Friday, September 27, 2013

Mind Over Martyr: Day 5


The man with the blue hammer has attacked the weakened Star Shock.

The Cosmic Forces have surrounded their fallen ally.

Gold Sama stands in front of the masked man.

"Who are you and what is your quarrel with Star Shock?"

With incredible speed, the man hits Sama in the face with the blue

"You may call me Togaplex."

White Fury attacks Togaplex and begins trying to hit him. But Togaplex
speed and skill is too great.

Jianhu joins her and Togaplex hits Fury in the gut and swings at Jianhu, who
ducks the blow. Only to be hit by a lightning bolt summoned by the golden

Arrowmatic fires a barrage of exploding arrows, only to see each one
deflected by the hammer.

The Micro taps Arrowmatic on the shoulder and whispers to him to hold
back for now. Micro shrinks to nothing, activating his rocket pack.

Meanwhile the Fin Man has attacked Togaplex. But he is exhausted from
pushing his Aqua Mancing powers stopping Mindfunk.

Togaplex grabs Fin Man in a bear hug and suplexes him to the ground.

Gold Sama is trying to get back to his feet when the specter of Fantomah

"Sama, embrace my power. I recognize the masked man's aura. He must be

"No, demon, I will not."

Togaplex has Star Shock by the hair and holds his hammer aloft. Before he
can act further, Star Shock fires an energy bolt into his chest.

Arrowmatic fires a glue arrow into Togaplex's eyes.

Togaplex mutters ancient curse words as he pulls at the glue in his eyes.

The Micro is several hundred feet in the air, when he turns off his rockets
and grows to maximum Macro size. Crushing Togaplex under his feet.

Creating a brief earthquake that rattles the California coast.

Togaplex is near unconscious. Before he can be seized, his hammer glows and
teleports him away.

DuPont Towers

Jed DuPont is resting in his office. He has not removed his robes. He thinks
that tonight's battle was a disaster. Mindfunk escaped, Star Shock has
proven unreliable and they now have a new enemy to contend with.

All while his powers are reduced. His only hope seems to be merging with the demon god known as Fantomah.

He takes out a glowing bag of Moon Beans. Perhaps there is another way.


In the apartment of Brad Simon, Mia Rivera has screamed until she has
gone hoarse.

"Brad, you could have been killed!!!"

"But I wasn't Mia. In fact and this will shock you. I survived years before
meeting the White Fury!!"

"I just want to protect you. At least until your injuries can heal."

"There is one thing you can do to put us on equal footing. Give me the
Terror Serum."


On the Rulian Space Cruiser orbiting Jupiter.

Crime King has been working for days on his project with the brain dead
Infini-Knight. Even as strange storms on Jupiter have disrupted
electronics on the ship.

Now he lays on a table across from Infini-Knight, while his robotic partner
Retro-9 flips a switch.

Crime King glows bright and energy flows from his body into Infini-Knight.

Infini-Knight's eyes open wide, as Crime Kings body loses consciousness.

Retro-9 checks upon Crime King to see if he is safe. A voice from behind
speaks to the robot.

"I am fine Retro-9, the experiment was a complete success."

Crime King has taken the body of the Infini-Knight.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mind Over Martyr: Day 4


The Cosmic Forces were scattered by the destructive energy of Star Shock.
The Gold Sama quickly formulates a plan.

"Fury, Macro and Arrowmatic, you take the Mindfunk followers. Jianhu you
attack Mindfunk, I'll handle Star Shock!!"

Star Shock glowing with a bright orange aura attacks Sama, who turns intangible.

Even if Gold Sama were at full power, defeating Star Shock would not be

Right now he needs to use his skill and experience to defeat her. She grows
angrier at her attacks being avoided. Now her hands begin to glow, she is
preparing to fire an energy attack.

Sama knows he cannot dodge this attack. If he does innocents maybe

The energy bolt hits him dead on. He is injured, allowing Star Shock to rattle
him with a right cross. She follows up with a ax handle that sends Sama
crashing into the street.

The ghostly form of Fantomah appears before him.

"Sama embrace me, together we can defeat the Pyramid Master's pawn."


Star Shock drives both feet into the skull of the Gold Sama.

Suddenly the yellow and blue Duel-Devil leaps on the back of Star Shock.

He tries to apply a choke hold.

Star Shock says nothing as she tosses Duel-Devil toward a brick wall.

Before he can splatter, he is caught in the gigantic yet gentle hand of the

The White Fury leaps over the mob of Mindfunk followers, to get to Duel-

She grabs Duel-Devil angrily.

"My god Brad, what's wrong with you."

"Saving, cough....cough....Sama...."

He coughs up blood. White Fury experience yet another Adrenalin
burst that amplifies her power. She hits Star Shock hard enough to send her
thru four city blocks.

Sama takes note of this power surge.

Arrowmatic meanwhile is having more than a little trouble as he is
telekinetically pummeled by the ravers.

"Yeah, don't worry about me!!!"

He prepares to use lethal force to save his life, when an shockquake knocks
everyone in the club down.

It is courtesy of the Macro.

"Sorry Arrow, but neat trick huh? Got it from the Herman Munster playbook."

In the skies above the demolished club, Jianhu and Mindfunk are involved
in a psychic duel on the astral plane.

