Friday, September 27, 2013

Mind Over Martyr: Day 5


The man with the blue hammer has attacked the weakened Star Shock.

The Cosmic Forces have surrounded their fallen ally.

Gold Sama stands in front of the masked man.

"Who are you and what is your quarrel with Star Shock?"

With incredible speed, the man hits Sama in the face with the blue

"You may call me Togaplex."

White Fury attacks Togaplex and begins trying to hit him. But Togaplex
speed and skill is too great.

Jianhu joins her and Togaplex hits Fury in the gut and swings at Jianhu, who
ducks the blow. Only to be hit by a lightning bolt summoned by the golden

Arrowmatic fires a barrage of exploding arrows, only to see each one
deflected by the hammer.

The Micro taps Arrowmatic on the shoulder and whispers to him to hold
back for now. Micro shrinks to nothing, activating his rocket pack.

Meanwhile the Fin Man has attacked Togaplex. But he is exhausted from
pushing his Aqua Mancing powers stopping Mindfunk.

Togaplex grabs Fin Man in a bear hug and suplexes him to the ground.

Gold Sama is trying to get back to his feet when the specter of Fantomah

"Sama, embrace my power. I recognize the masked man's aura. He must be

"No, demon, I will not."

Togaplex has Star Shock by the hair and holds his hammer aloft. Before he
can act further, Star Shock fires an energy bolt into his chest.

Arrowmatic fires a glue arrow into Togaplex's eyes.

Togaplex mutters ancient curse words as he pulls at the glue in his eyes.

The Micro is several hundred feet in the air, when he turns off his rockets
and grows to maximum Macro size. Crushing Togaplex under his feet.

Creating a brief earthquake that rattles the California coast.

Togaplex is near unconscious. Before he can be seized, his hammer glows and
teleports him away.

DuPont Towers

Jed DuPont is resting in his office. He has not removed his robes. He thinks
that tonight's battle was a disaster. Mindfunk escaped, Star Shock has
proven unreliable and they now have a new enemy to contend with.

All while his powers are reduced. His only hope seems to be merging with the demon god known as Fantomah.

He takes out a glowing bag of Moon Beans. Perhaps there is another way.


In the apartment of Brad Simon, Mia Rivera has screamed until she has
gone hoarse.

"Brad, you could have been killed!!!"

"But I wasn't Mia. In fact and this will shock you. I survived years before
meeting the White Fury!!"

"I just want to protect you. At least until your injuries can heal."

"There is one thing you can do to put us on equal footing. Give me the
Terror Serum."


On the Rulian Space Cruiser orbiting Jupiter.

Crime King has been working for days on his project with the brain dead
Infini-Knight. Even as strange storms on Jupiter have disrupted
electronics on the ship.

Now he lays on a table across from Infini-Knight, while his robotic partner
Retro-9 flips a switch.

Crime King glows bright and energy flows from his body into Infini-Knight.

Infini-Knight's eyes open wide, as Crime Kings body loses consciousness.

Retro-9 checks upon Crime King to see if he is safe. A voice from behind
speaks to the robot.

"I am fine Retro-9, the experiment was a complete success."

Crime King has taken the body of the Infini-Knight.

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