Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thunder Shock:Day 4


The man known as Kid Blur has flown around the city five times in an hour. 

For a city the size of Drama Bay, it is an impressive display. But for Kid 
Blur, it is underachieving. He is capable of far greater speeds, but no matter 
how hard he tries, he keeps running into the same wall. 

His mind keeps going back to his mentor, the Silver Blur. Silver Blur was 
the fastest man on Earth, until one day he disappeared. He was in a fight 
with his archenemy, Mean Streak. To save Earth, Silver Blur reached 
speeds he never dreamed possible. Then he disappeared in a blink of light. 

Kid Blur never took up the mantle of Silver Blur. Keeping the name Kid 
Blur, well into middle age. His speed has also slowly decreased over the 

He blamed this on simple aging, but a medical examination has shown 
this to be false. Any limitations he has are strictly mental. 

Before Blur can try to increase his speed again, he is hit by an electrical volt 
that sends him crashing into a dumpster. A man in a purple and gold 
bodysuit lands on him. 

Blur recognizes the man as the notorious super villain, Thunder Thief. Blur 
stands up, his super speed granting him a limited invulnerability. Thunder 
Thief fires another energy blast and sends Blur into a brick wall. 

Thunder Thief lifts Blur by the scruff of his neck, and places his hand across 
the old quickster's face. He begins absorbing energy from Kid Blur, until 
there is nothing left to take. 

Thief tosses Blur aside. 

"Well, what do you know. This actually worked."

Thief scoops up the unconscious Kid Blur and leaves.


The Micro has been searching for the young woman known as Star Shock. 

But she has yet to turn up. He wants to speak to her, to explain everything 
the Gold Sama can teach her. About the dangers of relying on brute force, 
rather than brain power. 

His communicator begins beeping. It is the old Forces Of Fate 
communicators, Micro made years ago. That means either Kid Blur or The 
Recluse are contacting him. 

"Micro here."


Communicators are pretty old, and Blur put some wear and tear on his. He 
must be at the Samson Diner, where they use to hang out in the old days. 


The Fin Man sits at the Drama Bay pier. He thinks about what Sama 
told him. About using all of his powers. But it has been too long and nothing 
good, has ever come from using them. 

He lifts his left hand and a glob of water comes out of the Ocean. Using his 
full concentration, he changes the glob into different shapes. 

Water Mancing does feel good. He remembers when his dad took him to see 
the old Atlantean Mancer named Zuqin. He was so excited to learn how to 
shape and direct water. 

He did not understand how much power he would have. On land, water 
Mancing is a somewhat useful parlor trick. In the ocean, it makes you god. 

He never fully got that until his fight with Tide Tyrant. The king of Atlantis, 
who helped raise Jake. To this day he is unsure if the king really cared 
about him, or simply wanted to keep tabs on a potential rival. 

But when he drained all the water from Tyrant's body. When he saw such a 
powerful man with true fear in his eyes. Fin Man felt something touch his 
soul. Something more powerful and evil than he could comprehend.

Suddenly the glob of water he was manipulating turns into a demonic skull 
and turns to vapor. 

Fin Man knows he made the right decision. 


Micro grows to his normal height inside the Samson Diner. He looks around 
for the Blur. He knows he has to be upset about the meeting with Sama. 
Micro wishes it was something physically wrong with Blur's powers. He 
could fix that. But these problems run deeper than simple aging. 

A man crashes into Micro at full speed. Micro noticed it at the last second 
and was able to shrink down with the blow. Whoever it is, is faster than 

Its Thunder Thief. Micro remembers reading that he escaped from Liberty 
Corps custody. 

Thunder Thief is sending waves of energy in every direction, hoping to hit 

Micro grows to Macro size outside the diner. Thunder Thief flies toward 
Macro at super speed, only to be swatted to the ground. 

"Good, looks like you might put up a fight."

He sends a bolt of electricity at The Macro, that staggers the giant. 

Using the stolen super speed of Kid Blur, Thief pummels the ankles of the 
Macro and quickly working his way up. Til placing his hands on the face of 
the Macrom absorbing his energy. 

Macro shrinks down to normal size, as Thunder Thief grows giant size. He 
lifts the Micro and walks away. 


Becky Sanders returns to her dorm room. Frustrated by her argument with 
the Gold Sama. She thinks the Sama is lacking as a teacher. 

That she is already the most powerful person on Earth. That she should be given the chance to lead the team. 

She knows she could have defeated Braionic2 eventually. That Arrowmatic 
simply landed a lucky shot. 

She sees something on her desk. She walks over and sees a piece of cloth 
and a pair of goggles. She looks at the cloth and recognizes the emblem of 
Kid Blur. The goggles belong to The Micro. 

She wonders who could have found out she lived here, when she hears 
screaming outside. She looks out the window and sees scorched into the 


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