Thursday, July 4, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: Day 9


White Fury has been joined by Duel-Devil, in fighting the Grid Men. Despite having no powers, Duel-Devil has proven to be a great fighter.

It seemed like they had their mutual enemies on the run, when the Grid Men
faded away.

White Fury walks over to the Duel-Devil.

"What do you think happened to those things?"

"Gold Sama must have stopped them. I was trying to find him, when I found you being swarmed by these Tron rejects."

They see a gold and grey streak crash nearby. They run over and find a bloody and
battered Gold Sama.

Duel-Devil checks the Sama's pulse.

"What could do this to Gold Sama?"

A laser blast comes between Devil and Sama.

"Not "what" peasant, but who!!!"

Crime King in his fully powered Rulian Fighter Suit lands near the Sama.

Duel-Devil and the White Fury back away cautiously.

King lifts Lama by the cape and punches him in the gut. Lama coughs up
blood, as King throws him across the road to the campus of Drama Bay University.

King lifts his Scepter and charges it to full power. But before he can fire, he is kicked in the head by the White Fury.

Crime King rises up and dust himself off.

"I don't recognize you girl. According to my scanners, you're fairly strong.

I suppose allowing you to bow out gracefully will do no good?"

She punches Crime King and dropkicks him.

"You guessed right."

Crime King smashes her face in with his scepter and slams her to the ground.

"That is a shame. I only need to kill the Sama, killing you does nothing for me."

Fury quickly raises up and has her fist caught by Crime King. Who swings her around and throws her into the University cafeteria.

The students scream and scatter, all but Becky Sanders. Who is frozen by the sight of White Fury wiping apple sauce off her face.

Outside Duel-Devil attacks Crime King. He has no super powers beyond his
martial arts training and determination. Crime King is shocked this Duel-Devil is managing to dodge every plasma blast, his scepter generates.

"Who are you? I know you are not the original Duel-Devil. He would be nearly seventy now. Not to mention, there is another Duel-Devil running around New York City."

Duel-Devil is incensed at hearing the other devil mentioned. He picks up a pipe and throws it at Crime King, who catches it and crushes it.

"I'm the only Duel-Devil!!!"

"Oh did I strike a nerve?"

Crime King flies toward Duel-Devil and grabs him by the throat.

Crime King is tackled by White Fury, she wraps her legs around his head and flips him to the ground.

A burst of energy from Crime King's armor hits White Fury and sends her high into the air. Duel-Devil leaps off a parked car and catches her.

"I appreciate the sentiment, but I can survive a fall from this height."

Duel-Devil smiles.

"I dunno, maybe I wanted to hug a pretty girl."

"Enjoy your romance. I intended to kill Sama as an offering to the
Ruler. But now I intend to burn this entire campus to the ground!!!"

The scepter begins to glow brighter and brighter. But before Crime King can fire, he is struck by a bolt of lightning.

Laying on the ground, Crime King initiates auto repair. He sees in the sky, a
woman with a pyramid/thunder emblem on her chest.

"Who are you?"

The Mirco successfully shut down the device generating the Grid Men. He had honestly thought the Rulians would be little trouble.

Even in his Macro form, he is having trouble dealing with the teleporting aliens.

Cyphred leads his soldiers in a careful formations, keeping the giant off balance. Firing high powered laser blast from their sidearms, while the Macro attempts to squash them.

Once the melee moved to the streets, he realizes he was going about this all wrong.

Instead he shrinks down, giving the Rulians no target.

He grows to full size at various intervals and takes down the Rulians one by one. Using the power gauntlets to augment his strength.

But the Micro finds that Cyphred is too difficult to pin point.

The Rulian commander realizing he has failed, recalls his soldiers to the ship.

The Offices of the Daily Bulletin

Tsarong is being decimated by the robot known as Retro-9. Somehow the robot analyzed his fighting techniques and has successfully replicated them.

Every attack Tsarong attempts is countered. The Jianhu had thought, the robot was not mobile enough to fight in a closed space.

That was a terrible miscalculation. That combined with the robots seemingly
endless array of gadgets, has made the fight very one sided.

The Sama would not be having this trouble. He imagines even with his powers
greatly reduced, Jed DuPont would handle this robot easily.

Tsarong fires an energy blast at the robot, who produces an attachment similar to a lacrosse net and sends it back at the Jianhu.

A large oak desk is broken across the head of Retro-9. Before the robot can scan for the attacker, a punch sends the retroactive continuity unit crashing thru several walls.

The Fin Man had arrived at the Bulletin Building, intending to deliver a package.

Instead he found his former friend on the verge of death.

Tsarong smiles thru a bloody mouth.

"Jacob, I am so happy to see you."

"I always hated that stupid robot."

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