Mindfunk is defeating Jianhu using pure brute force. Under normal
circumstances, he would be no match for the attendant of the Gold Sama.

But thanks to the energy he took from Star Shock and the other club goers.
He has a firm power advantage.

As he smashes Jianhu with an oversize psychic fist, he questions his

"You know baby, I gotta wonder. Why ain't the Sama fighting me?"

Jianhu throws psychic daggers at Mindfunk, who deflects them easily.

"If the Sama were fighting you, it would already be over. He simply wants to
challenge me."

Mindfunk stomps Jianhu with a psychic foot.

"Wonder what that fool is taking. When I'm done, his challenge will be putting you back together."

Before he can finish off Jianhu, he is attacked by a large humanoid rat, sporting
translucent skin with veins.

"The hell?"

Moments before

Fantomah is scouring the city for a proper host. She dare not snatch another
human. The Sama would frown upon that. She does something so unsavory,
that it sickens even the demon god.

She takes the body of a rat. With this host she will barely have enough
power to stop Mindfunk. But perhaps she can save Sama's lackey and
ingratiate herself to him.


Star Shock has returned and is pummeling White Fury and The Gold Sama.

Fury's adrenaline surge already fading.

"Sama no disrespect, but when does your secret plan
come into play."


Star Shock smashes the skulls of Sama and Fury into each other. When she
starts vomiting. But Star Shock is not alone, every follower of Mindfunk
 begin vomiting as well.

Arrowmatic is covered in day glow vomit.

Arrowmatic screams.

"This is the grossest thing that has ever happened to me."

Macro looks to be in deep thought.

"Top twenty for me."

Star Shock falls to her knees.

"Sama, Fury? where am I?"

Fury looks confused.


Fin Man leaps off of a roof of a nearby building.

"It is done, never ask me to do that again."

Fury speaks

"What did you do?"

Fin Man looks at the ground.

"I used my Aqua Mancing powers to separate the drugs from Star Shock and
the club goers bloodstreams. Then I initiated projectile vomiting."

Arrowmatic and the Macro walk out, covered in day glow puke. Arrowmatic
the angrier of the two.

"Thanks for the warning by the way."

Mindfunk crashes to the ground, followed by Jianhu. The Gold Sama is

"Excellent work my friend."

"His powers faded as his followers became sober. But I must thank Fantomah."

Fantomah's specter reappears.

"It was nothing..."

Star Shock stands up.

"I'm so sorry..."

Before she can finish, a blue hammer drives her into the ground. It
returns to the gloved hand of the masked man who helped defeat Vulgaris Claw.

The Cosmic Forces surround Star Shock.

"What in the world do you want."

"The death of the Pyramid Master's lackey!!!"

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mind Over Martyr: Day 3


Becky Sanders wakes up in a desert wearing her Star Shock uniform. It is
torn apart and she wonders what has happened since consuming the Moon Bean.

Suddenly the sands of the desert erupt in a storm. The Pyramid Master
walks thru the door of light.

"Pyramid King?"


"Wh, what happened?"

"You do not remember?"


"You consumed a pill given to you by a human known as Mindfunk."

"He said his name was Sakir."

"And you believe everything you are told?"

"No but he seemed so honest and caring."

Pyramid Master appears angry. But Becky thinks he always looks angry.

"The human is a psychic. While you are too powerful to be controlled
directly. He was able to push you to take the pill. Clearly you wished to
consume the drug on a level."


Becky thinks back and realizes she desired an escape from her life. That
Mindfunk had made it all seem so appealing. That the fight with Claw and
even the stupid report card had taken a mental strain.

"Pyramid Master, did I hurt anyone?"

"You flew around this galaxy and attacked empty planets. The landscape and atmosphere of
Mars and Jupiter have been damaged, but not in a way that should endanger
living beings."

Becky feels like Pyramid Master is lying. Or holding back information.

"Are we in Egypt?"

"No you are in the state of Nevada. You chose to land here for some


In another dimension

A masked man holding a blue hammer appears before a distorted window
containing the face of a god.

"Father, why have you summoned me?"




"Are the walls weakened enough for me to free you?"


"What are your orders father?"


"As you command."


A meeting is called of the Cosmic Forces

White Fury and Arrowmatic arrive together, while a bored Fin Man
manipulates a drop of water.

The Micro walks in next, looking a bit disheveled.

"Sorry had a rough case last night. An Insectlord Tribe had formed in
Pizzaville. It was hours fighting the Insectlords. Then I had to find where
the dimensional rift was."

Arrowmatic looks sick.

"Not the Pizzaville by Hunt Sporting Goods on Detroit Drive?"

"Oh yeah. They gave me a ton of free pizza. Seriously this job pays for

Micro starts eating.

Sama begins speaking.

"Last night at around 3:57 AM, Star Shock went on a galactic rampage."

White Fury questions


"She left the earth and attacked various planets in this galaxy. They were
not populated, but this is far out of character."

Jianhu speaks next.

"Around the same time, I discovered a disturbance on the psychic plane.
Numerous new entities had entered it. Most were new, but one had his
powers greatly augmented."

Brad Simon walks in the room.


White Fury walks over to the man known as Duel-Devil.

"Brad why are you here? You need to be at home."

