Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: Day 7


Drama Bay, California

Becky Sanders returned from Egypt two months ago. She told no one of her
encounter in the gift shop. She keeps the arm band given to her by the Pyramid Master in her pocket.

She has not dared to put it on. Simply holding it in her hands, she feels an incredible surge of power.

She attends classes at Drama Bay University. It has a first rate drama
department. This goes back to the days, when Drama Bay became a haven for the movie studios.

She has not been to class yet. Instead she keeps watching the skies. She has a  recurring dream where she is a super hero. In the dream she fights alongside the Gold Sama.

The Sama is being killed by a man in purple and gold armor. Becky attempts to help using the power of the arm band. But the power overwhelms her and she kills the Sama.

Becky is unsure what to make of the dream. She use to watch the Gold Sama cartoon when she was a little girl.

She looks to the sky for what feels like the hundredth time, when an army of
multicolored men descend from the sky.


Tsarong runs into the office of a frustrated Jed DuPont. DuPont had been attempting to fire a small bolt of energy in his office. Small enough to burn a tiny hole in the wall.

Instead nothing happens and DuPont crushes the stapler on his desk. At the very least his super strength remains in tact.

"Why are you not in combat?"

"What are you talking about Tsarong?'

"Drama Bay is under attack."

"By whom?"

"From the looks of it, The Rulians you spoke of. Jed, could you truly not sense them?"

"Tsarong, we must gather the Forces of Fate."


The red, blue, green and yellow Grid Men appeared suddenly. They quickly beat down the police and even the National Guard.

The Blue Recluse and Grey Blur are slowly being overwhelmed.

The Recluse plunges one of his spider legs into the chest of two Grid Men. The Blur is attacking the Grid Men in mass.

Suddenly the Blur falls to the ground. He is entangled in a tendril belonging to a red Grid Man. The other Grid Men join in on the attack.

The Recluse leaps to defend his teammate, releasing a acidic web line from his throat. The Grid Men scatter, as Recluse takes Blur to safety on a rooftop.

Both men wonder where the Micro and Gold Sama are.


The Micro is smaller than the smallest grain of sand. He is studying the energy signatures of the Grid Men. He discovers they are not of this planet, not the energy by any chance.

But he has managed to trace the energy to somewhere in Drama Bay.


On the roof of the Times Daily Building, the second tallest building in Drama Bay. Is a small device that resembles a satellite dish. Operating the device is the armored Crime King and his robot associate Retro-9.

With them are a handful of Rulian Soldiers and their commanders, Cyphred and Crolok.

Crolok is frustrated with the power Crime King has accumulated in
such a short time.

"Being on this planet is dangerous."

Crime King looks bored, as if he is having to explain to a child why he has to go to the dentist.

"I explained to you, that to use the energies of Infini-Knight on Earth, I would need to be in close range.

With your teleportation powers, you Rulians are at little risk."

"And you Crime King?"

He lifts up his newly upgraded scepter, crackling with power.

"The Gold Sama will die by my hands."


Mia Rivera assumed when she got to Drama Bay, she would at least get the
chance to rest. Instead she finds herself fighting extras from Tron.

As the White Fury she fought crime in Mexico. Until losing an encounter with a super naturally strong man in a devil mask.

It took her months to recover from her injuries. Initially she wanted revenge, on the man in the devil mask. But she realized it would only get her killed, as her father had been killed.

She decided to seek out help from America. She knew the Black Terror has been missing for decades.

But she knew the Black Fury still lived in America. But her trip to North Haven was fruitless. Now her only hope lies in finding the Gold Sama. The long time ally of the Terror Twins.

But to find him, first she must destroy these Grid Men. She lifts a parked car and smashes several of them into the ground. They shatter into pieces like broken glass and fade away.

"Now to find the Sama."


Duel-Devil had finally found Jacob Catskill again. He was laying low in a long abandoned Poverty Row movie studio. The Devil is determined to capture the Grim Circle Lieutenant, once and for all.

When he was attacked by bizarre multicolored wire framed men.

They are attacking both Duel-Devil and the Grim Circle henchmen. Bullets are cracking the surface of the Grid Men, like interference on a television.

Duel-Devil's Boomerangs are having the same effect. He gets to his Duel-Cycle and heads for
DuPont Tower, he has to find the Gold Sama.

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