Monday, July 22, 2013

Thunder Shock FINALE


In the middle of an open field on the outskirts of Drama Bay sits the makeshift base of Crime King and Thunder Thief.

Thunder Thief could have left anytime. He has drained the power of Star Shock and is likely the most powerful human on Earth. Instead he stays and waits for the inevitable rescue attempt.

Power is pointless with nothing to test it against. The Gold Sama will be perfect as a first test. Crime King is busy working on repairing his armor, that was damaged by Star Shock.

As for the young woman herself, she is tied up with simple rope. Her powers seem to be gone. She keeps attempting to recharge them. But nothing is happening.

Her, Micro and Blur are being guarded by three Grid Men. Suddenly the blue Grid Man blinks out after being struck by an arrow. The second is shattered by a yellow and blue boomerang and the third is destroyed by a gold laser.

The Gold Sama materializes in front of Star Shock. He tears off her bonds quickly.

"Do you see the importance of training now?"

The Sama turns incorporeal before a plasma bolt from Retro-9 can hit him.

"Star Shock, free Micro and Blur."

Retro-9 emits a high pitched shriek that incapacitates Sama. Before it can launch another attack, Fin Man flies into the robot with both fist. He was launched by the White Fury.

Thunder Thief sees the disturbance and goes to attack, only to be caught by a punch to the throat from Jianhu.

"Hmm? Looks like Sama wants his errand boy to wear me down."

With blinding speed, Thunder Thief uppercuts Jianhu. Jianhu manages to roll with the punch. He sends a gust of green hurricane wind at Thunder Thief.

Before Thief can be sent flying back, he grows twenty stories and grasp Jianhu in his fist.

With one squeeze. he breaks Jianhu's ribs. More damage would have been done, if not for the quick chant that created a force field.

A boomerang and exploding arrowheads hit the giant Thunder Thief in his eyes.


He drops Jianhu, who is caught by the White Fury. The Micro grows to Macro size and wearily grabs Fury.

Repeating the maneuver she executed with Fin Man earlier. Macro throws her at Thunder Thief. Catching the gigantic energy parasite with a right cross.

He falls to one knee and is now being hit by a barrage of punches from the recovered Kid Blur. He is still nowhere near his max speed, but fast enough to land hundreds of punches in seconds.

Thunder Thief finally screams.


Using Star Shock's stolen powers he emits a field of energy that cuts down all heroes in his path. Except the trio of Arrowmatic, Duel-Devil and the Gold Sama. The first two insulated their suits, while the Lama was intangible.

Retro-9 was sent into sleep mode from the surge and Crime King is protected by his armor.

Star Shock was hit by the energy. But she feels strong, the emblem on her chest glowing.

Thunder Thief's pyramid is shifting back to a fist.

She torpedoes herself into the gut of Thunder Thief. He falls back and grabs her, hoping to recharge his powers. Only to have a barrage of exploding Arrowheads go in his mouth.

The arrowheads were fired by Arrowmatic. His new bow is beyond any type of arrow technoloy in the world. It makes most guns looks like slingshots.

Thunder Thief is staggered by the attack.

Star Shock generates a large amount of energy. Duel Devil runs up.

"No wait, don't do that!!!"

Before she can make such a reckless mistake, The Sama punches her in the back of the head.

Thunder Thief has now used off the last bit of the Macro's power. With his last bit of speed, he flies behind Sama, grasping his face.

But he finds he cannot absorb the power.

"What is this?"

Sama elbows Thunder Thief in the gut.

"You cannot absorb the power of Gold Sama. This power can only be acquired thru time and skill."

He sticks his intangible hand into Thunder Thief's chest and solidifies it for a second. Thunder Thief is knocked out.

Crime King and Retro-9 are teleported back to the ship.

Deep Space

Cyphred is very unhappy.

"Crolok, this was the perfect opportunity to be rid of that human."

"As I told you Cyphred. The human will stay, I need his expertise in stopping the Sama."

Crime King walks in.

"Cyphred, I advise you get use to me. I am not going anywhere. I have the teleportation codes memorized. I would have returned on my own."


DuPont Tower

Becky Sander has a goose egg on the back of her head thanks to the Gold Sama  She tried to explain that she thought she could overload Thunder Thief with the Star Shock power. But Jianhu and Sama would hear nothing of it.

The Gold Sama has many thoughts running thru his mind. He wonders where Fantomah went off to during the final battle. How Star Shock could be so reckless.

His display against Thunder Thief has boosted his standing with the team. They are ready to follow him anywhere. Even Fin Man's attitude has improved.

But he thinks of what he told Thunder Thief about the Sama power. How it can only be obtained thru time and skill. If that is true, why have his powers disappeared since the battle with Infini-Knight?

Will he even be whole again? What will happen when Earth is attacked by a true mystic menace. Something that will require the Gold Sama to be at full power?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Thunder Shock: Day 5


Star Shock decides to take care of this herself. She lands in Drama Stadium
and powers up fully. She is attacked by an army of Grid Men.

She shatters a dozen with energy bolts and attacks the others with her bare
hands. She thinks there is no way the Grid Men took out Micro and Blur.

Before she can complete this thought, she is struck by a plasma beam. It
emanated from the scepter of Crime King.

Crime King has been weary about fighting the girl again. But he tries to
rationalize. She had blind sided him before. Now he is ready and will not
even need Thunder Thief.

He charges his boot thrusters and catches Star Shock with a rocket powered right
cross. She hits the upper deck bleachers hard. She tackles Crime King at
full speed. Once again denting the chest plate in his armor. She shatters the
glass in his face plate with a punch.

He thinks to himself.

"How strong is this blasted girl?"

There is no technique in her attacks. She throws punches like a person who
has never been in a fight. She tosses energy bolts around like a child
playing a video game for the first time.

But her power is overwhelming Crime King. He thought he could last longer
than this. He grasp his scepter and unleashes a stream of clamp foam.

He has had time to improve the formula since he used it last. She will have to struggle to break
free. Giving Crime King time to charge up the cannons in his armor. He is
only at half power, when she breaks free.

"Getting tired of this, Queenie!!!"

She fires a full powered energy bolt at Crime King. But before it can land, it
is intercepted by a purple and gold blur.

Thunder Thief has been waiting for Star Shock to stupidly fire another
energy bolt. Using Blur's stolen speed, it was easy enough to intercept.

Star Shock recognizes Thunder Thief instantly.