"Sorry Mom, but I need to speak to the Sama and Jianhu."

Sama walks over, to Brad Simon, who is holding his rib cage in pain.

"Fury is right, you are too injured to be here. But to answer your question,
Dr.Mindfunk has returned."

Brad gingerly sits down, clearly in a world of pain.

Arrowmatic stands up.

"Wasn't Mindfunk the kook who tried to conquer the moon?"

"Yes but it goes beyond that. He is far more powerful now. We have reason
to believe it is connected to Star Shock's rampage."

Fury speaks

"Has anyone tried talking to Becky?"

Jianhu replies

"We have attempted to contact her via telephone. We went to her dorm
room and she was not home. I even attempted to contact her telepathically,
but there is far too much psychic interference on the astral plane."

Sama walks toward Brad Simon.

"What is it you needed to tell me Brad."

"Well as you know, I live in a crummy neighborhood. Last night this party
was out of control. The noise was crazy. I went outside and there were
people glowing and flying. Dancing and even making love in mid air.

I followed the bodies and it lead me to a Club Moon Shame. I saw a guy who
met Mindfunk's description. He was passing out pills to everyone."

"Where were the police?"

"They were partying. Glowing and flying. Mindfunk either trapped them, or
they were taking the pills. I decided to go find help, before confronting him."

The White Fury looks angry.

"Brad you could have been...."

"Save it Mia, I was just investigating. Sama, if Mindfunk has control of
Becky, we are in serious trouble."


Four AM

Becky Sanders has returned to Club Moon Shame. She is angry and
determined to stop Dr.Mindfunk. She sees everyone from teens to adults to
even cops under the control of Mindfunk.

She tosses the bouncer aside with ease. The music sharply cuts off.

Dr.Mindfunk, glowing white. Floats across the room.

"Becky whats the matter? You need more Moon Beans?"

Becky fires a bolt at the bag of Moon Beans, incinerating them.

"Don't worry girl. Plenty more where those came from."

Mindfunk hits the young woman known as Star Shock with a telekinetic
shove, sending her thru the window.

She gets back up ready to attack, when Mindfunk seizes her mind.

"Becky, or if you prefer Star Shock. You consumed a Moon Bean. That
means you consumed part of me. I've been siphoning your power. Your little
interplanetary rampage, made me stronger than I dared imagine.

Now I'm gonna go deeper in your mind and you are going to lead my army."

Becky falls to the ground struggling. Trying to fight the urge to serve

"You'll find life much easier, once you embrace the moon....."

Mindfunk sees an arrow shaft just entered his arm.

Next he is hit by a mystic bolt fired by Jianhu. Which he narrowly blocks
with a telekinetic shield.

The Macro throws the White Fury at Mindfunk, which sends him crashing
into a wall.

Mindfunk would be finished, if not for the Cosmic Forces being
taken down by a field of electricity.

 Fired by Star Shock, now firmly under the command of Dr.Mindfunk.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mind Over Martyr: Day 2


The Apartment of Brad Simon

Brad Simon is still recovering from the injuries inflicted upon him by the
Claw. The demon disemboweled the young man who calls himself Duel-Devil.

If not for the magic of the man called Jianhu, he would be dead. Still injuries
this severe cannot simply be cured by magic. He needs time to heal and that
is something Brad Simon cannot wait for.

Brad's friend, Mia Rivera, better known as the super powered White Fury
has been caring for Brad.

"Brad please sit down, you are not well."

"What am I suppose to do Mia? I don't have super powers. I need to train, I
have to be at my best."

Mia tries to understand Brad's frustration. She remembers when Demonico
Mascara nearly killed her. But even as over matched as she was, she was
not completely helpless.

Brad had his insides torn out by a demon. He should be dead, instead he
lives. He has been toting around a dogeared book and refusing to let Mia
near it.

Before this had happened, Mia found herself growing closer to Brad.

When she thought he was dead, she went ballistic. She wonders if she is in
love with him.

Becky Sanders and her friend Denise arrived at Club Moon Shame a little
past nine.

She looks around at the club at it looks like a seventies disco tech. Even if
the club goers are wearing contemporary clothing.

There is a strange fog in the club that has made Denise dizzy. She sits in a
booth and is greeted by two men, wearing leisure suits that look like
they have not been washed.

"Can we buy you lovely ladies a drink."

"No that's okay. We don't really drink."

The man's eyes glow blue.

"Are you sure?"

Becky responds

"Yes, I'm sure."

The man is surprised Becky resisted his powers. He rushes to the back of
the club.

Meanwhile Becky wonders if she really saw that man's eyes glow. Between
the fog and the strobe lights, its hard to tell. She thinks being a super hero
has knocked her loopy.

Soon a tall Indian man with an unkempt afro approaches her.

"I'm sorry for how my employee behaved. If you have the time, I would love
to talk to you."

The man flashes a gentle smile.

"Sure, why not."

Becky figures no one can possibly hurt her, so whats the harm.


At the DuPont Tower, Arrowmatic arrives to meet with Mia Rivera,
otherwise known as the White Fury.

Earlier in the week he had given her a blood sample, he had taken off of a
burglar a week before. He asked Mia to take a look at it, who worked as a
chemist before becoming the White Fury.

