Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thunder Shock: Day 2


Nashville, Tennessee 1985

This is the first high profile job Thunder Thief has taken since escaping from
Liberty Base. He found a suitable bootleg version of the regulator belt he uses to control
the enhanced powers Professor Necro gave him.

But now the belt is malfunctioning and the guy who built the belt can't be found.

He got a call a week ago from Pitchfork. He is in charge of the southeastern
portion of the Grim Circle. He is having serious problems with
the Black Owl, a non powered masked vigilante. Pitchfork wants Thunder Thief
to kill him. Under normal circumstances, the Owl would be no problem.

But between the Regulator Belt malfunctioning and wanting to avoid another
confrontation with Horse Power, this is not a good time.

On the other hand, the Circle has resources that could help Thunder Thief. They
could repair the belt and even if he does not trust Pitchfork, he trust Demonico.

So now he is standing in a warehouse in Nashville, filled with unsold Boxcar
Willie 8 track tapes.

Pitchfork is standing in the shadows polishing the pitchfork that replaced his

He was once Henry Perkins, a talented up and coming banjo player.

He was also a nasty man with a serious gambling problem and owed a local bookie a lot of money. The bookie had some good old boys take take Henry out to the country and chop off his right hand.

They left him for dead in a cornfield, but Henry was made of stern stuff. He found
a barn and attached a rusty old pitchfork to his raw stump.

He found the bookie in his gambling parlor and massacred every man there, he
earned the name "Pitchfork". He laid dying of blood loss in the parlor and was
waiting for death, until two men arrived in fancy suits. They had this odd looking
emblem on their lapels.

The men said they represented the Grim Circle and were going to save his life.

They replaced the rusty pitchfork with something more advanced. He met the leader
of the Grim Circle. A man in some sorta wrestling mask named Demonico.

He wanted Pitch Fork to lead the Southeastern portion of his criminal empire.
Pitchfork knew his career in music was over and accepted.

Pitchfork gained a reputation as someone not to mess with. That is until the
Black Owl entered the picture. He has been unable to find out his real identity, or
stop him from interfering with his operations.

After the Owl destroyed a very important bootlegging operation, Pitchfork
decided to call in some big guns. He decided to call in Thunder Thief.

He had to call the home office in Mexico City and request extra funds to pay for
this. Since Thunder Thief's going price was half of Pitchfork's annual budget.

Now they sit in the warehouse waiting for The Owl to strike.

"Hurry up boys, burn every 8 Track here. We need the insurance money."

Just as Pitchfork said that, the men are taken down by projectiles resembling an
Owl's head. The Black Owl has finally arrived.

Pitchfork's men take out sidearms and begin firing, but have no hope of hitting
the Owl. Pitchfork knows he paid an obscene amount of money for Thunder Thief
to kill The Owl, but he can't resist.

He charges in and takes three swipes at the Owl with his pitchfork hand. The Owl
manages to dodge every slash and swipe, before kicking Pitchfork in the

Pitchfork fires the pitchfork hand at the Owl, and misses. The pitchfork attached
to a chain is now stuck in the wall. Black Owl leaps on the chain and slides toward
Pitchfork and knocking him out with a dropkick.

Owl knows this fight has gone too easily, every light bulb in the
warehouse shatters from a sudden power surge. The Black Owl realizes this was
a more serious threat than he anticipated.

Thunder Thief fires a fully charged bolt at the Black Owl. The bolt hits on target,
even if it left Thief in serious pain.

He goes over and looks at the fallen Owl and thinks this was a bit too easy.

The Owl kicks Thunder Thief in the face with his retractable talons.

He recoils back in shock and pain. That was enough voltage to drop a Kodiak
bear and the Black Owl shook it off.

Back to his feet, he tags Thief with a series of martial arts strikes. Thunder Thief
grabs Owl by the scruff of his neck and tosses him into a stack of crates.

Thunder Thief figures Owl must have an insulated suit like Crime King did in
DC. http://horsepowerthemovie.blogspot.com/2011/09/chronicles-of-crime-kingweekend-edition_18.html

He runs in and catches him with an uppercut to the gut and slams him into the
ground. Owl reaches into a pouch on his belt and tosses sand in Thunder Thief's

He then fires his grappling gun into the ceiling, but before he can recoil,
Thief grabs his ankle and slams him into the ground. Thunder Thief tears
open his insulated suit.

Before Thunder Thief can land the final volt, he is teleported out of the
warehouse. What he sees surprises even him. He is on the deck of an alien

Even more surprising is who greets him.

"Hello Thunder Thief, so nice to see you again."

It is Crime King.

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