Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mind Over Martyr: Day 2


The Apartment of Brad Simon

Brad Simon is still recovering from the injuries inflicted upon him by the
Claw. The demon disemboweled the young man who calls himself Duel-Devil.

If not for the magic of the man called Jianhu, he would be dead. Still injuries
this severe cannot simply be cured by magic. He needs time to heal and that
is something Brad Simon cannot wait for.

Brad's friend, Mia Rivera, better known as the super powered White Fury
has been caring for Brad.

"Brad please sit down, you are not well."

"What am I suppose to do Mia? I don't have super powers. I need to train, I
have to be at my best."

Mia tries to understand Brad's frustration. She remembers when Demonico
Mascara nearly killed her. But even as over matched as she was, she was
not completely helpless.

Brad had his insides torn out by a demon. He should be dead, instead he
lives. He has been toting around a dogeared book and refusing to let Mia
near it.

Before this had happened, Mia found herself growing closer to Brad.

When she thought he was dead, she went ballistic. She wonders if she is in
love with him.

Becky Sanders and her friend Denise arrived at Club Moon Shame a little
past nine.

She looks around at the club at it looks like a seventies disco tech. Even if
the club goers are wearing contemporary clothing.

There is a strange fog in the club that has made Denise dizzy. She sits in a
booth and is greeted by two men, wearing leisure suits that look like
they have not been washed.

"Can we buy you lovely ladies a drink."

"No that's okay. We don't really drink."

The man's eyes glow blue.

"Are you sure?"

Becky responds

"Yes, I'm sure."

The man is surprised Becky resisted his powers. He rushes to the back of
the club.

Meanwhile Becky wonders if she really saw that man's eyes glow. Between
the fog and the strobe lights, its hard to tell. She thinks being a super hero
has knocked her loopy.

Soon a tall Indian man with an unkempt afro approaches her.

"I'm sorry for how my employee behaved. If you have the time, I would love
to talk to you."

The man flashes a gentle smile.

"Sure, why not."

Becky figures no one can possibly hurt her, so whats the harm.


At the DuPont Tower, Arrowmatic arrives to meet with Mia Rivera,
otherwise known as the White Fury.

Earlier in the week he had given her a blood sample, he had taken off of a
burglar a week before. He asked Mia to take a look at it, who worked as a
chemist before becoming the White Fury.

"So Fury, find anything?"

"Yeah....  This blood has a drug in it that I've have never seen before. The
compounds were literally glowing and there is something else."

"And that is?"

"It faintly resembles the formula that gives me my powers."

"How can that be?"

"I'm going to find out."


In Club Moon Shame, the tall Indian man has patiently listened to Becky
Sanders. She tells him all of her problems. Albeit without mentioning her
side career as a super hero.

But the Indian man already knows. It is very close to the surface of her
conscious mind. He interjects every now and again with stories from his life.

Not mentioning he is the super villain known as Dr.Mindfunk.

She is slowly leading Becky to ask how he became the wealthy owner of a
nightclub. Instead of a Doctor in India.

He takes out what appears to be five glowing beans from his coat pocket.

He tells Becky they are called Moon Beans. A pill of his own creation.

Becky Sanders has never taken drugs or drank alcohol. She can remember
seeing how her mother acted taking nerve pills over the years. Her father
was killed by a drunk driver when she was three.

Mindfunk can sense all of this. He will not force her to consume the
Moon Bean. He can manipulate her into taking one, using her own anxieties
against her.

Lead her to the revelation that her mother was right to take pills. That it is
safer than alcoholic beverages. That the Moon Bean will free her of stress
and allow her to do better in school and her mother could not possibly have a
problem with that.

"Alright I'll take one... Um I never got your name."

"Sakir, Dr.Sakir."

It feels wrong, her greater instincts are telling her not to. But Dr.Mindfunk is clouding her judgment. Becky swallows the Moon Bean.

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