Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fantomah Calling: Day 4


The Cosmic Forces are sent flying by the attack of the upgraded High Stick. The
Micro recognizes the Rulian technology.

He turns Macro sized and attempts to swat High Stick down, but the villain is too fast.

He flies behind The Macro's head and bashes his skull in with his upgraded
hockey stick. Macro is staggered and knocked down by a barrage of energy

High Stick goes after the Gold Sama, who turns intangible to avoid the attack.

Jianhu attacks and punches High Stick, who blocks it with his new and improved

High Stick, while not possessing the martial arts training of the Sama and
Jianhu, is a great brawler.

He uppercuts Jianhu with his hockey stick and follows thru with a energy puck,
that sends Jianhu crashing into an old west jail set.

Arrowmatic sends a dough arrow at the face mask of High Stick. Giving White
Fury a chance to throw Duel-Devil at Stick. He catches the upgraded villain with a flying kick. High Stick furiously tries to tear the dough off of his face.

When he succeeds, he sees White Fury leaping at him, she sends him
crashing to the ground into a saloon backdrop.

He quickly gets up and dust himself off. He takes several tiny multicolored ball
bearings out of his glove.

"Hoped to do this on my own. Guess this is why Crime King told me to activate
these things."

Suddenly several grid men appear.

The Cosmic Forces go on the attack. Gold Sama uses his super strength and
martial arts skills to destroy two of them.

High Stick goes after Sama, only to find his hockey stick caught by the Fin Man.

"Sorry buddy, nobody gets to Sama. Even If I don't like him."

"Ha!! Fish Man is gonna fight me. Oh you can swim fast, real scary."

Fin Man gets a thrill every time someone underestimates power. He is amazed at
how many people on land, have no idea about the pressure of the ocean.

He punches High Stick hard enough to crack his mask.

"Okay, joke is on me. Fish Man is a shark."

High Stick sends an electrified puck at Fin Man and knocks out the Illegitimate
Son of the Sea.

Jianhu forms a bolt of mystic energy and takes out three more Grid Men.

Old Blur takes on a squad of Grid Men, avoiding their digital tendrils. He runs
across the building, grabs a metal rod and runs through the Grid Men.

Duel-Devil and White Fury have already gelled as a team. Working together as
one and destroying any Grid Men in their way.

High Stick charges behind Old Blur and knocks him out with his hockey stick.
Blue Recluse is now on top of High Stick, spitting a corrosive acid at the villain.

Using his remaining spider legs he tries to tear the armor off. Memories of Crime King drive him.

On the ground lays Vince Peters. He is the informant who was going to be
murdered by the Grim Circle. Vince is no saint, he himself killed many
people. In the end, he snitched to protect himself.

He is oblivious to the chaos around him. All he sees is a ghastly looking woman,
or is it a man? It is hard to tell, its flesh is covered by multicolored veins under
translucent skin.

Fantomah has chosen Vince as a temporary host.

Before Recluse can kill High Stick, Fantomah makes its presence felt. The
remaining Grid Men are destroyed.

Blue Recluse seeing his tormentor, leaps to attack, only for Fantomah to trap
him in an energy bubble.

Jianhu and Sama immediately recognize Fantomah as the aura they felt at the

Before they can do anything High Stick is up and charges into Fantomah. The
god has no fear of the villain and fires an electrical bolt, short circuiting the armor.

Normally they would kill any human, stupid enough to attack them. But for now, Fantomah must
appease Lama and Jianhu.

The Macro shrinks down to normal size and inspects High Stick.

"This is a fantastic opportunity. Once we confiscate the armor, we can reverse
engineer the Rulian tech."

As if on cue, High Stick disappears. Followed by Fantomah leaving the body of
Vince Peters.

Now in their spectral form, they speak.

"The human needs medical attention. I will answer the rest of your questions at
DuPont Tower."


DuPont Tower:The Office Of Jed DuPont

Gold Sama examines Fantomah closely. The records of the Sama Council
only go back so far. There were a few mentions of a lower elder god known by
that name. But its true nature and power were never fully defined.

He knows the God was bound to the continent of Pan Guay. But beyond that,
little else is known. Even its true gender is a mystery. Male and female traits
flow seamlessly into one another. Its skin is translucent, revealing multicolored veins.

If the Sama was operating at full power, then perhaps he could ascertain
Fantomah's motives.

"We are very grateful for your help. But why appear now?"

Fantomah looks at Sama coldy. It subtly alters its traits to be more

"A disaster will befall this planet. I felt it was time to act before the enemy can
gain any advantage. You are the most powerful mortal on this planet. We must merge our powers."

Sama and Jianhu stare at Fantomah. Their instincts tell them not to trust the
God. But for now they desperately need the power.


The garage of Rob Hunt. Since taking the mantle of the Arrow he has felt
insignificant. First the alien took him down with no trouble. Then he fails to
capture his arch enemy.

Before Rob Hunt's father died and he inherited Hunt Sporting Goods, Rob Hunt
was an Engineer. He merged his love of Archery with his love of design and
created the Arrowmatic system.

Up til now, he has only been using advanced compound bows. After he builds this,
Arrowmatic will be the real deal.


Drama Bay Bus Station

Rick Patrick is dressed in ratty pink sweat pants and a Mega Skank shirt. His bag is
packed with his Blue Recluse costume and a few cans of beef stew and ravioli.

With him are Sam James, better known as Kid Blur and Arnold Barrow, better
known as the Micro. They are seeing their friend off as he returns to Dirt City,

Blur walks up and shakes Rick's hand.

"Do you really have to go?"

"I do Blur, I don't like what this city is doing to me. I know you guys think I'm an
animal. But that is not me. Something about Drama Bay, about the Rulians,
makes the Spider take over. Pretty soon I am going to give in and hurt someone
who might not deserve it."

Andy Ronald walks up.

"Rick, we might be able to do something about that."

"You know that's impossible. The Spider is hardwired into me. Besides,
you think I would give up super powers in a world like this?"

Rick Patrick steps on the bus and is soon gone.


Becky Sanders is playing the "Mastery of Multh" video game. She should have
gone to Sama's meeting, but study group ran long.

As she uses Clandestine Force on the evil Zulth. Her dorm room melts
away and she is in the lair of Pyramid Master.

Lightning strikes her and she is in the costume of Star Shock. She walks over to the Pyramid Master, who collapses. Standing behind him is someone with
translucent skin and multicolored veins.

They say one word.


Becky Sanders wakes up in bed, drenched with sweat.

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