"You're that jerk who ruined the Super Bowl!!!"

"So nice to see you're a fan."

Star Shock lands one punch to Thunder Thief. But with her previous energy
blast absorbed. he hardly felt it. He backhands her and slams her to the

"Want you to know, I could have avoided that attack. With Blur's speed, I'm way faster than you."


She punches Thunder Thief as hard as she can in the jaw and sternum.

Thunder Thief headbutts Star Shock and knees her in the stomach.

"I didn't just snag Blur's powers."

Thunder Thief grows twenty feet tall. He stomps Star Shock four times.

"Wow hardly made a dent. Will make this sweeter."

Thunder Thief shrinks down to normal size and grabs Star Shock's face.

Touching her, he feels complete. Something about her power satisfies
Thunder Thief. As if he found the final piece of a puzzle.

Thunder Thief looks around.

Crime King stands up. Attempting to reclaim some authority.

"Thief, grab the girl."

"No need, I drained her energy. She's no threat to me, now lets find the
Gold Sama."


The Rulian Space Cruiser orbiting planet Jupiter.

The Rulian commander Crolok, enters the chambers of his subordinate,

"Cyphred, why did you instruct Crime King to keep the captured humans on

"We do not need any super powered humans on the ship. We have no
idea how much damage they can do, and frankly..."

Cypred hesitates.

"Speak Cyphred."

"I want Crime King off of the ship."

"We need him, he has done amazing things with our technology."

"That is the problem Crolok. He is dangerous and he lust for power. We
should summon the Ruling Class and have them take care of this."

"NO!! I will not be disgraced in front of father, The Ruler. The plan will
continue, we will go to The Ruler, when we have captured the Gold Sama."

Crolok storms out of the room, as Cyphred's concerns gain more validity.

In the apartment of Brad Simon, better known as the Duel-Devil. Brad is
discussing plans with Mia Rivera, better known as the White Fury.

"Brad, fighting aliens is not why I sought out the Gold Sama."

"I know Mia, but right now they are the immediate threat."

"Are they Brad? Right now Demonico Mascara is hurting more people than
the Rulians have."

"We are going to have to play by Sama's rules for now. You told me
Demonico took you apart with ease. We will confront him, but only when we
can win."

Before Mia can argue, a voice enters her head. It is Tsarong, Jianhu to the
Gold Sama.

He instructs them to go to DuPont Towers. Something dire has


Duel-Devil, Arrowmatic, White Fury and Fin Man are gathered on the roof
of DuPont Tower.

Jianhu appears out of a green cloud.

Fin Man steps forward.

"Where are the others?"

"Star Shock, Blur and Micro were attacked and captured by Thunder

Duel-Devil speaks.

"I fought that guy once. Really strong, but no way he could take out those

Gold Sama floats thru the roof and becomes corporeal.

"His powers have been modified. He absorbed the powers of Micro, Star
Shock and Blur."

White Fury speaks.

"Does he have them for good?"

"It is too soon to tell."

Arrowmatic loads his new bow with arrowheads.

"So what do we do?"

"Jianhu, has traced Star Shock's energy signature. That means they are still
on Earth, which is a good thing."

Fin Man speaks.

"It also means, its a trap."

"I have a plan."

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thunder Shock:Day 4


The man known as Kid Blur has flown around the city five times in an hour. 

For a city the size of Drama Bay, it is an impressive display. But for Kid 
Blur, it is underachieving. He is capable of far greater speeds, but no matter 
how hard he tries, he keeps running into the same wall. 

His mind keeps going back to his mentor, the Silver Blur. Silver Blur was 
the fastest man on Earth, until one day he disappeared. He was in a fight 
with his archenemy, Mean Streak. To save Earth, Silver Blur reached 
speeds he never dreamed possible. Then he disappeared in a blink of light. 

Kid Blur never took up the mantle of Silver Blur. Keeping the name Kid 
Blur, well into middle age. His speed has also slowly decreased over the 

He blamed this on simple aging, but a medical examination has shown 
this to be false. Any limitations he has are strictly mental. 

Before Blur can try to increase his speed again, he is hit by an electrical volt 
that sends him crashing into a dumpster. A man in a purple and gold 
bodysuit lands on him. 

Blur recognizes the man as the notorious super villain, Thunder Thief. Blur 
stands up, his super speed granting him a limited invulnerability. Thunder 
Thief fires another energy blast and sends Blur into a brick wall. 

Thunder Thief lifts Blur by the scruff of his neck, and places his hand across 
the old quickster's face. He begins absorbing energy from Kid Blur, until 
there is nothing left to take. 

Thief tosses Blur aside. 

"Well, what do you know. This actually worked."

Thief scoops up the unconscious Kid Blur and leaves.


The Micro has been searching for the young woman known as Star Shock. 

But she has yet to turn up. He wants to speak to her, to explain everything 
the Gold Sama can teach her. About the dangers of relying on brute force, 
rather than brain power. 

His communicator begins beeping. It is the old Forces Of Fate 
communicators, Micro made years ago. That means either Kid Blur or The 
Recluse are contacting him. 

"Micro here."


Communicators are pretty old, and Blur put some wear and tear on his. He 
must be at the Samson Diner, where they use to hang out in the old days. 


The Fin Man sits at the Drama Bay pier. He thinks about what Sama 
told him. About using all of his powers. But it has been too long and nothing 
good, has ever come from using them. 

He lifts his left hand and a glob of water comes out of the Ocean. Using his 
full concentration, he changes the glob into different shapes. 

Water Mancing does feel good. He remembers when his dad took him to see 
the old Atlantean Mancer named Zuqin. He was so excited to learn how to 
shape and direct water. 

He did not understand how much power he would have. On land, water 
Mancing is a somewhat useful parlor trick. In the ocean, it makes you god. 

He never fully got that until his fight with Tide Tyrant. The king of Atlantis, 
who helped raise Jake. To this day he is unsure if the king really cared 
about him, or simply wanted to keep tabs on a potential rival. 

But when he drained all the water from Tyrant's body. When he saw such a 
powerful man with true fear in his eyes. Fin Man felt something touch his 
soul. Something more powerful and evil than he could comprehend.

Suddenly the glob of water he was manipulating turns into a demonic skull 
and turns to vapor. 

Fin Man knows he made the right decision. 