"So Fury, find anything?"

"Yeah....  This blood has a drug in it that I've have never seen before. The
compounds were literally glowing and there is something else."

"And that is?"

"It faintly resembles the formula that gives me my powers."

"How can that be?"

"I'm going to find out."


In Club Moon Shame, the tall Indian man has patiently listened to Becky
Sanders. She tells him all of her problems. Albeit without mentioning her
side career as a super hero.

But the Indian man already knows. It is very close to the surface of her
conscious mind. He interjects every now and again with stories from his life.

Not mentioning he is the super villain known as Dr.Mindfunk.

She is slowly leading Becky to ask how he became the wealthy owner of a
nightclub. Instead of a Doctor in India.

He takes out what appears to be five glowing beans from his coat pocket.

He tells Becky they are called Moon Beans. A pill of his own creation.

Becky Sanders has never taken drugs or drank alcohol. She can remember
seeing how her mother acted taking nerve pills over the years. Her father
was killed by a drunk driver when she was three.

Mindfunk can sense all of this. He will not force her to consume the
Moon Bean. He can manipulate her into taking one, using her own anxieties
against her.

Lead her to the revelation that her mother was right to take pills. That it is
safer than alcoholic beverages. That the Moon Bean will free her of stress
and allow her to do better in school and her mother could not possibly have a
problem with that.

"Alright I'll take one... Um I never got your name."

"Sakir, Dr.Sakir."

It feels wrong, her greater instincts are telling her not to. But Dr.Mindfunk is clouding her judgment. Becky swallows the Moon Bean.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mind Over Martyr:Day 1

Mind Over Martyr


Drama Bay, California

Arrowmatic is doing a routine patrol Things had been quiet since the encounter with Claw.

He heard a break in at a drug store and found a disheveled teen running
with what appeared to be several bottles of ether.

Arrowmatic took off after him and was shocked at how agile the boy is.

 He decides to take out an electric arrow and fires it at the boy. The arrows are safe, but should knock the kid out.

The kid collapses, but before he can be identified, he stands up.

Arrowmatic is taken back by this. That voltage would take out a man four
times the size of some skinny kid. He looks closer and sees the boy no
longer has pupils and his eyes are glowing blue.


Slugmoore University, 1974

A young man by the name of Amut Sakir has cracked. His family had put so
much pressure on him to become a wealthy doctor and support them. For
years he studied and studied. Finally getting accepted into a mid level
American university.

Soon the test began and no matter how good his grades were, they were
never good enough. One night his roommate dragged him to a party.

He was having a miserable time until the song started. Sublime keyboard
tracks and sizzling guitar riffs consumed him.

Then a roommate offered him a pipe. It remind him of what his Uncle
Vikram had smoked. Amut thinks that even though Vikram was poor and filthy, he really had the answers.

So Amut smoked the pipe and a feeling of nausea and anxiety overwhelmed
him. He was dizzy and could hardly move. He felt like he was going to die.

He gained the strength to run outside and collapsed in a heap. He looked up
at the full moon, so bright in the sky. He wondered if birds ever tried to fly
to the moon, before realizing their wings were simply not strong enough.

His anxiety and nausea passed. He returned to the party and drank his first
beer and smoked more of the pipe. The next day he ignored his test.

He found alcohol and the pipe lacking. He wanted something stronger.
Something that would truly expand his mind.

He created varying chemical compounds over the next few weeks. He was
about to be expelled from the university, but did not care.

One day while rummaging in the back of the janitors closet looking for
chemicals, he found a crudely written formula written in a notebook.

The name Niles Frazier was written on it. Amut studied the formula and
found parts of it served no purpose. So Amut tinkered with it, adding
components that would grant mental power rather than physical strength.

When he consumed the formula he was overwhelmed. As the furious disco beat played. Amut went into a seizure and was awakened by voices in his head. It was not speech but thought. He could hear every ones thoughts on campus.

He could also hear campus security coming to evict him.


Amut's eyes glowed and he sent a telekinetic wave into the door, crushing the Resident Adviser, Dean and the Campus Police.

Amut surrounded by a blue aura floats out into the hall.

"Amut Sakir is dead. Call me Dr.Mindfunk."


Drama Bay University, 1985

Becky Sanders is covered in bruises. Her friends and resident adviser are
convinced she is in an abusive relationship.

How does she tell them that she is the superhero known as Star Shock and
she was nearly beat to death by a demon known as the Claw.

Her first report card since she became a super hero came in and it is bad
news. All C's and one B, now she waits for the phone call from Mom.

Who will lecture her and say how she is the first Sanders woman to go to
college. How she has to be three times smarter than smart to compete in a
man's world.

Becky has been hearing this lecture since she was six years old after her
mom was fired from the accounting firm.

The phone rings and Becky just can't handle the lecture again. Not when she
is trying her best and trying to save Earth from aliens and an elder god
named Fantomah.

The phone continues ringing and Becky screams. Crushing the phone with
her left hand.

Becky needs a break and decides to go out with her friends.

DuPont Towers

The Gold Sama walks into the living quarters of Jake Finmen, otherwise
known as The Fin Man.


"How many times do I have to tell you. DO NOT CALL ME JACOB..."

