Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Horror Of Claw: Day 3


New York City

Boomeranger has lost another one of his men. The monster known as Claw
tore the Ultra Battler to literal pieces.

Claw is determined to get top the top of this building. With him are tall men
with yellow skin and five red eyes. Are they aliens? Demons, like the things that Professor Necro used?

Boomeranger does not care. They are killing his men.

Boomeranger sends a pair of explosive boomerangs at Claw. They do not
slow down the nightmare of Ricca.

Claw does not attempt to dodge any of these attacks. He knows they are

Boomeranger taps a button under his glove. It retrieved his boomeflyer, a rocket powered boomerang that Boomeranger flies on, he sends it crashing into Claw, knocking him thru the lobby wall.

Claw stands up holding the large glider and tears it in two.

He looks directly at Boomeranger, ignoring the heavy gunfire.

"You humans, you all look alike to me. Congratulations on obtaining my

Claw disappears and is behind Boomeranger with blinding speed. He plunges his hand into Boomeranger's chest.

Soon he will find the old man.


Missile Miser is near the top floor of Ivy Tower. He knows Claw is looking
for him. But little does Claw know that Missile Miser has been preparing for him.

That he intends to make Claw pay for his humiliation.

He puts on the new Missile Miser armor that bears resemblance to

Putting the helmet on last he prepares to die.


The Rulian Space Cruiser

Crolok is infuriated at Crime King. That he would endanger his ship by
bringing that monster to the bridge. Now it has teleported itself to Earth for
a vendetta that does not involve killing Gold Sama.

"My patience with you is at its end!!! How could you endanger our mission,

I should throttle you right here!!!"

He grabs the cloak of Crime King, only for King to remove his hand.

"There was a time I needed you Crolok. That time is nearing its end. Know
my fighter suit is powerful enough to kill you instantly. I have avoided that
for fear of annoying the Ruler."

He shoves Crolok aside.

"I have a means to control Claw. But if he wants to whittle down the
hero population before going after Sama he is welcome."


Captain Battle the 3rd had to fight off Lionel Craig to enter this fray. Craig
sees him as a marketing phenomenon and not a hero.

But Craig is not the grandson of Captain Battle. He can't allow his men to be

He puts on one of the experimental armors that Missile Miser built. The
test runs have not went well, but he knows he can do it.

He flips the switch and the armor flies thru the roof of the building. Within
minutes he is near orbit.


Claw has grown bored murdering humans. He lifts his hand and fires a
beam of energy thru every floor of the building.

He flies up to the top floor.

"You cannot hide from Claw little man."

A large stream of orange energy is sent at Claw, who blocks it with his left
palm. Claw is surprised to see his hand burnt.

Even more surprised to see that it is Missile Miser who fired the blast.


The Cosmic Forces board the private jet of Jed DuPont, the Gold Sama.

At one time he could have teleported the team to New York instantly. But
since his battle in space, those powers are beyond him.

His partner, Jianhu is capable of teleporting himself, but not an entire team.

Star Shock could travel the long distance in thirty minutes, but
they need to face Claw as a team.

Fantomah appears before Gold Sama.

"This machine will not make it in time. My nephew will massacre thousands."

The Gold Sama has a suspicion of what Fantomah wants, but indulges her.

"And how do you suggest we get there?"

Fantomah smiles.

"With a powerful enough host, I could teleport us there."

Duel-Devil speaks

"Sama, I just picked up another transmission from Manhattan. Claw and
Missile Miser have destroyed three city blocks."

Fantomah leaps upon this.

"Sama, you are at no risk. In my current condition, I cannot overwhelm a mind like yours.

 You will receive the power you need. All I desire is the defeat of my

Gold Sama's gaze gives Fantomah permission to enter him.

Sama is in agony as it feels like his body is being threaded by razor wire.

The energy waves run off of Sama. Until it is done, Sama has been possessed by Fantomah. Red and Blue veins covering
his face.

The Cosmic Forces covered in red fog instantly appear in New York.

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