Monday, July 8, 2013

Cosmic Forces: Fantomah Calling: Day 1


The White Fury, Duel-Devil and Arrowmatic have been fighting crime in Drama Bay the past week.
Sama has has other concerns, while Tsarong is attempting to train the girl called Star Shock.

Duel-Devil speaks to Arrowmatic.

"I'm happy to help take out bad guys, but why are we at Hunt Sporting Goods?"

"Someone has been blowing up Hunt Sporting Goods stores across America.

This is the final stop on his schedule."

White Fury asks a question.

"Why are you trying to stop him now?"

Arrowmatic looks at the ground.

"Tried before, went after him in Arizona, just before that business with the Rulians and he got away."

Arrowmatic decides to omit the detail of the villain beating him fairly easily.

An explosion destroys the basketball display in the center of the store. Duel-Devil springs to action.

"Guy is not exactly subtle."

Another explosion takes out a row of registers. White Fury having a degree of invulnerability runs toward the explosions. What she finds surprises her. It is a man in a red and white hockey uniform.

"This is the guy, you've had so much trouble with?"

A metal hockey stick catches Fury in the jaw and she is blinded by a powder

"Name's High Stick girly and I'm nothing to mess with."

Duel-Devil sends two boomerangs at High Stick, who blocks both with his goalie blocker.

High Stick drops a puck on the floor and sends it at Duel-Devil, but before it can hit, a glue arrow snags it.

Arrowmatic sets up his four sided bow and fires arrows at High Stick, who sends four pucks with one shot to deflect them.

Before he can make another move, he is grabbed by White Fury and punched across the store.

Even though his pads absorbed some of the impact, he is still hurt.

"I can't handle your lady friend, Arrow, but I'll be back."

He fires a flammable puck at the jerseys, presses a button to release his skates and escapes, as the heroes put out the fire.


The Rulian Space Cruiser orbiting the planet Jupiter.

Crime King is monitoring Drama Bay on Earth.

"Retro-9, did you see that?"

"The battle between the Cosmic Forces and the hockey player?"

"Yes, he fought three of them to a stand still with explosives and modified
hockey equipment. Imagine the damage he could do with Rulian Technology."

Cyphred walks up to Crime King and his robotic ally.

"You expect one human to defeat a super human army?"

"No, but perhaps he can thin their ranks, giving us time to revive the Infini-Knight."

"Do it then Crime King."

It is the commander of the Rulian Cruiser, Crolok.

"I want the Gold Sama dead. It will not be long, before our superiors send out a search party. The Ruler must not know of my failure."


In the private gym of Jed DuPont, on the twenty seventh floor of DuPont

Becky Sanders, in the guise of Star Shock, is fighting Jianhu, better known as Tsarong.

"Ms.Sanders, we need to find out how powerful you are. To do this, I am going to engage you in combat."

Becky looks at the man known as Jianhu. He is a short, older Asian man. He looks to be in good shape for his age.

But she cannot imagine what he could possibly do to her.

"Alright um, Jianhu. Here I come."

Becky in her Star Shock costume runs at Jianhu and throws a wild punch.
Jianhu flips her to the ground, and puts her in a hammerlock.

"Ms.Sanders, you will have to do better than that. I am an elderly man, imagine what a real threat could do to you?"

Becky Sanders face turns red with embarrassment and a bright yellow aura
surrounds her. She throws Jianhu off of her and charges him at full power.

Jianhu blocks every punch, the impact is enough to make his arms numb.

She grabs him by his top and throws him to the ground. She lifts her hands up, as they crackle with energy and fires a beam of energy at Jianhu. He puts his hands together and chants.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

A grey barrier surrounds Jianhu, and the energy bounces off of it.

"Girl, that was incredibly reckless."

"Hey, you are the one who wanted me to go all out."

"This tower is filled with people. Did you give no thought to them or of my life?"

"I figured you could handle it and you did."

Becky wonders why she overdid it. Jianhu is just trying to help her cope with her new powers.

At the same time, Jianhu wonders why he snapped at Becky Sanders. She was simply following his instructions. He feels something in the air, but it is beyond his perceptions.

He wishes that the Sama were at full power. He would be able to reveal the extra
ordinary force in the air.

The Laboratory of the Micro.

The Micro examines the man known as the Blue Recluse. In a fight with the King
of Crime, one of his spider legs were ripped off.

"Recluse your powers are amazing. While you are obviously a spider, you seem
to have other powers as well. Your spider leg is regenerating, in two weeks it
should be back."

"I'm going to make Crime King pay for this. Tear him out of that tin can and eat
him alive."

Micro turns a bit green.

"You, you don't mean that literately, do you Recluse?"

The man known as Old Blur chimes in.

"Of course he means it. You have known Ricky for ten years. That spider
persona combined with human hate is a scary thing.

You can't blame him, can you?"

"Well I understand being angry. But as heroes, we hold ourselves to a higher

Recluse fires a stream of blue silk from his throat.

"Who said I was a hero....."

Before he swings out of the room, he feels a shock to his system. Like someone
is watching him.

"What's wrong Ricky?"

The Recluse looks around.


The Blue Recluse swings out of the room.

The office of Jed DuPont

Jed DuPont sits on the floor attempting to reach the astral plane. Attempting
to contact the Pyramid Master and find out why he sent his latest avatar to him.

"Hey Sama, trying to make a collect call?"

It is Jake Finmen, otherwise known as the Fin Man. He is the bastard son of
Atlantis and has great powers as a Human/Atlantean hybrid. He has rejoined the
team of the Gold Sama for the time being and is far from happy about it.

"What is it Jacob?"

"Stop calling me Jacob. When I quit my job at your request, I
assumed I would have something to do, besides sitting on my butt. Am I suppose to be your kept boy?"

"Jacob, Fin Man, I do not want you in the field without me or Tsarong nearby. You need to ease yourself back into action."

"You're the one who begged me to come back. I was happy delivering

Fin Man slams the door and leaves.

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