Micro grows to his normal height inside the Samson Diner. He looks around 
for the Blur. He knows he has to be upset about the meeting with Sama. 
Micro wishes it was something physically wrong with Blur's powers. He 
could fix that. But these problems run deeper than simple aging. 

A man crashes into Micro at full speed. Micro noticed it at the last second 
and was able to shrink down with the blow. Whoever it is, is faster than 

Its Thunder Thief. Micro remembers reading that he escaped from Liberty 
Corps custody. 

Thunder Thief is sending waves of energy in every direction, hoping to hit 

Micro grows to Macro size outside the diner. Thunder Thief flies toward 
Macro at super speed, only to be swatted to the ground. 

"Good, looks like you might put up a fight."

He sends a bolt of electricity at The Macro, that staggers the giant. 

Using the stolen super speed of Kid Blur, Thief pummels the ankles of the 
Macro and quickly working his way up. Til placing his hands on the face of 
the Macrom absorbing his energy. 

Macro shrinks down to normal size, as Thunder Thief grows giant size. He 
lifts the Micro and walks away. 


Becky Sanders returns to her dorm room. Frustrated by her argument with 
the Gold Sama. She thinks the Sama is lacking as a teacher. 

That she is already the most powerful person on Earth. That she should be given the chance to lead the team. 

She knows she could have defeated Braionic2 eventually. That Arrowmatic 
simply landed a lucky shot. 

She sees something on her desk. She walks over and sees a piece of cloth 
and a pair of goggles. She looks at the cloth and recognizes the emblem of 
Kid Blur. The goggles belong to The Micro. 

She wonders who could have found out she lived here, when she hears 
screaming outside. She looks out the window and sees scorched into the 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thunder Shock: Day 3


The Rulian Space Cruiser orbiting the planet Jupiter.

Thunder Thief remembers his encounter with Crime King well. King needed
him to power up some device. Looking at him in his fancy armor, it appears
he succeeded.

The aliens are seven feet tall, have yellow skin, five red eyes and
antennae. More or less what you expect aliens to look like.

Thunder Thief begins gathering power. He senses a being that holds
tremendous energy, somewhere on the ship.

But he decides to listen, since if Crime King wanted to kill him, he would
have tried already.

"What do you want, Crime King?"

Crime King glares.

"I missed you during the skirmish at Liberty Base. I see you are doing well
for yourself. Working for hicks, to guard obsolete technology."

"Losing patience, Crime King. I still owe you a serious beating."

"You will find that I am more than a match for you now."

Cyphred walks between them.

"Now is not the time for fighting. We need your help in capturing the Gold Sama."

"You can't pay me enough to go after Sama. Way too powerful for too
little reward."

Crime King mutters under his breath.

"Sama is not the problem. Something has happened to his powers. Look at
the monitors."

Thunder Thief sees the image of the young woman named Star Shock.
Taking apart the Grid Men and Crime King. Displaying tremendous power.

"Yeah, she's cute. Nice of you aliens to try to fix me up."

Thunder Thief jokes, but he feels a connection to Star Shock that is
impossible to explain.

Crime King continues.

"Joke, Thunder Thief, but she has taken us apart. Brute force is not
working and we need you."

"So you want me to go down and bust her up? Got any puppies that are
hassling you while I'm down there?"

"Hardly, she would take you apart by herself. Teaming with Sama and his
Cosmic Forces, you stand no chance. "

"So why did you flippin beam me up here?!?"

"I was analyzing Star Shock's energy signature and they looked very
familiar to me. They had a striking resemblance to the energy readings, I
got off of you a few years ago."

The memory of being used by Crime King enrages Thunder Thief, but he
holds his tongue.

Crime King continues.

"We have been looking for you for months now. It was not til the skirmish in
Nashville, that we got a good reading on you."

"Does not explain what you want with me, if this girl can kick my tail all
over the galaxy."

Crime King looks impatient, until Crolok walks in.

"Tell him what you discovered about his powers."

"Your powers were modified, correct?"

"Yeah by a guy named Necro."

"You are no longer immune to them. That's why you wear that gaudy belt."

Thunder Thief is put off by this. He has tried to keep this a secret.

"Yeah what if I can't?"

Cyphred speaks

"We have the capability to fix your powers and perhaps help you expand
upon them."

DuPont Tower

The Cosmic Forces are gathered around a table, with Fantomah staying in
the shadows. Gold Sama is in the middle of lecturing them on their conduct
during the battle with Braionic2.

"This cannot continue. We cannot keep going off in nine directions. Aside
from Fury, Devil and Arrow, none of you are even attempting to display

He looks at Blur.

"Blur, you are the fastest man on Earth. Yet you keep running at less than
half speed. Not only is it going to get you killed, it is going to get a
teammate killed."

Blur knows what The Sama is speaking of. When he was fourteen, he
watched his mentor, the Silver Blur run into oblivion. Now the older he gets,
the more frightened he is that he will run into nothing.

"Sama, I don't need a lecture from you. If you remember, I only came here
as a favor to you."

Blur runs out of the room and the tower in seconds.

Fin Man claps.

"Great work Sama. First you run off Recluse, now Blur is gone."

"That is enough, Fin Man. Today you insisted only on using brute force, as you do during every fight. We both know you have greater powers that you are ignoring."

"Powers that I set aside for my own reasons. Powers that I have not used in

"Jacob, I know you associate those powers with a dark period of your life.
But trying to discard them does nothing, not when they can do some real good."

Fin Man gets up and leaves the room.

Finally Gold Sama turns his attention to Star Shock. The young woman has
not been paying attention to any of this. Instead keeping her nose in a
Economics text book.

"Which brings me to you, Star Shock. Since you joined this team, your
commitment has been half hearted. You run into battle, ignoring all advice
and tactics. You insist on relying upon brute force."

"Let me stop you there. I appreciate what you're trying to do. But
considering the fact, that you can't even keep that Fantomah thing away
from here, why should I listen to you?"

Fantomah flows out of the shadows. Translucent skin revealing veins and

"You will be glad, you are under our protection very soon."

Star Shock stands up and energy begins radiating from her fist.

Jianhu throws a barrier of green mist between them.

"Enough, this accomplishes nothing."

Sama looks relived, that Jianhu stepped in.

"Thank you my friend, Star Shock that is not the discussion at hand.

Fantomah will be dealt with. But right now, your reckless behavior will soon
catch up with you."

Star Shock takes her book and flies out thru the sunroof of DuPont

The Micro stands up.

