Monday, July 22, 2013

Thunder Shock FINALE


In the middle of an open field on the outskirts of Drama Bay sits the makeshift base of Crime King and Thunder Thief.

Thunder Thief could have left anytime. He has drained the power of Star Shock and is likely the most powerful human on Earth. Instead he stays and waits for the inevitable rescue attempt.

Power is pointless with nothing to test it against. The Gold Sama will be perfect as a first test. Crime King is busy working on repairing his armor, that was damaged by Star Shock.

As for the young woman herself, she is tied up with simple rope. Her powers seem to be gone. She keeps attempting to recharge them. But nothing is happening.

Her, Micro and Blur are being guarded by three Grid Men. Suddenly the blue Grid Man blinks out after being struck by an arrow. The second is shattered by a yellow and blue boomerang and the third is destroyed by a gold laser.

The Gold Sama materializes in front of Star Shock. He tears off her bonds quickly.

"Do you see the importance of training now?"

The Sama turns incorporeal before a plasma bolt from Retro-9 can hit him.

"Star Shock, free Micro and Blur."

Retro-9 emits a high pitched shriek that incapacitates Sama. Before it can launch another attack, Fin Man flies into the robot with both fist. He was launched by the White Fury.

Thunder Thief sees the disturbance and goes to attack, only to be caught by a punch to the throat from Jianhu.

"Hmm? Looks like Sama wants his errand boy to wear me down."

With blinding speed, Thunder Thief uppercuts Jianhu. Jianhu manages to roll with the punch. He sends a gust of green hurricane wind at Thunder Thief.

Before Thief can be sent flying back, he grows twenty stories and grasp Jianhu in his fist.

With one squeeze. he breaks Jianhu's ribs. More damage would have been done, if not for the quick chant that created a force field.

A boomerang and exploding arrowheads hit the giant Thunder Thief in his eyes.


He drops Jianhu, who is caught by the White Fury. The Micro grows to Macro size and wearily grabs Fury.

Repeating the maneuver she executed with Fin Man earlier. Macro throws her at Thunder Thief. Catching the gigantic energy parasite with a right cross.

He falls to one knee and is now being hit by a barrage of punches from the recovered Kid Blur. He is still nowhere near his max speed, but fast enough to land hundreds of punches in seconds.

Thunder Thief finally screams.


Using Star Shock's stolen powers he emits a field of energy that cuts down all heroes in his path. Except the trio of Arrowmatic, Duel-Devil and the Gold Sama. The first two insulated their suits, while the Lama was intangible.

Retro-9 was sent into sleep mode from the surge and Crime King is protected by his armor.

Star Shock was hit by the energy. But she feels strong, the emblem on her chest glowing.

Thunder Thief's pyramid is shifting back to a fist.

She torpedoes herself into the gut of Thunder Thief. He falls back and grabs her, hoping to recharge his powers. Only to have a barrage of exploding Arrowheads go in his mouth.

The arrowheads were fired by Arrowmatic. His new bow is beyond any type of arrow technoloy in the world. It makes most guns looks like slingshots.

Thunder Thief is staggered by the attack.

Star Shock generates a large amount of energy. Duel Devil runs up.

"No wait, don't do that!!!"

Before she can make such a reckless mistake, The Sama punches her in the back of the head.

Thunder Thief has now used off the last bit of the Macro's power. With his last bit of speed, he flies behind Sama, grasping his face.

But he finds he cannot absorb the power.

"What is this?"

Sama elbows Thunder Thief in the gut.

"You cannot absorb the power of Gold Sama. This power can only be acquired thru time and skill."

He sticks his intangible hand into Thunder Thief's chest and solidifies it for a second. Thunder Thief is knocked out.

Crime King and Retro-9 are teleported back to the ship.

Deep Space

Cyphred is very unhappy.

"Crolok, this was the perfect opportunity to be rid of that human."

"As I told you Cyphred. The human will stay, I need his expertise in stopping the Sama."

Crime King walks in.

"Cyphred, I advise you get use to me. I am not going anywhere. I have the teleportation codes memorized. I would have returned on my own."


DuPont Tower

Becky Sander has a goose egg on the back of her head thanks to the Gold Sama  She tried to explain that she thought she could overload Thunder Thief with the Star Shock power. But Jianhu and Sama would hear nothing of it.

The Gold Sama has many thoughts running thru his mind. He wonders where Fantomah went off to during the final battle. How Star Shock could be so reckless.

His display against Thunder Thief has boosted his standing with the team. They are ready to follow him anywhere. Even Fin Man's attitude has improved.

But he thinks of what he told Thunder Thief about the Sama power. How it can only be obtained thru time and skill. If that is true, why have his powers disappeared since the battle with Infini-Knight?

Will he even be whole again? What will happen when Earth is attacked by a true mystic menace. Something that will require the Gold Sama to be at full power?

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