Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mind Over Martyr: Day 3


Becky Sanders wakes up in a desert wearing her Star Shock uniform. It is
torn apart and she wonders what has happened since consuming the Moon Bean.

Suddenly the sands of the desert erupt in a storm. The Pyramid Master
walks thru the door of light.

"Pyramid King?"


"Wh, what happened?"

"You do not remember?"


"You consumed a pill given to you by a human known as Mindfunk."

"He said his name was Sakir."

"And you believe everything you are told?"

"No but he seemed so honest and caring."

Pyramid Master appears angry. But Becky thinks he always looks angry.

"The human is a psychic. While you are too powerful to be controlled
directly. He was able to push you to take the pill. Clearly you wished to
consume the drug on a level."


Becky thinks back and realizes she desired an escape from her life. That
Mindfunk had made it all seem so appealing. That the fight with Claw and
even the stupid report card had taken a mental strain.

"Pyramid Master, did I hurt anyone?"

"You flew around this galaxy and attacked empty planets. The landscape and atmosphere of
Mars and Jupiter have been damaged, but not in a way that should endanger
living beings."

Becky feels like Pyramid Master is lying. Or holding back information.

"Are we in Egypt?"

"No you are in the state of Nevada. You chose to land here for some


In another dimension

A masked man holding a blue hammer appears before a distorted window
containing the face of a god.

"Father, why have you summoned me?"




"Are the walls weakened enough for me to free you?"


"What are your orders father?"


"As you command."


A meeting is called of the Cosmic Forces

White Fury and Arrowmatic arrive together, while a bored Fin Man
manipulates a drop of water.

The Micro walks in next, looking a bit disheveled.

"Sorry had a rough case last night. An Insectlord Tribe had formed in
Pizzaville. It was hours fighting the Insectlords. Then I had to find where
the dimensional rift was."

Arrowmatic looks sick.

"Not the Pizzaville by Hunt Sporting Goods on Detroit Drive?"

"Oh yeah. They gave me a ton of free pizza. Seriously this job pays for

Micro starts eating.

Sama begins speaking.

"Last night at around 3:57 AM, Star Shock went on a galactic rampage."

White Fury questions


"She left the earth and attacked various planets in this galaxy. They were
not populated, but this is far out of character."

Jianhu speaks next.

"Around the same time, I discovered a disturbance on the psychic plane.
Numerous new entities had entered it. Most were new, but one had his
powers greatly augmented."

Brad Simon walks in the room.


White Fury walks over to the man known as Duel-Devil.

"Brad why are you here? You need to be at home."

"Sorry Mom, but I need to speak to the Sama and Jianhu."

Sama walks over, to Brad Simon, who is holding his rib cage in pain.

"Fury is right, you are too injured to be here. But to answer your question,
Dr.Mindfunk has returned."

Brad gingerly sits down, clearly in a world of pain.

Arrowmatic stands up.

"Wasn't Mindfunk the kook who tried to conquer the moon?"

"Yes but it goes beyond that. He is far more powerful now. We have reason
to believe it is connected to Star Shock's rampage."

Fury speaks

"Has anyone tried talking to Becky?"

Jianhu replies

"We have attempted to contact her via telephone. We went to her dorm
room and she was not home. I even attempted to contact her telepathically,
but there is far too much psychic interference on the astral plane."

Sama walks toward Brad Simon.

"What is it you needed to tell me Brad."

"Well as you know, I live in a crummy neighborhood. Last night this party
was out of control. The noise was crazy. I went outside and there were
people glowing and flying. Dancing and even making love in mid air.

I followed the bodies and it lead me to a Club Moon Shame. I saw a guy who
met Mindfunk's description. He was passing out pills to everyone."

"Where were the police?"

"They were partying. Glowing and flying. Mindfunk either trapped them, or
they were taking the pills. I decided to go find help, before confronting him."

The White Fury looks angry.

"Brad you could have been...."

"Save it Mia, I was just investigating. Sama, if Mindfunk has control of
Becky, we are in serious trouble."


Four AM

Becky Sanders has returned to Club Moon Shame. She is angry and
determined to stop Dr.Mindfunk. She sees everyone from teens to adults to
even cops under the control of Mindfunk.

She tosses the bouncer aside with ease. The music sharply cuts off.

Dr.Mindfunk, glowing white. Floats across the room.

"Becky whats the matter? You need more Moon Beans?"

Becky fires a bolt at the bag of Moon Beans, incinerating them.

"Don't worry girl. Plenty more where those came from."

Mindfunk hits the young woman known as Star Shock with a telekinetic
shove, sending her thru the window.

She gets back up ready to attack, when Mindfunk seizes her mind.

"Becky, or if you prefer Star Shock. You consumed a Moon Bean. That
means you consumed part of me. I've been siphoning your power. Your little
interplanetary rampage, made me stronger than I dared imagine.

Now I'm gonna go deeper in your mind and you are going to lead my army."

Becky falls to the ground struggling. Trying to fight the urge to serve

"You'll find life much easier, once you embrace the moon....."

Mindfunk sees an arrow shaft just entered his arm.

Next he is hit by a mystic bolt fired by Jianhu. Which he narrowly blocks
with a telekinetic shield.

The Macro throws the White Fury at Mindfunk, which sends him crashing
into a wall.

Mindfunk would be finished, if not for the Cosmic Forces being
taken down by a field of electricity.

 Fired by Star Shock, now firmly under the command of Dr.Mindfunk.

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