"So the meeting is over?"

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thunder Shock: Day 2


Nashville, Tennessee 1985

This is the first high profile job Thunder Thief has taken since escaping from
Liberty Base. He found a suitable bootleg version of the regulator belt he uses to control
the enhanced powers Professor Necro gave him.

But now the belt is malfunctioning and the guy who built the belt can't be found.

He got a call a week ago from Pitchfork. He is in charge of the southeastern
portion of the Grim Circle. He is having serious problems with
the Black Owl, a non powered masked vigilante. Pitchfork wants Thunder Thief
to kill him. Under normal circumstances, the Owl would be no problem.

But between the Regulator Belt malfunctioning and wanting to avoid another
confrontation with Horse Power, this is not a good time.

On the other hand, the Circle has resources that could help Thunder Thief. They
could repair the belt and even if he does not trust Pitchfork, he trust Demonico.

So now he is standing in a warehouse in Nashville, filled with unsold Boxcar
Willie 8 track tapes.

Pitchfork is standing in the shadows polishing the pitchfork that replaced his

He was once Henry Perkins, a talented up and coming banjo player.

He was also a nasty man with a serious gambling problem and owed a local bookie a lot of money. The bookie had some good old boys take take Henry out to the country and chop off his right hand.

They left him for dead in a cornfield, but Henry was made of stern stuff. He found
a barn and attached a rusty old pitchfork to his raw stump.

He found the bookie in his gambling parlor and massacred every man there, he
earned the name "Pitchfork". He laid dying of blood loss in the parlor and was
waiting for death, until two men arrived in fancy suits. They had this odd looking
emblem on their lapels.

The men said they represented the Grim Circle and were going to save his life.

They replaced the rusty pitchfork with something more advanced. He met the leader
of the Grim Circle. A man in some sorta wrestling mask named Demonico.

He wanted Pitch Fork to lead the Southeastern portion of his criminal empire.
Pitchfork knew his career in music was over and accepted.

Pitchfork gained a reputation as someone not to mess with. That is until the
Black Owl entered the picture. He has been unable to find out his real identity, or
stop him from interfering with his operations.

After the Owl destroyed a very important bootlegging operation, Pitchfork
decided to call in some big guns. He decided to call in Thunder Thief.

He had to call the home office in Mexico City and request extra funds to pay for
this. Since Thunder Thief's going price was half of Pitchfork's annual budget.

Now they sit in the warehouse waiting for The Owl to strike.

"Hurry up boys, burn every 8 Track here. We need the insurance money."

Just as Pitchfork said that, the men are taken down by projectiles resembling an
Owl's head. The Black Owl has finally arrived.

Pitchfork's men take out sidearms and begin firing, but have no hope of hitting
the Owl. Pitchfork knows he paid an obscene amount of money for Thunder Thief
to kill The Owl, but he can't resist.

He charges in and takes three swipes at the Owl with his pitchfork hand. The Owl
manages to dodge every slash and swipe, before kicking Pitchfork in the

Pitchfork fires the pitchfork hand at the Owl, and misses. The pitchfork attached
to a chain is now stuck in the wall. Black Owl leaps on the chain and slides toward
Pitchfork and knocking him out with a dropkick.

Owl knows this fight has gone too easily, every light bulb in the
warehouse shatters from a sudden power surge. The Black Owl realizes this was
a more serious threat than he anticipated.

Thunder Thief fires a fully charged bolt at the Black Owl. The bolt hits on target,
even if it left Thief in serious pain.

He goes over and looks at the fallen Owl and thinks this was a bit too easy.

The Owl kicks Thunder Thief in the face with his retractable talons.

He recoils back in shock and pain. That was enough voltage to drop a Kodiak
bear and the Black Owl shook it off.

Back to his feet, he tags Thief with a series of martial arts strikes. Thunder Thief
grabs Owl by the scruff of his neck and tosses him into a stack of crates.

Thunder Thief figures Owl must have an insulated suit like Crime King did in

He runs in and catches him with an uppercut to the gut and slams him into the
ground. Owl reaches into a pouch on his belt and tosses sand in Thunder Thief's

He then fires his grappling gun into the ceiling, but before he can recoil,
Thief grabs his ankle and slams him into the ground. Thunder Thief tears
open his insulated suit.

Before Thunder Thief can land the final volt, he is teleported out of the
warehouse. What he sees surprises even him. He is on the deck of an alien

Even more surprising is who greets him.

"Hello Thunder Thief, so nice to see you again."

It is Crime King.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Thunder Shock:Day 1

Thunder Shocked

1977 Ontario, Canada

The band MegaSkank is deep into its 1975 World Tour. The stage shows have
become more and more elaborate. Jeremy St. Samuel is giving strict last
minute instructions to the Roadie. Jeremy never learns a roadies name. He is too
big a star to deal with that, and most likely too drunk.

"Aw right listen here. We got all this Egyptian bricabrac for our stage show. Don't
damage any of it, or it'll be you're head!!!"

The roadie is named Fred Stevens and for him this is a dream. Or the shadow of
one, since he was twelve he has wanted to be a singer, or rather a super star. The
few minutes he is doing the mic check, he feels like that star. The rest of the time he feels like a roadie.

When he got the job working on the MegaSkank tour, he expected a fun time. Maybe a chance to become something more. Instead it has been on indignity after another. Dealing with prima donnas
who change their minds more often than they change their socks.

Each night St. Samuel has went with a different theme. One night it was vikings
and he expected Fred to find a herd of mountain goats and teach them not to chew
thru wires.

Then it was a tribute to Japanese fishermen and he was expected to find five
hundred pounds of raw fish.

Now they want an Egyptian theme. Lots of the typical stuff, pyramids, mummies,
head dresses and the sphinx. One thing he can't place is the statue of a fist
grasping a lightning bolt. Doesn't really look Egyptian, but it does look old.


Fred is distracted and forgets that the pyrotechnics are about to go off. The explosion
shatters the statue and a lightning bolt flies from it and hits Fred. Making him feel like he is burning alive, that his skin is melting. Despite that, he is unharmed.

He should be dead, but he feels more alive than ever before.


Drama Bay, California 1985

Two days ago parts of the cybernetic brain beast known as Braionic were brought to the Drama
Bay branch of the Ivy Pro Corporation. The west coast branch was interested in
attempting to try to recreate Braionic.

But since the birth of the original Braionic involved the dark magic of the
Necromizone, the experiment was doomed to fail.