"Fin Man, I know using your aquamancing powers against Claw was

"No you don't, or you would not have continued pressuring me to use them."

"Fin Man, I do understand what it is like to make sacrifices for the greater
good. To give up a piece of your being to stop evil.

I realize I failed you at a difficult time in your life. But you must trust me."

Fin Man lifts a pitcher of lemonade using his Aqua Mancing powers and throws it at Sama. Who casually dodges it.

"Get out Sama."


Deep Space, The Rulian Space Cruiser.

Crime King has been working in his lab for days. Along with his robotic
partner, Retro-9, they have been working on the comatose Infini-Knight.

One way or another, Infini-Knight will live again.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Horror Of Claw: Day 6


Missile Miser did not expect his basic armor to stop Claw. But luckily for
him he had been working a back up. He began work on Mecha Claw almost
immediately. A giant armor that looks like a robotic brother to the gruesome

Missile Miser did not test the armor in the field, but he is confident Mecha
Claw could crush the Trojan Mecha that Horse Power uses.

Claw is back to his feet and attacks Mecha Claw. Only to find his manic
swipes blocked by a force field.

Mecha Claw opens its mouth revealing an ion cannon and fires it at Claw.

Burning the monster's hand, which quickly regenerates.

Claw lifts the Mecha Claw and suplexes it into a row of buildings. The
thrusters in Mecha Claw's back ignite and it is back to it's feet.

Claw holds out both arms and sends a large black ball of fire at Mecha

The robots left hand has been melted. Missile Miser opens the metallic robe
of Mecha Claw and sends a barrage of missiles at the Nightmare Of Ricca.

Gold Sama sees the carnage being unleashed by Claw and his robotic
doppelganger and knows that if he is not stopped, the city will be destroyed.

"Then embrace my power Sama. Use it to destroy my nephew."

"That is not necessary yet Demon."

Fantomah's specter looks angry.


The specter of Fantomah disappears. While Gold Sama hopes that the
Micro is faring better in his mission. .


The Innards Of Claw

The Micro has studied biology most of his life. As a small child he dissected
worms trying to figure out what makes them tick. As he got older he studied
other animals and life forms.

But the inside of the Claw is nothing like anything in this world. The innards
of Claw look more like a bizarre alien jungle than any living thing on Earth.

He has been fighting off snakes, tendrils and a living forest of spikes trying
to find Claw's heart.

He unloads his custom made laser pistols into yet another snake and soon
the tendrils melt. The Micro feels relief until a giant dinosaur with Claw's
head appears and smashes him into what passes for the ground.

The Micro begins grows bigger and lifts the foot off of his body. Tossing
the dinosaur aside.

Suddenly more snakes and tendrils emerge from the pores of Claw and
begin smothering the Micro.

In an effort to fight the creatures off, he grows to full size.


Fantomah searches the city for an appropriate host. She sees a wealthy
woman emerging from an uptown clothing store. Fantomah can tell she has
great mystic potential.

The woman is overwhelmed by the power of Fantomah. Soon her
consciousness is no longer her own.

She flies off to confront the nephew of Fantomah.


Missile Miser panics as now the right arm has been disabled by Claw.

Miser is now preparing to hit the self destruct switch in Mecha Claw.

Ending both his and the God Of Hate's life.

Before that can happen both Mecha Claw and Claw are hit by what they
think is a tsunami. Instead what they see is a giant humanoid construct made of water.

At its core is the Fin Man, employing an art he vowed never to use again. The under used Aqua Mancing skills to form this armor.

As he did the voices entered his head. Telling him to wash away the Earth.

To take Atlantis and make it his own. The Fin Man ignores these voices and
attacks both Claw and his robot double.

He sends a stream of salt water into the exposed circuits of Mecha Claw,
taking the robot out of the fight.

Claw attacks Fin Man, who creates a watery shield from his left arm and a
mace from his right arm. He smashes Claw in the head and tries to drown
the monster.

Only to find his water armor evaporating from the heat emitted from Claw.

Gold Sama now begins to think that the Micro has failed and is about to
become intangible to rescue him.

When Claw is attacked by Fantomah, who has grown to the height of her nephew.

"Why Auntie, did Sama reject your offer?"

Fantomah consumes Claw in hell fire.

Claw laughs at this.

"I was born from the creative fires of your brother."

Fantomah projects bolts of her godly life force at her nephew sending
him to his knees.

Claw tries to stand up, until it feels like his stomach is being torn apart. It
is the Micro, Claw allowed him enter his body. Thinking it would be fun to
let his antibodies tear him to pieces.

Star Shock, Sama and Jianhu join hands and send out a merged beam of
energy into the chest of Claw.

The Nightmare of Ricca presses on. Refusing to fall even as his lunar suit is
falling apart and his enhanced body fails him.

On sheer determination the monster counters with his own bolt of energy.

Until a Golden Hammer goes thru his chest and his body falls apart.

The hammer returns to the man called Togaplex. Who exits this dimension thru a door created
by the hammer.


Crime King has just landed on Earth in a Rulian Space Cube.

He sees Claw failed in his bid to destroy Gold Sama. Crime King is pleased,
for soon Crolok will have to report his failure to the Ruler. Then Crime King can harness the energies of the Infini-Knight for himself.

