Friday, July 19, 2013

Thunder Shock: Day 5


Star Shock decides to take care of this herself. She lands in Drama Stadium
and powers up fully. She is attacked by an army of Grid Men.

She shatters a dozen with energy bolts and attacks the others with her bare
hands. She thinks there is no way the Grid Men took out Micro and Blur.

Before she can complete this thought, she is struck by a plasma beam. It
emanated from the scepter of Crime King.

Crime King has been weary about fighting the girl again. But he tries to
rationalize. She had blind sided him before. Now he is ready and will not
even need Thunder Thief.

He charges his boot thrusters and catches Star Shock with a rocket powered right
cross. She hits the upper deck bleachers hard. She tackles Crime King at
full speed. Once again denting the chest plate in his armor. She shatters the
glass in his face plate with a punch.

He thinks to himself.

"How strong is this blasted girl?"

There is no technique in her attacks. She throws punches like a person who
has never been in a fight. She tosses energy bolts around like a child
playing a video game for the first time.

But her power is overwhelming Crime King. He thought he could last longer
than this. He grasp his scepter and unleashes a stream of clamp foam.

He has had time to improve the formula since he used it last. She will have to struggle to break
free. Giving Crime King time to charge up the cannons in his armor. He is
only at half power, when she breaks free.

"Getting tired of this, Queenie!!!"

She fires a full powered energy bolt at Crime King. But before it can land, it
is intercepted by a purple and gold blur.

Thunder Thief has been waiting for Star Shock to stupidly fire another
energy bolt. Using Blur's stolen speed, it was easy enough to intercept.

Star Shock recognizes Thunder Thief instantly.

"You're that jerk who ruined the Super Bowl!!!"

"So nice to see you're a fan."

Star Shock lands one punch to Thunder Thief. But with her previous energy
blast absorbed. he hardly felt it. He backhands her and slams her to the

"Want you to know, I could have avoided that attack. With Blur's speed, I'm way faster than you."


She punches Thunder Thief as hard as she can in the jaw and sternum.

Thunder Thief headbutts Star Shock and knees her in the stomach.

"I didn't just snag Blur's powers."

Thunder Thief grows twenty feet tall. He stomps Star Shock four times.

"Wow hardly made a dent. Will make this sweeter."

Thunder Thief shrinks down to normal size and grabs Star Shock's face.

Touching her, he feels complete. Something about her power satisfies
Thunder Thief. As if he found the final piece of a puzzle.

Thunder Thief looks around.

Crime King stands up. Attempting to reclaim some authority.

"Thief, grab the girl."

"No need, I drained her energy. She's no threat to me, now lets find the
Gold Sama."


The Rulian Space Cruiser orbiting planet Jupiter.

The Rulian commander Crolok, enters the chambers of his subordinate,

"Cyphred, why did you instruct Crime King to keep the captured humans on

"We do not need any super powered humans on the ship. We have no
idea how much damage they can do, and frankly..."

Cypred hesitates.

"Speak Cyphred."

"I want Crime King off of the ship."

"We need him, he has done amazing things with our technology."

"That is the problem Crolok. He is dangerous and he lust for power. We
should summon the Ruling Class and have them take care of this."

"NO!! I will not be disgraced in front of father, The Ruler. The plan will
continue, we will go to The Ruler, when we have captured the Gold Sama."

Crolok storms out of the room, as Cyphred's concerns gain more validity.

In the apartment of Brad Simon, better known as the Duel-Devil. Brad is
discussing plans with Mia Rivera, better known as the White Fury.

"Brad, fighting aliens is not why I sought out the Gold Sama."

"I know Mia, but right now they are the immediate threat."

"Are they Brad? Right now Demonico Mascara is hurting more people than
the Rulians have."

"We are going to have to play by Sama's rules for now. You told me
Demonico took you apart with ease. We will confront him, but only when we
can win."

Before Mia can argue, a voice enters her head. It is Tsarong, Jianhu to the
Gold Sama.

He instructs them to go to DuPont Towers. Something dire has


Duel-Devil, Arrowmatic, White Fury and Fin Man are gathered on the roof
of DuPont Tower.

Jianhu appears out of a green cloud.

Fin Man steps forward.

"Where are the others?"

"Star Shock, Blur and Micro were attacked and captured by Thunder

Duel-Devil speaks.

"I fought that guy once. Really strong, but no way he could take out those

Gold Sama floats thru the roof and becomes corporeal.

"His powers have been modified. He absorbed the powers of Micro, Star
Shock and Blur."

White Fury speaks.

"Does he have them for good?"

"It is too soon to tell."

Arrowmatic loads his new bow with arrowheads.

"So what do we do?"

"Jianhu, has traced Star Shock's energy signature. That means they are still
on Earth, which is a good thing."

Fin Man speaks.

"It also means, its a trap."

"I have a plan."

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