A new Braionic creature was born. Not as powerful, but still very dangerous. Everyone in the Ivy Tower were put into a psychic coma.

The Ultra Battlers attempted to stop the new creature and were crushed.

With that Braionic2 took to the streets, heading to the ghettos of Drama Bay, to
feed on psychic pain. There he was confronted by the White Fury and Duel-Devil.

The two fought valiantly, with the Fury doing some damage to the core of
Braionic2, but its psychic might was too much.

Duel-Devil knowing he is outmatched called for reinforcements.

The Cosmic Forces arrived soon.

Star Shock leads the attack, despite the protest of Gold Sama and Jianhu.

She fires a bolt of lightning at Braionic2, which sends a jolt of feedback into her.

She collapses to the ground. Not expecting that type of attack. Sama lands near
Star Shock.

"Do you see, why you do not attack without planning.."

Star Shock begins to glow and leaps to her feet.

"I know what not to do."


She flies into Braionic2 and sends him flying. The creature stops itself.

Fin Man walks over to the Gold Sama.

"So when do we attack?"

"Soon, Star Shock left on her own. She is swinging wildly, we need a plan."

The Micro expands to full size near Sama.

"I have one. Look at the core of the creature. That device supplying energy into the
artificial brain. Crush that and it will fall apart."

"Micro, I want you to attempt to get to it."

"No problem, I shrink down and expand inside of it and that should do the trick."

"Be careful Micro."

Fin Man looks impatient.

"So should I try to grab it?"

"Not yet, I have another plan."

For the first time since his battle with the Infini-Knight, theGold Sama attempts
to enter the psychic plane. If he were at full power, he would have already
crushed the creature.

Instead the Sama is unable to attack psychically.


That was the scream of the Micro. Braionic2 senses him attacking and sent a
psionic bolt into him.

Star Shock attacks again. Not knowing to attack the core of the monster. Instead
she swings wildly. Only protected from psychic assault by her arm band.

Kid Blur flies at the brain beast at near super speed. But he is not faster than
thought and is hit by a telekinetic battering ram.

Fin Man, White Fury and Jianhu are attacking now. Each trying to remove the
core of Braionic2. Jianhu is protecting the three of them from psychic assaults.

His power is just enough to do that, even if he is unable to confront it on the
psychic plane.

Braionic2 telekinetically smashes the heads of Fury and Fin Man together.

Jianhu takes to the sky, to regroup.

While the Gold Sama grabs the core of Braionic2 whilst intangible. When he
becomes solid, he is overwhelmed by telekinetic backlash.

Before Star Shock can attack again, a blackness surrounds the battlefield.

A hollow ugly voice comes from the sky. A being with translucent skin and ambiguous features appears.

"Creature your attack on this land ends here."

Braionic sends out a psychic bolt.

"You assume to attack the mind of Fantomah?"

The creature is brought to its knees by the attack of the dark god.

"Now you will suffer, for your sins."

A tendrils of black smoke leave Fantomah's hands and enter Braionic2.

Suddenly the creature begins fighting back. Sending out waves of psionic energy
in every direction.

Windows shatter all around Drama Bay and Fantomah presses on.

Suddenly an arrow flies thru the core of Braionic2. His psionic energy body fades
away and Fantomah leaves their confused host body..

The arrow was fired by Arrowmatic. Who aimed a titanium shaft at the core as
soon as Jianhu gave him the word.

Gold Sama returns to his feet and looks at the destruction caused in only a few

He sees Fantomah staring at him with a stone face. Blur still unconscious. White
Fury and Fin Man getting to their feet. Star Shock crackling with energy and

Finally Arrowmatic standing on a rooftop, having fired the winning shot.

Things are going to change.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fantomah Calling: Day 4


The Cosmic Forces are sent flying by the attack of the upgraded High Stick. The
Micro recognizes the Rulian technology.

He turns Macro sized and attempts to swat High Stick down, but the villain is too fast.

He flies behind The Macro's head and bashes his skull in with his upgraded
hockey stick. Macro is staggered and knocked down by a barrage of energy

High Stick goes after the Gold Sama, who turns intangible to avoid the attack.

Jianhu attacks and punches High Stick, who blocks it with his new and improved

High Stick, while not possessing the martial arts training of the Sama and
Jianhu, is a great brawler.

He uppercuts Jianhu with his hockey stick and follows thru with a energy puck,
that sends Jianhu crashing into an old west jail set.

Arrowmatic sends a dough arrow at the face mask of High Stick. Giving White
Fury a chance to throw Duel-Devil at Stick. He catches the upgraded villain with a flying kick. High Stick furiously tries to tear the dough off of his face.

When he succeeds, he sees White Fury leaping at him, she sends him
crashing to the ground into a saloon backdrop.

He quickly gets up and dust himself off. He takes several tiny multicolored ball
bearings out of his glove.

"Hoped to do this on my own. Guess this is why Crime King told me to activate
these things."

Suddenly several grid men appear.

The Cosmic Forces go on the attack. Gold Sama uses his super strength and
martial arts skills to destroy two of them.

High Stick goes after Sama, only to find his hockey stick caught by the Fin Man.

"Sorry buddy, nobody gets to Sama. Even If I don't like him."

"Ha!! Fish Man is gonna fight me. Oh you can swim fast, real scary."

Fin Man gets a thrill every time someone underestimates power. He is amazed at
how many people on land, have no idea about the pressure of the ocean.

He punches High Stick hard enough to crack his mask.

"Okay, joke is on me. Fish Man is a shark."

High Stick sends an electrified puck at Fin Man and knocks out the Illegitimate
Son of the Sea.

Jianhu forms a bolt of mystic energy and takes out three more Grid Men.

Old Blur takes on a squad of Grid Men, avoiding their digital tendrils. He runs
across the building, grabs a metal rod and runs through the Grid Men.

Duel-Devil and White Fury have already gelled as a team. Working together as
one and destroying any Grid Men in their way.

High Stick charges behind Old Blur and knocks him out with his hockey stick.
Blue Recluse is now on top of High Stick, spitting a corrosive acid at the villain.

Using his remaining spider legs he tries to tear the armor off. Memories of Crime King drive him.

On the ground lays Vince Peters. He is the informant who was going to be
murdered by the Grim Circle. Vince is no saint, he himself killed many
people. In the end, he snitched to protect himself.

