Monday, September 23, 2013

Mind Over Martyr:Day 1

Mind Over Martyr


Drama Bay, California

Arrowmatic is doing a routine patrol Things had been quiet since the encounter with Claw.

He heard a break in at a drug store and found a disheveled teen running
with what appeared to be several bottles of ether.

Arrowmatic took off after him and was shocked at how agile the boy is.

 He decides to take out an electric arrow and fires it at the boy. The arrows are safe, but should knock the kid out.

The kid collapses, but before he can be identified, he stands up.

Arrowmatic is taken back by this. That voltage would take out a man four
times the size of some skinny kid. He looks closer and sees the boy no
longer has pupils and his eyes are glowing blue.


Slugmoore University, 1974

A young man by the name of Amut Sakir has cracked. His family had put so
much pressure on him to become a wealthy doctor and support them. For
years he studied and studied. Finally getting accepted into a mid level
American university.

Soon the test began and no matter how good his grades were, they were
never good enough. One night his roommate dragged him to a party.

He was having a miserable time until the song started. Sublime keyboard
tracks and sizzling guitar riffs consumed him.

Then a roommate offered him a pipe. It remind him of what his Uncle
Vikram had smoked. Amut thinks that even though Vikram was poor and filthy, he really had the answers.

So Amut smoked the pipe and a feeling of nausea and anxiety overwhelmed
him. He was dizzy and could hardly move. He felt like he was going to die.

He gained the strength to run outside and collapsed in a heap. He looked up
at the full moon, so bright in the sky. He wondered if birds ever tried to fly
to the moon, before realizing their wings were simply not strong enough.

His anxiety and nausea passed. He returned to the party and drank his first
beer and smoked more of the pipe. The next day he ignored his test.

He found alcohol and the pipe lacking. He wanted something stronger.
Something that would truly expand his mind.

He created varying chemical compounds over the next few weeks. He was
about to be expelled from the university, but did not care.

One day while rummaging in the back of the janitors closet looking for
chemicals, he found a crudely written formula written in a notebook.

The name Niles Frazier was written on it. Amut studied the formula and
found parts of it served no purpose. So Amut tinkered with it, adding
components that would grant mental power rather than physical strength.

When he consumed the formula he was overwhelmed. As the furious disco beat played. Amut went into a seizure and was awakened by voices in his head. It was not speech but thought. He could hear every ones thoughts on campus.

He could also hear campus security coming to evict him.


Amut's eyes glowed and he sent a telekinetic wave into the door, crushing the Resident Adviser, Dean and the Campus Police.

Amut surrounded by a blue aura floats out into the hall.

"Amut Sakir is dead. Call me Dr.Mindfunk."


Drama Bay University, 1985

Becky Sanders is covered in bruises. Her friends and resident adviser are
convinced she is in an abusive relationship.

How does she tell them that she is the superhero known as Star Shock and
she was nearly beat to death by a demon known as the Claw.

Her first report card since she became a super hero came in and it is bad
news. All C's and one B, now she waits for the phone call from Mom.

Who will lecture her and say how she is the first Sanders woman to go to
college. How she has to be three times smarter than smart to compete in a
man's world.

Becky has been hearing this lecture since she was six years old after her
mom was fired from the accounting firm.

The phone rings and Becky just can't handle the lecture again. Not when she
is trying her best and trying to save Earth from aliens and an elder god
named Fantomah.

The phone continues ringing and Becky screams. Crushing the phone with
her left hand.

Becky needs a break and decides to go out with her friends.

DuPont Towers

The Gold Sama walks into the living quarters of Jake Finmen, otherwise
known as The Fin Man.


"How many times do I have to tell you. DO NOT CALL ME JACOB..."

"Fin Man, I know using your aquamancing powers against Claw was

"No you don't, or you would not have continued pressuring me to use them."

"Fin Man, I do understand what it is like to make sacrifices for the greater
good. To give up a piece of your being to stop evil.

I realize I failed you at a difficult time in your life. But you must trust me."

Fin Man lifts a pitcher of lemonade using his Aqua Mancing powers and throws it at Sama. Who casually dodges it.

"Get out Sama."


Deep Space, The Rulian Space Cruiser.

Crime King has been working in his lab for days. Along with his robotic
partner, Retro-9, they have been working on the comatose Infini-Knight.

One way or another, Infini-Knight will live again.

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