Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Horror Of Claw: Day 2


Claw stands in a booth within one of the labs on the Rulian Space Cruiser. Crime King convinced Claw he has a way for him to access his full power at any time.

Claw had encountered Crime King once or twice before. He considers the man a dolt. Otherwise he would be weary of a trap, but Claw fears no man.

Crime King comes out from behind his computers.

"Claw your powers are incredible. Apparently you gain power from lunar cycles. With this suit, we can simulate the effects of a full moon."

"And what would you want in return>"

Crime King bristles at Claw's demeaning tone. But quickly answers.

"You simply need to kill The Gold Sama."

Claw smiles in a way that makes even the robotic Retro-9 recoil.


In the New York branch of The Ivy Pro Corporation. Phineas Hansworth continues working on weapons for the Ultra Battlers.

But creating armors and cannons, like the ones desired by Ivy Pro is child's play for a man of Hansworth's genius. Once he was the super villain called the Missile Miser.

But months ago his armor was destroyed fighting the Claw. He was set to go into exile, until he was discovered by Lionel Craig.

Craig offered him a job as head of research and development for Ivy Pro. In addition to his large salary, he is given unlimited resources for his passion projects.

One of which is a weapons system that will allow him to kill the Claw.

Little does Hansworth know that he will need it very soon.


DuPont Tower meeting room

Gold Sama speaks

"Fantomah, please tell the team, what you told me an hour ago."

Fantomah become corporeal. It's organs and veins still visible to all.

"My nephew is coming here."

Arrowmattic fiddling with armor, speaks.

"Aww, is it your birthday?"

Fantomah is consumed by rage. It would like to rip out Arrowmatic's heart and devour it.

But Fantomah is too weak at the moment. Too weak to defeat the likes of the girl holding the Pyramid Master's amulet.

So Fantomah shows restraint.

"My nephew is The Claw."

Brad Simon, the Yellow Duel-Devil feels sick to his stomach. He remembers the stories his father told him about the Claw. Most were passed down from the original Duel-Devil.

Star Shock raises her hand. She saw some newsreel footage of the Claw and of his recent rampage thru Manhattan.

"How are you related to Claw?"

"My brother was mighty Gen-I. He was exiled into a pocket dimension millions of years ago. Before the Earth existed. Claw is his son, meant to free Gen-I."

Gold Sama knows a bit of this story. Both from Sama Council records and his own experiences in battling Claw.

In 1961, he was forced to prevent Gen-I from taking the body of his former teammate, Bart Hill, The Original Duel-Devil.

"Fantomah, aside from his rampage in Manhattan, Claw has been exiled in Ricca since the 1960's. He does not even have political power in his home nation."

"Some new force has interfered, givin Claw new power. My perceptions of this dimension, grow foggy outside of the Earth's atmosphere."

Jianhu looks at Gold Sama.

"The Rulians....."


Claw stands with a platoon of Grid Men and Rulian Soldiers. Preparing to be teleported to Earth.

Claw grabs the technician working the controls.

"Change of plans, we are going to New York!!!"

"But we are suppose...."

Claw has the Rulian by the throat, digging his talons into the aliens flesh.

"New York...."

Claw is teleported to New York.


In a dimension of darkness. A masked man wields a legendary hammer, destroying shadow men from all sides.

He lifts the gold mallet and creates a door of light.

"Soon father, you will be free to complete your work on Earth."

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