Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mind Over Martyr: Day 4


The Cosmic Forces were scattered by the destructive energy of Star Shock.
The Gold Sama quickly formulates a plan.

"Fury, Macro and Arrowmatic, you take the Mindfunk followers. Jianhu you
attack Mindfunk, I'll handle Star Shock!!"

Star Shock glowing with a bright orange aura attacks Sama, who turns intangible.

Even if Gold Sama were at full power, defeating Star Shock would not be

Right now he needs to use his skill and experience to defeat her. She grows
angrier at her attacks being avoided. Now her hands begin to glow, she is
preparing to fire an energy attack.

Sama knows he cannot dodge this attack. If he does innocents maybe

The energy bolt hits him dead on. He is injured, allowing Star Shock to rattle
him with a right cross. She follows up with a ax handle that sends Sama
crashing into the street.

The ghostly form of Fantomah appears before him.

"Sama embrace me, together we can defeat the Pyramid Master's pawn."


Star Shock drives both feet into the skull of the Gold Sama.

Suddenly the yellow and blue Duel-Devil leaps on the back of Star Shock.

He tries to apply a choke hold.

Star Shock says nothing as she tosses Duel-Devil toward a brick wall.

Before he can splatter, he is caught in the gigantic yet gentle hand of the

The White Fury leaps over the mob of Mindfunk followers, to get to Duel-

She grabs Duel-Devil angrily.

"My god Brad, what's wrong with you."

"Saving, cough....cough....Sama...."

He coughs up blood. White Fury experience yet another Adrenalin
burst that amplifies her power. She hits Star Shock hard enough to send her
thru four city blocks.

Sama takes note of this power surge.

Arrowmatic meanwhile is having more than a little trouble as he is
telekinetically pummeled by the ravers.

"Yeah, don't worry about me!!!"

He prepares to use lethal force to save his life, when an shockquake knocks
everyone in the club down.

It is courtesy of the Macro.

"Sorry Arrow, but neat trick huh? Got it from the Herman Munster playbook."

In the skies above the demolished club, Jianhu and Mindfunk are involved
in a psychic duel on the astral plane.

Mindfunk is defeating Jianhu using pure brute force. Under normal
circumstances, he would be no match for the attendant of the Gold Sama.

But thanks to the energy he took from Star Shock and the other club goers.
He has a firm power advantage.

As he smashes Jianhu with an oversize psychic fist, he questions his

"You know baby, I gotta wonder. Why ain't the Sama fighting me?"

Jianhu throws psychic daggers at Mindfunk, who deflects them easily.

"If the Sama were fighting you, it would already be over. He simply wants to
challenge me."

Mindfunk stomps Jianhu with a psychic foot.

"Wonder what that fool is taking. When I'm done, his challenge will be putting you back together."

Before he can finish off Jianhu, he is attacked by a large humanoid rat, sporting
translucent skin with veins.

"The hell?"

Moments before

Fantomah is scouring the city for a proper host. She dare not snatch another
human. The Sama would frown upon that. She does something so unsavory,
that it sickens even the demon god.

She takes the body of a rat. With this host she will barely have enough
power to stop Mindfunk. But perhaps she can save Sama's lackey and
ingratiate herself to him.


Star Shock has returned and is pummeling White Fury and The Gold Sama.

Fury's adrenaline surge already fading.

"Sama no disrespect, but when does your secret plan
come into play."


Star Shock smashes the skulls of Sama and Fury into each other. When she
starts vomiting. But Star Shock is not alone, every follower of Mindfunk
 begin vomiting as well.

Arrowmatic is covered in day glow vomit.

Arrowmatic screams.

"This is the grossest thing that has ever happened to me."

Macro looks to be in deep thought.

"Top twenty for me."

Star Shock falls to her knees.

"Sama, Fury? where am I?"

Fury looks confused.


Fin Man leaps off of a roof of a nearby building.

"It is done, never ask me to do that again."

Fury speaks

"What did you do?"

Fin Man looks at the ground.

"I used my Aqua Mancing powers to separate the drugs from Star Shock and
the club goers bloodstreams. Then I initiated projectile vomiting."

Arrowmatic and the Macro walk out, covered in day glow puke. Arrowmatic
the angrier of the two.

"Thanks for the warning by the way."

Mindfunk crashes to the ground, followed by Jianhu. The Gold Sama is

"Excellent work my friend."

"His powers faded as his followers became sober. But I must thank Fantomah."

Fantomah's specter reappears.

"It was nothing..."

Star Shock stands up.

"I'm so sorry..."

Before she can finish, a blue hammer drives her into the ground. It
returns to the gloved hand of the masked man who helped defeat Vulgaris Claw.

The Cosmic Forces surround Star Shock.

"What in the world do you want."

"The death of the Pyramid Master's lackey!!!"

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