He is oblivious to the chaos around him. All he sees is a ghastly looking woman,
or is it a man? It is hard to tell, its flesh is covered by multicolored veins under
translucent skin.

Fantomah has chosen Vince as a temporary host.

Before Recluse can kill High Stick, Fantomah makes its presence felt. The
remaining Grid Men are destroyed.

Blue Recluse seeing his tormentor, leaps to attack, only for Fantomah to trap
him in an energy bubble.

Jianhu and Sama immediately recognize Fantomah as the aura they felt at the

Before they can do anything High Stick is up and charges into Fantomah. The
god has no fear of the villain and fires an electrical bolt, short circuiting the armor.

Normally they would kill any human, stupid enough to attack them. But for now, Fantomah must
appease Lama and Jianhu.

The Macro shrinks down to normal size and inspects High Stick.

"This is a fantastic opportunity. Once we confiscate the armor, we can reverse
engineer the Rulian tech."

As if on cue, High Stick disappears. Followed by Fantomah leaving the body of
Vince Peters.

Now in their spectral form, they speak.

"The human needs medical attention. I will answer the rest of your questions at
DuPont Tower."


DuPont Tower:The Office Of Jed DuPont

Gold Sama examines Fantomah closely. The records of the Sama Council
only go back so far. There were a few mentions of a lower elder god known by
that name. But its true nature and power were never fully defined.

He knows the God was bound to the continent of Pan Guay. But beyond that,
little else is known. Even its true gender is a mystery. Male and female traits
flow seamlessly into one another. Its skin is translucent, revealing multicolored veins.

If the Sama was operating at full power, then perhaps he could ascertain
Fantomah's motives.

"We are very grateful for your help. But why appear now?"

Fantomah looks at Sama coldy. It subtly alters its traits to be more

"A disaster will befall this planet. I felt it was time to act before the enemy can
gain any advantage. You are the most powerful mortal on this planet. We must merge our powers."

Sama and Jianhu stare at Fantomah. Their instincts tell them not to trust the
God. But for now they desperately need the power.


The garage of Rob Hunt. Since taking the mantle of the Arrow he has felt
insignificant. First the alien took him down with no trouble. Then he fails to
capture his arch enemy.

Before Rob Hunt's father died and he inherited Hunt Sporting Goods, Rob Hunt
was an Engineer. He merged his love of Archery with his love of design and
created the Arrowmatic system.

Up til now, he has only been using advanced compound bows. After he builds this,
Arrowmatic will be the real deal.


Drama Bay Bus Station

Rick Patrick is dressed in ratty pink sweat pants and a Mega Skank shirt. His bag is
packed with his Blue Recluse costume and a few cans of beef stew and ravioli.

With him are Sam James, better known as Kid Blur and Arnold Barrow, better
known as the Micro. They are seeing their friend off as he returns to Dirt City,

Blur walks up and shakes Rick's hand.

"Do you really have to go?"

"I do Blur, I don't like what this city is doing to me. I know you guys think I'm an
animal. But that is not me. Something about Drama Bay, about the Rulians,
makes the Spider take over. Pretty soon I am going to give in and hurt someone
who might not deserve it."

Andy Ronald walks up.

"Rick, we might be able to do something about that."

"You know that's impossible. The Spider is hardwired into me. Besides,
you think I would give up super powers in a world like this?"

Rick Patrick steps on the bus and is soon gone.


Becky Sanders is playing the "Mastery of Multh" video game. She should have
gone to Sama's meeting, but study group ran long.

As she uses Clandestine Force on the evil Zulth. Her dorm room melts
away and she is in the lair of Pyramid Master.

Lightning strikes her and she is in the costume of Star Shock. She walks over to the Pyramid Master, who collapses. Standing behind him is someone with
translucent skin and multicolored veins.

They say one word.


Becky Sanders wakes up in bed, drenched with sweat.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fantomah Calling: Day 3


The Gold Sama is holding a meeting of the Cosmic Forces in his board room.
All but Star Shock are at the meeting, she has classes to attend.

"Thank you for assembling so quickly."

The Fin Man is thumbing thru an old magazine.

"Not like I have any place to be..."

"As I'm sure you have noticed, the Blue Recluse is missing. News reports have turned up and
criminals have been brutalized and covered in the Recluse's blue silk."

Arrowmatic stands up.

"Sama Iv'e been hunting Recluse for the last week and I know where he will
turn up tonight."

Duel-Devil has not been very impressed with Arrowmatic. Not since the debacle
at Hunt Sporting Goods.

"How were you able to track something like the Recluse. Even Jianhu has not
been able to get a bead on him."

Arrowmatic recoils at Devil's lack of respect.

"I know how to hunt. Recluse is basically an animal and he left a pattern if you
look hard enough."

Blur has been a partner of Recluse since the early 70's.

"Rick is not an animal!! Hes' as human as any of us. Sometimes the spider
instincts are hard to overcome."

Micro grows to full size.

"Something was agitating him. More than his injuries, but I could not pick up
anything with my scanners."

Jianhu looks at the Sama, he had told him about the faint aura he felt. They had
hoped it had not been anything serious. But with Sama's powers reduced, they
could not put their full energy into tracing it.

Gold Sama stands up.

"Arrowmatic, I'm letting you take the point on this."


Fantomah has not been able to fully reconfigure its true form. They had been
imprisoned in their tomb in Pan Guay for centuries.

Initially the tomb was to protect her from another god. A god whose power even dwarfed the mighty

Little did Fantomah suspect a trio of empowered humans would stop the power
mad Zeus. If they had suspected it, perhaps they would not have went to such drastic
measures to hide.

Instead they entered the temple and reduced their own power. Giving a tribe of
humans who opposed them, the chance to imprison mighty Fantomah.

She stayed trapped in that temple for many a year. Only sustained by humans,
foolish enough to enter her territory. Their only solace was causing strife in the
land they created. Influencing humans into killing each other.

They feared their few remaining followers would never be able to free them. Until
six months ago, when a mystic artifact from another dimension exploded. A
mystic shock wave freed Mighty Fantomah.

But they were far from full power. Initially they could only exist as a specter,
capable of possessing humans for a limited time. Now Fantomah is able to take
true corporeal form.

But still they were still well shy of their true power. But they could not make a
move, one of Earth's more powerful mystics would detect them. Fantomah knew
they could not survive a direct conflict with the Gold Sama.

