Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fantomah Calling: Day 3


The Gold Sama is holding a meeting of the Cosmic Forces in his board room.
All but Star Shock are at the meeting, she has classes to attend.

"Thank you for assembling so quickly."

The Fin Man is thumbing thru an old magazine.

"Not like I have any place to be..."

"As I'm sure you have noticed, the Blue Recluse is missing. News reports have turned up and
criminals have been brutalized and covered in the Recluse's blue silk."

Arrowmatic stands up.

"Sama Iv'e been hunting Recluse for the last week and I know where he will
turn up tonight."

Duel-Devil has not been very impressed with Arrowmatic. Not since the debacle
at Hunt Sporting Goods.

"How were you able to track something like the Recluse. Even Jianhu has not
been able to get a bead on him."

Arrowmatic recoils at Devil's lack of respect.

"I know how to hunt. Recluse is basically an animal and he left a pattern if you
look hard enough."

Blur has been a partner of Recluse since the early 70's.

"Rick is not an animal!! Hes' as human as any of us. Sometimes the spider
instincts are hard to overcome."

Micro grows to full size.

"Something was agitating him. More than his injuries, but I could not pick up
anything with my scanners."

Jianhu looks at the Sama, he had told him about the faint aura he felt. They had
hoped it had not been anything serious. But with Sama's powers reduced, they
could not put their full energy into tracing it.

Gold Sama stands up.

"Arrowmatic, I'm letting you take the point on this."


Fantomah has not been able to fully reconfigure its true form. They had been
imprisoned in their tomb in Pan Guay for centuries.

Initially the tomb was to protect her from another god. A god whose power even dwarfed the mighty

Little did Fantomah suspect a trio of empowered humans would stop the power
mad Zeus. If they had suspected it, perhaps they would not have went to such drastic
measures to hide.

Instead they entered the temple and reduced their own power. Giving a tribe of
humans who opposed them, the chance to imprison mighty Fantomah.

She stayed trapped in that temple for many a year. Only sustained by humans,
foolish enough to enter her territory. Their only solace was causing strife in the
land they created. Influencing humans into killing each other.

They feared their few remaining followers would never be able to free them. Until
six months ago, when a mystic artifact from another dimension exploded. A
mystic shock wave freed Mighty Fantomah.

But they were far from full power. Initially they could only exist as a specter,
capable of possessing humans for a limited time. Now Fantomah is able to take
true corporeal form.

But still they were still well shy of their true power. But they could not make a
move, one of Earth's more powerful mystics would detect them. Fantomah knew
they could not survive a direct conflict with the Gold Sama.

Until one day, Fantomah sensed the Sama's powers had been greatly reduced.
They knew this was the opportunity they needed.

Shortly after the alien invasion, Fantomah's essence had taken hold in DuPont

The Sama's Jianhu lacked the mystic perception to sense Fantomah, if they did
not wish to be detected.

But an element entered the fray, that Fantomah was not prepared for. The human
spider could sense them. It could see Fantomah's essence in the tower.

But Fantomah is now using the Recluse, and soon the time for subterfuge will be

Hill Studios in Drama Bay

Hill Studios was the first studio to open in Drama Bay. It specialized in B
Westerns and was king of Poverty Row. Once television took hold, it produced
soap operas both daytime and prime time.

But in the 70's the studio hit hard times and closed in 1979. The studio lot has
been a political battle ground since then. Some wanting to tear it down and build a
plastics factory. Others want it declared a historical land mark.

For now it exist as a place to commit various crimes. Tonight the crime is a gang
land execution. Five men get out of a car, they each bear the emblem of the Grim
Circle, the largest crime syndicate in the western hemisphere.

They take a bound and gagged man from the trunk. He has already been beaten
severely. One of the Circles takes out a gun and holds it to the mans temple.

Before he can pull the trigger, a strand of blue web snatches away the pistol. The
Blue Recluse has arrived and is ready to attack.

The Circle whose gun was stolen, throws a knife at the Recluse, who catches it in
his hand. He leaps down and throws two of the Circles thru a western backdrop.

Recluse swings across on a blue web and kicks the lead Circle in the face. He
has two of his spider legs wrapped around the mans head. Before he can act on
his animal instinct, a gust of wind throws him across the room.

The wind was generated by Jianhu. He is joined by The Cosmic Forces (minus
Star Shock).

Gold Sama steps forward.

"Recluse, these men have had enough. Leave it to the proper authorities."

"It will never be enough, they have to pay!!!"

An explosion sends the Cosmic Forces and The Blue Recluse flying. Out of the
debris flies in a man who resembles a robotic hockey player.

"It won't be enough until you're dead and High Stick is the guy for
the job."

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