A semi nude Claw approaches Crime King. He is covered in his own blood
and craves Crime King's head. Even weakened, The Crime King fears Claw.

Both he and Retro-9 back away and allow the Nightmare Of Ricca to claim
the Space Cube.

The controls were preset by Crime King and Claw disappears.


Brad Simon lays in a hospital bed in pain. Even though Jianhu saved his life,
he could not completely heal such grievous injuries.

Now he has to deal with his failure. He confronted the arch enemy of Duel-Devil
and essentially died.

Matt Hill enters the room and gives Brad an old book.

"Who are you?"

Matt Hill's expression does not change.

"You don't recognize me? I'm the Red Duel-Devil. That book you are
holding is the journal of my father."

"Why are you giving this to me?"

"To provide inspiration."

The young man leaves the room.


A wealthy young woman is dropped in front of an upscale boutique with no
memory of Fantomah. Little does she know, this experience shaved years
off of her life.


Jake Finman sits in his room in DuPont Towers. He regrets using the water
mancer powers against Claw. He knows he will be tempted to use the powers
again. Eventually he will go too far in using them.


The Rulian Space Cruiser

Crime King is having a party in his quarters with a few Rulian guards and

Retro-9 goes up to Crime King.

"Query: Claw was unsuccessful in his attempt to kill the Gold Sama. Why
are you celebrating?"

"Killing Gold Sama was not really the intention. I just needed access to that
beast Claw. Now he is in deep space and I have this."

Crime King produces a vial of green blood that belonged to the Claw.


On a planet that looks to be made of cement with lakes of lava. the Claw crash lands. His Rulian Space Cube completely wrecked.

He rips the door off the cube and emerges. He looks around at the squat
dinosaur creatures known as the Dominorse and knows he has
discovered a new frontier to destroy.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Horror Of Claw:Day 5


Brad Simon is dying. He had taken up the mantle of Duel-Devil from his
father Jeffrey "Curly" Simon. Curly (along with three of his friends) had
been trained by the original Duel-Devil.

Curly had been anxious to train Brad in taking up the mantle of Duel-Devil.

His friends Pee Wee and Scarecrow gave up the mantle of Duel-Devil and
had no interest in passing it on to their children.

Jock had been the best of Duel-Devil's students.... But he did not have any
kids of his own.

Curly never quite acclimated himself to what some people call "the real
world". He never did great in school and took what work he could.

His heart was always in being a masked hero. He felt like he was making a
difference and considered it the only legacy he could leave to his son.

He started training Brad at the age of five. Brad's mother objected, but
Curly could not be deterred. By the age of twelve, Brad was an
accomplished athlete, excelling at football and baseball.

Then Curly disappeared, his mother told Brad that Curly had been hit by
a truck. That was why the funeral was closed casket.

But Brad knew the truth. His father was not hit by a truck. He had a final
mission as Duel-Devil and was killed.

Brad obsessed with taking the Duel-Devil mantle. He studied everything he
could about fighting, detective work and driving any kind of vehicle.

When he turned eighteen, he received his inheritance from Curly. It was
twenty thousand dollars. Brad had no idea where Curly got that much
money. He suspects he robbed gangsters over the years. But he could not
prove that.

Mom was disappointed Brad did not put that money toward college. Instead
he went to trade school and became a mechanic. Moved to the west coast
and started his career as Duel-Devil. He wore the blue and yellow costume
of his father.

He was set to continue his father's legacy, until the other guy showed up.

Another man claimed to be Duel-Devil, wearing the red and blue costume of
the original, turned up. The idea enraged Brad, but it inspired him to work harder. But no matter how hard he worked, the other guy was better.

He had state of the art vehicles and equipment. While Brad made do with a
used crop duster. he could never get to work right, a modified tow truck and a dirt bike.

That Duel-Devil became famous for stopping the Scrambler from destroying
all television and radio airwaves and Imprisoning the last three heads of the
Northeast branch of the Grim Circle.

Brad meanwhile was known as an imitation Duel-Devil, someone trying to
steal another man's reputation.

Now Brad is dying, he has just been disemboweled by the monstorus Claw.

The demon that was defeated by the original Duel-Devil in the forties.

Brad was just saved by the other Duel-Devil. He is unable to make out what is happening. He only knows he is going to die and he has not talked to his mom in a month.


The red and blue Duel-Devil arrived to the scene to save the other Duel-Devil from being disemboweled by the Claw.

He throws a series of exploding boomerangs at Claw.

Claw marches toward Duel-Devil Red, until Arrowmatic fires a sonic arrow at Claw.

A sonic screech goes out sending Claw to his knees. Duel-Devil's research
knew exactly what frequency would interfere with Claw's equilibrium. He had quickly given the sonic Arrow Head to Arrow-Matic.

The Red Duel-Devil looks over at Jianhu.

"He is still alive, save him."

Jianhu flies over to the dying Brad Simon and begins to heal him using the
magic of the Sama Temple. The hole in Brad's stomach closes, but he is still
far too weak to fight.

Meanwhile the White Fury has stood by his side. She is filled with rage at
feeling Brad could have died. She is even madder at herself that she cares
so much.

She sees Claw disoriented and is filled with rage. With adrenaline, people
have been known to lift cars off of their children.

