Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thunder Shock: Day 3


The Rulian Space Cruiser orbiting the planet Jupiter.

Thunder Thief remembers his encounter with Crime King well. King needed
him to power up some device. Looking at him in his fancy armor, it appears
he succeeded.

The aliens are seven feet tall, have yellow skin, five red eyes and
antennae. More or less what you expect aliens to look like.

Thunder Thief begins gathering power. He senses a being that holds
tremendous energy, somewhere on the ship.

But he decides to listen, since if Crime King wanted to kill him, he would
have tried already.

"What do you want, Crime King?"

Crime King glares.

"I missed you during the skirmish at Liberty Base. I see you are doing well
for yourself. Working for hicks, to guard obsolete technology."

"Losing patience, Crime King. I still owe you a serious beating."

"You will find that I am more than a match for you now."

Cyphred walks between them.

"Now is not the time for fighting. We need your help in capturing the Gold Sama."

"You can't pay me enough to go after Sama. Way too powerful for too
little reward."

Crime King mutters under his breath.

"Sama is not the problem. Something has happened to his powers. Look at
the monitors."

Thunder Thief sees the image of the young woman named Star Shock.
Taking apart the Grid Men and Crime King. Displaying tremendous power.

"Yeah, she's cute. Nice of you aliens to try to fix me up."

Thunder Thief jokes, but he feels a connection to Star Shock that is
impossible to explain.

Crime King continues.

"Joke, Thunder Thief, but she has taken us apart. Brute force is not
working and we need you."

"So you want me to go down and bust her up? Got any puppies that are
hassling you while I'm down there?"

"Hardly, she would take you apart by herself. Teaming with Sama and his
Cosmic Forces, you stand no chance. "

"So why did you flippin beam me up here?!?"

"I was analyzing Star Shock's energy signature and they looked very
familiar to me. They had a striking resemblance to the energy readings, I
got off of you a few years ago."

The memory of being used by Crime King enrages Thunder Thief, but he
holds his tongue.

Crime King continues.

"We have been looking for you for months now. It was not til the skirmish in
Nashville, that we got a good reading on you."

"Does not explain what you want with me, if this girl can kick my tail all
over the galaxy."

Crime King looks impatient, until Crolok walks in.

"Tell him what you discovered about his powers."

"Your powers were modified, correct?"

"Yeah by a guy named Necro."

"You are no longer immune to them. That's why you wear that gaudy belt."

Thunder Thief is put off by this. He has tried to keep this a secret.

"Yeah what if I can't?"

Cyphred speaks

"We have the capability to fix your powers and perhaps help you expand
upon them."

DuPont Tower

The Cosmic Forces are gathered around a table, with Fantomah staying in
the shadows. Gold Sama is in the middle of lecturing them on their conduct
during the battle with Braionic2.

"This cannot continue. We cannot keep going off in nine directions. Aside
from Fury, Devil and Arrow, none of you are even attempting to display

He looks at Blur.

"Blur, you are the fastest man on Earth. Yet you keep running at less than
half speed. Not only is it going to get you killed, it is going to get a
teammate killed."

Blur knows what The Sama is speaking of. When he was fourteen, he
watched his mentor, the Silver Blur run into oblivion. Now the older he gets,
the more frightened he is that he will run into nothing.

"Sama, I don't need a lecture from you. If you remember, I only came here
as a favor to you."

Blur runs out of the room and the tower in seconds.

Fin Man claps.

"Great work Sama. First you run off Recluse, now Blur is gone."

"That is enough, Fin Man. Today you insisted only on using brute force, as you do during every fight. We both know you have greater powers that you are ignoring."

"Powers that I set aside for my own reasons. Powers that I have not used in

"Jacob, I know you associate those powers with a dark period of your life.
But trying to discard them does nothing, not when they can do some real good."

Fin Man gets up and leaves the room.

Finally Gold Sama turns his attention to Star Shock. The young woman has
not been paying attention to any of this. Instead keeping her nose in a
Economics text book.

"Which brings me to you, Star Shock. Since you joined this team, your
commitment has been half hearted. You run into battle, ignoring all advice
and tactics. You insist on relying upon brute force."

"Let me stop you there. I appreciate what you're trying to do. But
considering the fact, that you can't even keep that Fantomah thing away
from here, why should I listen to you?"

Fantomah flows out of the shadows. Translucent skin revealing veins and

"You will be glad, you are under our protection very soon."

Star Shock stands up and energy begins radiating from her fist.

Jianhu throws a barrier of green mist between them.

"Enough, this accomplishes nothing."

Sama looks relived, that Jianhu stepped in.

"Thank you my friend, Star Shock that is not the discussion at hand.

Fantomah will be dealt with. But right now, your reckless behavior will soon
catch up with you."

Star Shock takes her book and flies out thru the sunroof of DuPont

The Micro stands up.

"So the meeting is over?"

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