Monday, July 1, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: Day 6


Months have passed since the Gold Sama's battle with Infini-Knight.

The Gold Sama can sense his powers have been fading for months.  

His battle with the Infini-Knight hurt him on a fundamental level. He suspects his mind was altered by entering the mind of a Rulian. 

Whatever the reason, he is no longer powerful enough to defend Earth by himself..

To make up for this he has reunited the last version of his personal strike force, The Forces of Fate. They last worked as a team in 1978, and did not part on good terms. 

He had hoped they could have more time to train, before tackling a menace like Grease Trap. 

Grease Trap was one of Necro's recent creations. The Necronic energy pours out of him. 

During Necro's final attack on the Liberty Base, Grease Trap managed to escape. 

He has worked his way across the country committing robberies. Now he is in 
Drama Bay and robbing DuPont Tower. 

Sama flies at Grease Trap and punches him in the jaw, sending bits of lard flying across the office. Grease Trap begins to boil and fires a stream of grease at Sama, who turns intangible. 

Thankfully, Sama is able to utilize his basic powers. 

A large hole appears in the torso of Grease Trap. The only one who could have done that is Kid Blur. Former sidekick to the 1950's hero known as The Silver Blur. They both possessed the power to fly at super speed. 

Despite his name, Kid Blur is in his early 50's. He has refused to take the mantle of his mentor, who disappeared in the late 60s, fighting a villain named Mean Streak. 

Kid Blur does not care for Gold Sama, but has returned in the hopes that Sama can finally locate Silver Blur in the time stream. 

"Look alive Sama, lardo is reforming."

"Got that right pops, and I'm gonna burn you alive."

Before Grease Trap can make good on that, a thick blue string pulls the ceiling down on the grease monster. 

The only man capable of that is the Blue Recluse. The Lama met him in 1975 after he was transformed into a spider/human hybrid. He looks human except for the opening and mandibles on his throat that spray his web streams.

That and the four blue retractable spider arms that come out of his sides. 

He had come to the Gold Sama' for help after his transformation. But instead the Sama simply used him as another soldier. 

Eventually the Recluse returned to his hometown of DIrt City and became a vigilante that terrorizes both criminals and citizen alike. 

Grease Trap oozes out of the rubble and sends Recluse flying out of the building with a hard punch. 

Kid Blur flies at Grease Trap, but is hit with a thick lump of lard. 

"Be back for you old man. First I'm gonna fry a spider......"

A series of tiny explosions go off across the body of Grease Trap. 

That would be the work of the Micro. A scientist that the Forces of Fate saved in the 1970's. 

He grows to normal size.

"Grease Trap you gotta chew your food. That indigestion is gonna kill you."

Grease Trap punches the Micro but he shrinks to avoid it. He is luring the 
monster outside by taunting him. Shrinking and growing rapidly, while shouting insults. 

Grease Trap is outside and gets a face full of blue silk. The Recluse takes two of his spider arms and pulls Grease Trap's head off. 

The Micro grows to his normal size. 

"Recluse be careful. I know from the news reports he can survive that. But we can't be so reckless."

The Recluse has his spider arms near the head of the Micro. 

"I know what I'm doing."

A large wave of lard hits both Micro and Blue Recluse.

"Yeah sure seems like it, HAR HAR!!!!!!!"

Gold Sama had stayed out the battle, choosing to go to a construction site and grab a truck full of gravel to drop on Grease Trap. But in the few minutes he was gone, Grease Trap escaped while, Recluse, Micro and Blur were at each others throats.

The Sama looks to the sky, fearing what is to come. 


Orbiting the planet Jupiter is a lone Rulian Space Cruiser  Aboard the ship are the Rulian commanders, Cyphred and Crolok, The robot known as Retro-9, the Earth born Crime King and a small skeleton crew. 

The Rulian Commanders were shocked to see a few pieces of Rulian technology on Earth. The first was a Retroactive Continuity Unit from an outdated Rulian Battle Ship. 

These units typically ran the ships more advanced operations during battles. The unit calling itself Retro-9 was in perfect working order, in fact it had been upgraded somehow. 

Next they found a barely functional Rulian Fighter Suit. They found it in the ruins of a war zone. 

It was severely damaged, but the human operator was safe. Crolok and Cyphred were shocked to learn that armored humans had done this to a Rulian Fighter Suit. 

The human himself is brilliant, he has repaired the suit and made it more 
powerful than ever before. He was responsible for the upgrades to the 

He has been using the equipment on the cruiser to examine Infini-Knight. 

"I think the brain damage can be repaired."

The eyes of the Infini-Knight begin to glow. A spark of life, still exist within the Master of the Grid Zone.

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