Monday, July 15, 2013

Thunder Shock:Day 1

Thunder Shocked

1977 Ontario, Canada

The band MegaSkank is deep into its 1975 World Tour. The stage shows have
become more and more elaborate. Jeremy St. Samuel is giving strict last
minute instructions to the Roadie. Jeremy never learns a roadies name. He is too
big a star to deal with that, and most likely too drunk.

"Aw right listen here. We got all this Egyptian bricabrac for our stage show. Don't
damage any of it, or it'll be you're head!!!"

The roadie is named Fred Stevens and for him this is a dream. Or the shadow of
one, since he was twelve he has wanted to be a singer, or rather a super star. The
few minutes he is doing the mic check, he feels like that star. The rest of the time he feels like a roadie.

When he got the job working on the MegaSkank tour, he expected a fun time. Maybe a chance to become something more. Instead it has been on indignity after another. Dealing with prima donnas
who change their minds more often than they change their socks.

Each night St. Samuel has went with a different theme. One night it was vikings
and he expected Fred to find a herd of mountain goats and teach them not to chew
thru wires.

Then it was a tribute to Japanese fishermen and he was expected to find five
hundred pounds of raw fish.

Now they want an Egyptian theme. Lots of the typical stuff, pyramids, mummies,
head dresses and the sphinx. One thing he can't place is the statue of a fist
grasping a lightning bolt. Doesn't really look Egyptian, but it does look old.


Fred is distracted and forgets that the pyrotechnics are about to go off. The explosion
shatters the statue and a lightning bolt flies from it and hits Fred. Making him feel like he is burning alive, that his skin is melting. Despite that, he is unharmed.

He should be dead, but he feels more alive than ever before.


Drama Bay, California 1985

Two days ago parts of the cybernetic brain beast known as Braionic were brought to the Drama
Bay branch of the Ivy Pro Corporation. The west coast branch was interested in
attempting to try to recreate Braionic.

But since the birth of the original Braionic involved the dark magic of the
Necromizone, the experiment was doomed to fail.

A new Braionic creature was born. Not as powerful, but still very dangerous. Everyone in the Ivy Tower were put into a psychic coma.

The Ultra Battlers attempted to stop the new creature and were crushed.

With that Braionic2 took to the streets, heading to the ghettos of Drama Bay, to
feed on psychic pain. There he was confronted by the White Fury and Duel-Devil.

The two fought valiantly, with the Fury doing some damage to the core of
Braionic2, but its psychic might was too much.

Duel-Devil knowing he is outmatched called for reinforcements.

The Cosmic Forces arrived soon.

Star Shock leads the attack, despite the protest of Gold Sama and Jianhu.

She fires a bolt of lightning at Braionic2, which sends a jolt of feedback into her.

She collapses to the ground. Not expecting that type of attack. Sama lands near
Star Shock.

"Do you see, why you do not attack without planning.."

Star Shock begins to glow and leaps to her feet.

"I know what not to do."


She flies into Braionic2 and sends him flying. The creature stops itself.

Fin Man walks over to the Gold Sama.

"So when do we attack?"

"Soon, Star Shock left on her own. She is swinging wildly, we need a plan."

The Micro expands to full size near Sama.

"I have one. Look at the core of the creature. That device supplying energy into the
artificial brain. Crush that and it will fall apart."

"Micro, I want you to attempt to get to it."

"No problem, I shrink down and expand inside of it and that should do the trick."

"Be careful Micro."

Fin Man looks impatient.

"So should I try to grab it?"

"Not yet, I have another plan."

For the first time since his battle with the Infini-Knight, theGold Sama attempts
to enter the psychic plane. If he were at full power, he would have already
crushed the creature.

Instead the Sama is unable to attack psychically.


That was the scream of the Micro. Braionic2 senses him attacking and sent a
psionic bolt into him.

Star Shock attacks again. Not knowing to attack the core of the monster. Instead
she swings wildly. Only protected from psychic assault by her arm band.

Kid Blur flies at the brain beast at near super speed. But he is not faster than
thought and is hit by a telekinetic battering ram.

Fin Man, White Fury and Jianhu are attacking now. Each trying to remove the
core of Braionic2. Jianhu is protecting the three of them from psychic assaults.

His power is just enough to do that, even if he is unable to confront it on the
psychic plane.

Braionic2 telekinetically smashes the heads of Fury and Fin Man together.

Jianhu takes to the sky, to regroup.

While the Gold Sama grabs the core of Braionic2 whilst intangible. When he
becomes solid, he is overwhelmed by telekinetic backlash.

Before Star Shock can attack again, a blackness surrounds the battlefield.

A hollow ugly voice comes from the sky. A being with translucent skin and ambiguous features appears.

"Creature your attack on this land ends here."

Braionic sends out a psychic bolt.

"You assume to attack the mind of Fantomah?"

The creature is brought to its knees by the attack of the dark god.

"Now you will suffer, for your sins."

A tendrils of black smoke leave Fantomah's hands and enter Braionic2.

Suddenly the creature begins fighting back. Sending out waves of psionic energy
in every direction.

Windows shatter all around Drama Bay and Fantomah presses on.

Suddenly an arrow flies thru the core of Braionic2. His psionic energy body fades
away and Fantomah leaves their confused host body..

The arrow was fired by Arrowmatic. Who aimed a titanium shaft at the core as
soon as Jianhu gave him the word.

Gold Sama returns to his feet and looks at the destruction caused in only a few

He sees Fantomah staring at him with a stone face. Blur still unconscious. White
Fury and Fin Man getting to their feet. Star Shock crackling with energy and

Finally Arrowmatic standing on a rooftop, having fired the winning shot.

Things are going to change.

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