Friday, July 5, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: The Conclusion


Crime King has no idea who the girl in the red and green costume is. He does not recognize the Thunder/Pyramid emblem. He just knows she nearly shorted out his fighter suit with a single blast of energy.

He gets back to his feet and flies at the girl, but her speed is greater than he expected. She punches him in the chest and cracks the fighter suit open.

Crime King's mind flashes back to the battle at Liberty Base. He was taken apart by the Horse Power known as Unicorn.

The armor he wears now is far more powerful. It defeated the Gold Sama. The energy reading coming off of the girl is insane.

He must not lose. He could overload the circuits in the fighter suit and teleport back to the Rulian Cruiser.

That would wipe Drama Bay, Gold Sama and the mystery girl off the face of the Earth. But Crime King is not sure if he is prepared to commit mass murder.

The thunder/pyramid on the girl is glowing. He has to make a decision. But before he can make that choice, he is contacted by Retro-9.

"Observation: Tide of battle has shifted. Rulians teleporting away in mass. Retreat immediately."

"Another time girl."

Crime King teleports back to the Rulian Space Cruiser.


Gold Sama is seriously injured, but he must speak to the young woman. The emblem on her chest looks familiar.

"Who are you?"

Becky Sanders thinks to herself. What name could she use. She thought maybe Thunder Queen, but that is an old movie serial and is probably copyrighted.

Maybe Lightning Girl? No that is not right either. Finally the name comes to her.

"Call me Star Shock. The Pyramid Master told me to find you. But I guess I was hoping that Egypt was a crazy dream."

The Gold Sama recognizes the name of the Pyramid Master. The Council hesitantly considered him an ally. He has had his own champions appear periodically, though this is the first one he has decades.

"What do you plan to do now Star Shock?"

"Well I have a political science class in fifteen minutes."

"Come to DuPont Tower in three hours, we have things to discuss."


DuPont Tower,

The auditorium is normally used for corporate presentations. But this presentation is very different. Sitting in seats thru out the room are super heroes.

Some are already allies of the Gold Sama like Jianhu, The Micro, Kid Blur and the Blue Recluse.

Others like the Fin Man have been allies in the past.

Some like the current Duel-Devil, White Fury and Arrowmatic. Bear strong resemblances to past allies of the Sama.

While Star Shock is a completely new element in this disparate group.

The Gold Sama speaks into the microphone.

"I have gathered you together out of necessity. The Earth was invaded by an alien threat today. The Forces of Fate proved to be no match for the Rulians. If not for the intervention of you newcomers, we may very well have lost.

I ask you newcomers to join our ranks. Where the Forces of Fate failed, the Cosmic Forces will stand strong."

The Fin Man stands up.

"I don't know how you got Recluse and Blur to trust you again. But I still remember how you treated me. I only came here because Tsarong asked me."

The Lama remembers Jacob Finmen very well. The young man sought out the Sama, hoping for guidance in the surface world. Instead the Sama simply used him as a weapon to defend the mystic order of life.

"Jacob... I have no right to ask you to stay. But you have seen the Grid Men up close. You have seen the power of the upgraded Retro-9.

I ask you to stay, not for me, but for the very planet."

The Fin Man has sought guidance all his life. Since he was a child celebrity in Atlantis, to when he first appeared on land. As jaded as he pretends to be, deep down he still has hope. For that reason alone, he stays.

Sama then looks at Star Shock. The young woman who has been appointed the latest avatar of the Pyramid Master.

"Young woman, I hope you will join our team. Your power is needed and you will need guidance in learning to properly utilize it. I fear if the Pyramid Master felt the need to appoint a new avatar, then the Rulians may only be the beginning."

Becky Sanders looks up at the Gold Sama  She watches the old Gold Sama cartoon, every morning before class. Now she is expected to join him as a partner and student.

"Will this interfere with school work?"

"No more than the Earth being destroyed."

"Well I guess Star Shock is in."

The group of heroes slowly disperse.

In the orbit of Jupiter flies the Rulian Space Cruiser. Crolok sits in his command chair, nursing his wounds.

He was defeated by a human. A non powered human in combat. He knows he cannot contact the Ruler, until he has conquered the entire planet.

Crime King meanwhile is busily working on upgrading his armor. He will defeat that girl in combat and eventually claim the Rulian Empire as his own. He will be more than the King of Crime, he will be the King of The Cosmos.

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