Until one day, Fantomah sensed the Sama's powers had been greatly reduced.
They knew this was the opportunity they needed.

Shortly after the alien invasion, Fantomah's essence had taken hold in DuPont

The Sama's Jianhu lacked the mystic perception to sense Fantomah, if they did
not wish to be detected.

But an element entered the fray, that Fantomah was not prepared for. The human
spider could sense them. It could see Fantomah's essence in the tower.

But Fantomah is now using the Recluse, and soon the time for subterfuge will be

Hill Studios in Drama Bay

Hill Studios was the first studio to open in Drama Bay. It specialized in B
Westerns and was king of Poverty Row. Once television took hold, it produced
soap operas both daytime and prime time.

But in the 70's the studio hit hard times and closed in 1979. The studio lot has
been a political battle ground since then. Some wanting to tear it down and build a
plastics factory. Others want it declared a historical land mark.

For now it exist as a place to commit various crimes. Tonight the crime is a gang
land execution. Five men get out of a car, they each bear the emblem of the Grim
Circle, the largest crime syndicate in the western hemisphere.

They take a bound and gagged man from the trunk. He has already been beaten
severely. One of the Circles takes out a gun and holds it to the mans temple.

Before he can pull the trigger, a strand of blue web snatches away the pistol. The
Blue Recluse has arrived and is ready to attack.

The Circle whose gun was stolen, throws a knife at the Recluse, who catches it in
his hand. He leaps down and throws two of the Circles thru a western backdrop.

Recluse swings across on a blue web and kicks the lead Circle in the face. He
has two of his spider legs wrapped around the mans head. Before he can act on
his animal instinct, a gust of wind throws him across the room.

The wind was generated by Jianhu. He is joined by The Cosmic Forces (minus
Star Shock).

Gold Sama steps forward.

"Recluse, these men have had enough. Leave it to the proper authorities."

"It will never be enough, they have to pay!!!"

An explosion sends the Cosmic Forces and The Blue Recluse flying. Out of the
debris flies in a man who resembles a robotic hockey player.

"It won't be enough until you're dead and High Stick is the guy for
the job."

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fantomah Calling: Day 2


In a dingy apartment in Drama Bay, California, a man named Mike Boxx,
removes his hockey gear and uniform. Mike has not played the game in five

Not since an injury ended his hockey career before it started. He was at an open
tryout for the Drama Bay Dramatics, when his left skate broke and every ligament in
his left knee was torn.

He rehabbed the knee for months and when he was fully recovered, he realized
he was not nearly fast enough to play professional hockey.

He tried out for local semi pro teams and it was the same story. Nobody could hit
a puck harder, but his speed held him back.

He kept thinking about the broken skate. He saw it was made by Hunt Sporting
Goods. It was after he lost his job at the Gas Station that he snapped.

He lost every thing he cared about. His job, his dream and he kept thinking about
Hunt Sporting Goods. One day he read a story in the paper about Rob Hunt . Jr inheriting his family business.

Boxx boiled with rage at the idea this punk would be handed his dream, while he

One night he took his hockey stick to the Hunt Sporting Goods in Drama Bay.

He hit rocks into the windows, until security got there.

He bashed their heads in with his stick and even took a few cops down. Then
some guy dressed like the Arrow turned up. He knocked him silly with a boxing
glove arrow and he was arrested.

Boxx sat in jail until he was bailed out by a guy who looked like a old time
football coach.

Boxx shook the old guys hand and noticed he had an unusually strong grip. He
explained, that he was a talent scout.

Boxx assumed he meant hockey, but when they arrived at the old warehouse, he realized he was a different type of scout.

He went inside and saw men in yellow/red gym uniforms training. Training in hand to hand
combat, in marksman ship, even in car repair.

Finally the old man introduced himself as "The Trainer". Said he was an old
super hero known as "Varsity Valiant". He refused to explain where he got his
powers, but said he saw potential in Boxx.

He was trainingBoxx to be one of those faceless goons who work for nuts like
Dr.Mindfunk and fight The Liberty Corps.

But a funny thing happened when Mike was training. He proved to be too good to
simply be a thug. Soon Trainer sent him to his Academy of Assassination Arts.

He was in training to be a super villain. He shared a room with the Brawler
Brothers, Billiard and Base.

Near the end of his training, he was sent to meet the Gimmick Guru. Guru
provides costumes and weapons to recent graduates. Boxx decided he wanted to
be "High Stick" and use his skills to destroy Rob Hunt.

But that was a long time ago. Tonight he was suppose to finish off Arrowmatic.

That did not happen, the skull lady cleaned his clock. High Stick did manage to
escape, but he needs a way to even the odds.

Just as he thinks that, he is teleported from his bedroom to something that looks
like the Enterprise on Star Trek. He sees tall aliens with yellow skin and five red

His first instinct is to fight, he tries to tackle one of the aliens and is slammed to
the ground.

Out of the shadows comes a familiar face. It's Crime King, one of the top super
villains in the world. He is wearing some type of armor, he recognizes his face
thru the visor.

"Calm down Mr.Boxx, we are about to make you a powerful man.


The Blue Recluse has been having nightmares for weeks now. He goes back to
the football field at Middle Deal High School. Seeing the strange device that
crashed into the visitors end zone.

He was only Rick Patrick then. A thirty two year old janitor. At the
time he thought he would never amount to anything, that life had passed him by.

He runs over to inspect whatever had crashed in the field. What he saw
resembled an advanced computer. He wrapped his hand in a rag to touch it. His
touch activated it and soon wires grabbed his arm and dug in.

He felt like he was being burned alive and then the scene changes. He is in his
Blue Recluse costume on the roof of the Bulletin building. His old enemy Crime
King is in a suit of armor. King grabs one of his spider legs and rips it off.

The pain was unbearable and his arm grows back. Crime King is smiling and he
tears it off again. His teammates Gold Sama, Micro and Old Blur are standing
around having idle conversation, as he is tortured by Crime King.

Just as Crime King is about to rip his arm off once again, he is saved. A ball of
energy takes the form of a woman, or is it a man. It is so difficult to tell.

She walks over and plunges her fist into Crime King's chest and offers it to the
Blue Recluse for nourishment.

She mouths a single word.


The Recluse wakes up and leaps out the window. It is time to hunt.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Cosmic Forces: Fantomah Calling: Day 1


The White Fury, Duel-Devil and Arrowmatic have been fighting crime in Drama Bay the past week.
Sama has has other concerns, while Tsarong is attempting to train the girl called Star Shock.