Those people do not have the power serum of the legendary Black Terror
coursing thru their veins. With adrenaline fueling her, Fury's strength
dwarfs even Star Shock.

She catches Claw with a punch that fractures the monsters jaw. Then follows
thru with a punch to the gut that breaks two of his ribs.

Claw finally crushes the arrowhead that was disorienting him. He looks down
at his own blood and is angered. He heals quickly, but the idea of a
a swine hurting him is too much to bear.

With a blinding speed, Claw puts White Fury thru five buildings.

"The game is over."

Turning his lunar suit to full power, Claw grows fifty stories tall.


Arrow-Matic used the sonic arrow given to him by the other Duel-Devil. He
really thought they had a chance when Fury managed to hurt him.

Then the monster turned giant and he does not know what to do. This is too
much for him. He saw the newsreel footage and even read about him in
history class. But this is beyond belief.

He turns to Fin Man for help and sees the Atlantean is gone.

"Wish I had thought of that."


The man with the Golden Hammer regrets not attacking Claw earlier. Now
he maybe too powerful. But the man puts these ideas behind him.

The Golden Hammer is the most powerful weapon in the universe. He will
let the humans weaken/distract Claw and he will strike.


Claw smashes a building with ease. He does wonder why Crime King has not
tried to stop him. Perhaps the ant has greater intelligence than he credited
him with.

Star Shock flies to attack and Claw swats her down. He wonders why the
Pyramid Master granted such power to an idiot.

A bolt of energy sends Claw to his knees. He turns around and sees a
gigantic Mecha Claw has entered the fray.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Horror Of Claw: Day 4


The new Missile Miser armor has proven to be no match for Claw. Miser was able to put all the resources of The Ivy Pro Corporation into it.

He fires another plasma beam at Claw, who deflects it with a kick. Claw is growing tired of fighting with Missile Miser.

He flies toward Miser at a frightening speed and tears the arm off of the mech. He spits on the chest of the giant armor, causing the metal to corrode and melt. With one hand he rips Phineas Hawthrone from the armor.

Before he can rip the tiny old man's heart from his chest, Claw is hit by a bolt of lightning and the golden energy of the Sama temple.

He looks up and sees some girl wearing the Band Of Annihilation and the Golden Sama's lackey Jianhu.

Then a chill goes up his spine. He realizes that Fantomah is near.


Matt Hill is a prominent New York business man. Living off of money from his families Emerald Mine, he has invested the money into the poorer neighborhoods in New York.

Rebuilding deteriorating tenements and giving the poor affordable housing.

But Matt Hill has his secrets too. He is the red and blue Duel-Devil. Continuing the legacy of the Original Duel-Devil.

He climbs into the hanger of his private tower and enters the Devil Jet.


Duel-Devil Yellow is filled with a mixture of frustration and fear. Right now he sees the Claw fighting Jianhu and Gold Sama. The Micro went off in his own direction like he always does.

While Devil and the others were ordered to stay back. To help with crowd control.

This tears the Yellow Duel-Devul apart. He should be the one fighting Claw. The original Duel-Devil defeated Claw with no special powers.

He has to fight Claw, it is what his father trained him to do.

The White Fury puts her hand on Devil's shoulder.

"Devil, I know you want to fight him. But we must listen to Sama, he knows best."

"That is easy for you to say Fury. What if it were Diablo and Sama told you to stay back?"

As he said that, Fury can tell by the look in his eyes that he has decided to attack Claw.



The Fin Man questions why he is here. There are cops to help with crowd control. He should be fighting Claw, he is as strong and fast as Star Shock.

As he helps a little old lady into a shelter he thinks of the nearby Atlantic Ocean. He thinks of how much power that ocean can give him.

But then he remembers the price of so much power.


The man with the Golden Hammer stands on a building watching the Cosmic Forces battle Claw. His father wants Claw dead, such a being cannot be controlled and can only hinder his plans.

His father has also instructed him to kill the Pyramid Master's underling.

So the man with the hammer waits to see how this battle ends up, before attacking.


Claw is being dismantled by the girl with the Band Of Annihilation.

He has not actually activated the suit given to him by Crime King. He was saving it for a confrontation with Horse Power. When he arrived in New York, he found he could not sense any of those humans on the planet.

Now he is fighting some girl he has never heard of, Sama and Jianhu.

The girl is as powerful as Claw at his base power. She posseses no skill or killer instinct. He could defeat her fairly easily. But Sama's lap dog is more powerful than he remembered.

He also posseses true skill and a killer instinct that every Sama candidate must possess.

Claw notices interestingly, that Sama is the weakest of the trio. He can also smell a familar stench on Sama.

Jianhu grabs Star Shock's hand.


A massive beam of green and gold energy leaves their hands and drives Claw into the ground.

Claw realizes he must activate the belt that Crime King gave him.

Jianhu and Star Shock continue to pour the energy on.

But they notice a red field of energy is surrounding Claw. Claw starts to drive back the gold and green energy, eventually knock it aside with a single swipe.

Star Shock flies down to attack Claw, who kicks her in the the chest and headbutts her.

Jianhu and Sama fly down, working in tandem against Claw.

Fantomah speaks to Sama.

"Allow me to give you more power. With it you can crush my nephew."

"And increase my dependance upon you."

