sama is the weakest of the trio. He can also smell a familar stench on Sama.

Jianhu grabs Star Shock's hand.


A massive beam of green and gold energy leaves their hands and drives Claw into the ground.

Claw realizes he must activate the belt that Crime King gave him.

Jianhu and Star Shock continue to pour the energy on.

But they notice a red field of energy is surrounding Claw. Claw starts to drive back the gold and green energy, eventually knock it aside with a single swipe.

Star Shock flies down to attack Claw, who kicks her in the the chest and headbutts her.

Jianhu and Sama fly down, working in tandem against Claw.

Fantomah speaks to Sama.

"Allow me to give you more power. With it you can crush my nephew."

"And increase my dependance upon you."

"What choice do you have?"

Claw smashes Sama's face and cracks his head into Jianhu.

Claw looks directly at Fantomah.

"He can die my dearest Aunt. You are a woman at the moment? That was how you lured those idiots in Pan Guay to your temples."

Star Shock stands up

"You can talk to your imaginary friend later!!"

He deflects her last lightning bolt and sends her back with a basic fireball.

Claw walks over to stomp the head of Star Shock and is attacked by the White Fury.

Her strength is no match for Claw.

"Well at least you possess greater technique than Pyramid Master's lackey."

With another burst of speed, he drives his knee into Fury's chin. Following up with a talon uppercut, slicing her face.

Duel-Devil yellow leaps to the Fury's rescue, hitting Claw with three vicious nerve strikes, that have no effect...

He lifts Devil by the throat amused.

"You wear the Devil's costume."

Claw sniffs him.

"But you're a pathetic impostor."

He guts Duel-Devil with a single punch. Brad Simon, one of the men called Duel-Devil is near death.

Claw looks at the blood on his fist and laughs.

"Look he's still twitching."

Out of the sky a missile hits Claw with the power of a small nuke.

It was fired from the Devil-Jet.

Claw gets up a bit shaken, before he smiles.

"I never imagined you would still be alive."

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