Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: Day 8


The Gold Sama and his Jianhu, known as Tsarong, have been fighting Grid
Men, as they attempt to locate the source of the energy beings.

The Sama using his remaining powers of super strength and intangibility and Tsarong, using
telekinesis, have fought off several waves of the wire frame men.

"Tsarong, can you trace the energy signature?"

"No, these things possess no mystic energy signature. Are they connected to the Infini-Knight?"

"They must, but they are very pale substitutes."

Several of the Grid Men are captured in a large net and are hit by a barrage of explosives. The Grid Men shatter like glass and fade away.

When the smoke clears, a man holding a four pronged bow and arrow with no strings is shown, with a cocky grin on his face.

Gold Sama looks at the stranger with fear.


Gold Sama tackles the stranger and is crushed by the foot of a giant Grid Man. Now injured, Gold Sama is at the mercy of the Grid Giant.

Before the mindless wire frame man can finish the job, The Macro appears from nowhere who shatters the Grid Giant with a single punch.

The Macro lifts Gold Sama, Tsarong and the man known as Arrowmatic.

"I traced the energy signature, it is emanating from the Daily Bulletin offices."

Gold Sama struggles to stand up.

"Why did you not stop it?"

"Guessing it is being guarded. I wanted to gather the entire team, before trying anything."

The Macro squints at the man with the arrows.

"Hope I'm not being too forward. But who are you?"

"Call me Arrowmatic, I'm joining your team."

"Need a lift?"


Gold Sama and Jianhu fly to the Bulletin Office Tower, with The Macro and Arrowmatic behind them.

 Sama looks back to ask the Macro a question.

"Should I contact Blur and Recluse?"

"I told them to meet us at the Bulletin Office and wait for us."

"You told the Recluse to wait for backup?"

"Uh oh..."


Crime King, remembers his first run in with the Blue Recluse. He was still
working as the Techno Baron at the time.

He was looking to steal a piece of equipment from Middle Deal High School. His scanners had picked it up just a day before. He tracked it down to a janitor's closet beneath the school. Getting a look at the machine, it was clearly alien in origin.

In hindsight it was part of the same cargo drop that sent his robotic
partner (Retro-9) to Earth.

But there was more than the device in the closet. There was a monster. Its face was covered with rags and it had eight limbs, only four of them human.

Crime King had not encountered anything like it. King took out his laser pistol and the monster melted it with acid.

He fled from Middle Deal High that night.

Now he has the Blue Recluse at his feet, battered and broken. His Rulian Fighter Suit, dismantled the Recluse in minutes. He fired a plasma beam from his new scepter and stunned the monster.

It leaps to its feet and Crime King tore off one of its legs.

Its companion, the pathetically named Kid Blur was no help. If the two had even attempted to work as a team, they might of had a chance. Instead the Recluse followed its animal instincts and The Blur was too timid to truly attack.

Retro-9 quickly took Blur down. Using a beam that would go after speed itself.

The old man is too sad to kill. So instead, Crime King chucks him and Recluse off the roof of the building.

Gold Sama and Jianhu appear on the roof of the building, cradling the injured Recluse.

Sama sees a squad of Rulians and realizes the battle did not end in deep space.

He recognizes the man in the purple and gold armor.

"Crime King? It appears you are more ambitious than you use to be."

"No, I simply have greater resources to achieve my goals."

The scepter of Crime King glows and a beam of energy hits Gold Sama in the chest and sends him flying across the city.

The rockets in Crime King's boots activate and he flies after the Lama.

Leaving Jianhu, Macro and Arrowmatic to face the Rulians and Retro-9.

The Macro disappears, having reverted back to the Micro. The machine
generating the Grid Men explodes.

Cyphred turns around in shock.

"The large human, he must have the power to alter his size."

Crolok looks shocked.

"No human can do that."

An arrow strikes Crolok and electrocutes him.

"That's the thing Marvin. You can't underestimate humans."

Cyphred teleports behind Arrowmatic and punches him in the head.

"Lesson learned."


The man known as Jake Finmen, has tried to ignore the chaos in Drama Bay. He tried to be a super hero once. He was the mighty Fin Man, calling himself King of Water. But the rules of the surface world confused him, as much as the rules of Atlantis.

On land he was manipulated by radical environmentalist and the Gold Sama  In Atlantis, it was his father and The Tide Tyrant.

He now uses his abilities to make a living. American Delivery Service pays him to deliver packages around the world. He can swim faster than any vehicle on Earth can travel. He is powerful enough to endure any storm and not be thrown off course.

So he ignores the Grid Men and delivers his package to the offices of the Daily Bulletin.

Jianhu finds himself face to face, with the robot known as Retro-9.

Since 1969, he has dedicated his life to becoming stronger. To protect his Sama, to protect himself and to protect his world.

He has learned how to fly and to project energy. He looks at a seemingly soulless robot that hums with life.

It has two limbs that pass for arms and has a device underneath it that allows it to hover in the air..

Jianhu flies toward Retro-9 and drives a kick into the robot, denting its outer shell.

He flies high into the air and drives his body into the robot, sending it crashing thru several floors of the Bulletin offices.

Retro-9 just barely floats in the air, now transforms and produces legs.

Its eyes glow and scan Tsarong. It charges into the Jianhu and breaks his ribs with a well timed thrust kick. He then breaks his nose with a palm thrust.

Tsarong is not in shock from the pain. The life of a Jianhu is one of constant pain. No he is in disbelief that a robot has learned how to use techniques belonging to the Sama Temple.

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