"What choice do you have?"

Claw smashes Sama's face and cracks his head into Jianhu.

Claw looks directly at Fantomah.

"He can die my dearest Aunt. You are a woman at the moment? That was how you lured those idiots in Pan Guay to your temples."

Star Shock stands up

"You can talk to your imaginary friend later!!"

He deflects her last lightning bolt and sends her back with a basic fireball.

Claw walks over to stomp the head of Star Shock and is attacked by the White Fury.

Her strength is no match for Claw.

"Well at least you possess greater technique than Pyramid Master's lackey."

With another burst of speed, he drives his knee into Fury's chin. Following up with a talon uppercut, slicing her face.

Duel-Devil yellow leaps to the Fury's rescue, hitting Claw with three vicious nerve strikes, that have no effect...

He lifts Devil by the throat amused.

"You wear the Devil's costume."

Claw sniffs him.

"But you're a pathetic impostor."

He guts Duel-Devil with a single punch. Brad Simon, one of the men called Duel-Devil is near death.

Claw looks at the blood on his fist and laughs.

"Look he's still twitching."

Out of the sky a missile hits Claw with the power of a small nuke.

It was fired from the Devil-Jet.

Claw gets up a bit shaken, before he smiles.

"I never imagined you would still be alive."

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Horror Of Claw: Day 3


New York City

Boomeranger has lost another one of his men. The monster known as Claw
tore the Ultra Battler to literal pieces.

Claw is determined to get top the top of this building. With him are tall men
with yellow skin and five red eyes. Are they aliens? Demons, like the things that Professor Necro used?

Boomeranger does not care. They are killing his men.

Boomeranger sends a pair of explosive boomerangs at Claw. They do not
slow down the nightmare of Ricca.

Claw does not attempt to dodge any of these attacks. He knows they are

Boomeranger taps a button under his glove. It retrieved his boomeflyer, a rocket powered boomerang that Boomeranger flies on, he sends it crashing into Claw, knocking him thru the lobby wall.

Claw stands up holding the large glider and tears it in two.

He looks directly at Boomeranger, ignoring the heavy gunfire.

"You humans, you all look alike to me. Congratulations on obtaining my

Claw disappears and is behind Boomeranger with blinding speed. He plunges his hand into Boomeranger's chest.

Soon he will find the old man.


Missile Miser is near the top floor of Ivy Tower. He knows Claw is looking
for him. But little does Claw know that Missile Miser has been preparing for him.

That he intends to make Claw pay for his humiliation.

He puts on the new Missile Miser armor that bears resemblance to

Putting the helmet on last he prepares to die.


The Rulian Space Cruiser

Crolok is infuriated at Crime King. That he would endanger his ship by
bringing that monster to the bridge. Now it has teleported itself to Earth for
a vendetta that does not involve killing Gold Sama.

"My patience with you is at its end!!! How could you endanger our mission,

I should throttle you right here!!!"

He grabs the cloak of Crime King, only for King to remove his hand.

"There was a time I needed you Crolok. That time is nearing its end. Know
my fighter suit is powerful enough to kill you instantly. I have avoided that
for fear of annoying the Ruler."

He shoves Crolok aside.

"I have a means to control Claw. But if he wants to whittle down the
hero population before going after Sama he is welcome."


Captain Battle the 3rd had to fight off Lionel Craig to enter this fray. Craig
sees him as a marketing phenomenon and not a hero.

But Craig is not the grandson of Captain Battle. He can't allow his men to be

He puts on one of the experimental armors that Missile Miser built. The
test runs have not went well, but he knows he can do it.

He flips the switch and the armor flies thru the roof of the building. Within
minutes he is near orbit.


Claw has grown bored murdering humans. He lifts his hand and fires a
beam of energy thru every floor of the building.

He flies up to the top floor.

"You cannot hide from Claw little man."

A large stream of orange energy is sent at Claw, who blocks it with his left
palm. Claw is surprised to see his hand burnt.

Even more surprised to see that it is Missile Miser who fired the blast.


The Cosmic Forces board the private jet of Jed DuPont, the Gold Sama.

At one time he could have teleported the team to New York instantly. But
since his battle in space, those powers are beyond him.

His partner, Jianhu is capable of teleporting himself, but not an entire team.

Star Shock could travel the long distance in thirty minutes, but
they need to face Claw as a team.

Fantomah appears before Gold Sama.

"This machine will not make it in time. My nephew will massacre thousands."

The Gold Sama has a suspicion of what Fantomah wants, but indulges her.

"And how do you suggest we get there?"

Fantomah smiles.

"With a powerful enough host, I could teleport us there."

Duel-Devil speaks

"Sama, I just picked up another transmission from Manhattan. Claw and
Missile Miser have destroyed three city blocks."

Fantomah leaps upon this.

"Sama, you are at no risk. In my current condition, I cannot overwhelm a mind like yours.

 You will receive the power you need. All I desire is the defeat of my

Gold Sama's gaze gives Fantomah permission to enter him.

Sama is in agony as it feels like his body is being threaded by razor wire.

The energy waves run off of Sama. Until it is done, Sama has been possessed by Fantomah. Red and Blue veins covering
his face.

The Cosmic Forces covered in red fog instantly appear in New York.