Duel-Devil speaks to Arrowmatic.

"I'm happy to help take out bad guys, but why are we at Hunt Sporting Goods?"

"Someone has been blowing up Hunt Sporting Goods stores across America.

This is the final stop on his schedule."

White Fury asks a question.

"Why are you trying to stop him now?"

Arrowmatic looks at the ground.

"Tried before, went after him in Arizona, just before that business with the Rulians and he got away."

Arrowmatic decides to omit the detail of the villain beating him fairly easily.

An explosion destroys the basketball display in the center of the store. Duel-Devil springs to action.

"Guy is not exactly subtle."

Another explosion takes out a row of registers. White Fury having a degree of invulnerability runs toward the explosions. What she finds surprises her. It is a man in a red and white hockey uniform.

"This is the guy, you've had so much trouble with?"

A metal hockey stick catches Fury in the jaw and she is blinded by a powder

"Name's High Stick girly and I'm nothing to mess with."

Duel-Devil sends two boomerangs at High Stick, who blocks both with his goalie blocker.

High Stick drops a puck on the floor and sends it at Duel-Devil, but before it can hit, a glue arrow snags it.

Arrowmatic sets up his four sided bow and fires arrows at High Stick, who sends four pucks with one shot to deflect them.

Before he can make another move, he is grabbed by White Fury and punched across the store.

Even though his pads absorbed some of the impact, he is still hurt.

"I can't handle your lady friend, Arrow, but I'll be back."

He fires a flammable puck at the jerseys, presses a button to release his skates and escapes, as the heroes put out the fire.


The Rulian Space Cruiser orbiting the planet Jupiter.

Crime King is monitoring Drama Bay on Earth.

"Retro-9, did you see that?"

"The battle between the Cosmic Forces and the hockey player?"

"Yes, he fought three of them to a stand still with explosives and modified
hockey equipment. Imagine the damage he could do with Rulian Technology."

Cyphred walks up to Crime King and his robotic ally.

"You expect one human to defeat a super human army?"

"No, but perhaps he can thin their ranks, giving us time to revive the Infini-Knight."

"Do it then Crime King."

It is the commander of the Rulian Cruiser, Crolok.

"I want the Gold Sama dead. It will not be long, before our superiors send out a search party. The Ruler must not know of my failure."


In the private gym of Jed DuPont, on the twenty seventh floor of DuPont

Becky Sanders, in the guise of Star Shock, is fighting Jianhu, better known as Tsarong.

"Ms.Sanders, we need to find out how powerful you are. To do this, I am going to engage you in combat."

Becky looks at the man known as Jianhu. He is a short, older Asian man. He looks to be in good shape for his age.

But she cannot imagine what he could possibly do to her.

"Alright um, Jianhu. Here I come."

Becky in her Star Shock costume runs at Jianhu and throws a wild punch.
Jianhu flips her to the ground, and puts her in a hammerlock.

"Ms.Sanders, you will have to do better than that. I am an elderly man, imagine what a real threat could do to you?"

Becky Sanders face turns red with embarrassment and a bright yellow aura
surrounds her. She throws Jianhu off of her and charges him at full power.

Jianhu blocks every punch, the impact is enough to make his arms numb.

She grabs him by his top and throws him to the ground. She lifts her hands up, as they crackle with energy and fires a beam of energy at Jianhu. He puts his hands together and chants.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

A grey barrier surrounds Jianhu, and the energy bounces off of it.

"Girl, that was incredibly reckless."

"Hey, you are the one who wanted me to go all out."

"This tower is filled with people. Did you give no thought to them or of my life?"

"I figured you could handle it and you did."

Becky wonders why she overdid it. Jianhu is just trying to help her cope with her new powers.

At the same time, Jianhu wonders why he snapped at Becky Sanders. She was simply following his instructions. He feels something in the air, but it is beyond his perceptions.

He wishes that the Sama were at full power. He would be able to reveal the extra
ordinary force in the air.

The Laboratory of the Micro.

The Micro examines the man known as the Blue Recluse. In a fight with the King
of Crime, one of his spider legs were ripped off.

"Recluse your powers are amazing. While you are obviously a spider, you seem
to have other powers as well. Your spider leg is regenerating, in two weeks it
should be back."

"I'm going to make Crime King pay for this. Tear him out of that tin can and eat
him alive."

Micro turns a bit green.

"You, you don't mean that literately, do you Recluse?"

The man known as Old Blur chimes in.

"Of course he means it. You have known Ricky for ten years. That spider
persona combined with human hate is a scary thing.

You can't blame him, can you?"

"Well I understand being angry. But as heroes, we hold ourselves to a higher

Recluse fires a stream of blue silk from his throat.

"Who said I was a hero....."

Before he swings out of the room, he feels a shock to his system. Like someone
is watching him.

"What's wrong Ricky?"

The Recluse looks around.


The Blue Recluse swings out of the room.

The office of Jed DuPont

Jed DuPont sits on the floor attempting to reach the astral plane. Attempting
to contact the Pyramid Master and find out why he sent his latest avatar to him.

"Hey Sama, trying to make a collect call?"

It is Jake Finmen, otherwise known as the Fin Man. He is the bastard son of
Atlantis and has great powers as a Human/Atlantean hybrid. He has rejoined the
team of the Gold Sama for the time being and is far from happy about it.

"What is it Jacob?"

"Stop calling me Jacob. When I quit my job at your request, I
assumed I would have something to do, besides sitting on my butt. Am I suppose to be your kept boy?"

"Jacob, Fin Man, I do not want you in the field without me or Tsarong nearby. You need to ease yourself back into action."

"You're the one who begged me to come back. I was happy delivering

Fin Man slams the door and leaves.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: The Conclusion


Crime King has no idea who the girl in the red and green costume is. He does not recognize the Thunder/Pyramid emblem. He just knows she nearly shorted out his fighter suit with a single blast of energy.

He gets back to his feet and flies at the girl, but her speed is greater than he expected. She punches him in the chest and cracks the fighter suit open.

Crime King's mind flashes back to the battle at Liberty Base. He was taken apart by the Horse Power known as Unicorn.

The armor he wears now is far more powerful. It defeated the Gold Sama. The energy reading coming off of the girl is insane.

He must not lose. He could overload the circuits in the fighter suit and teleport back to the Rulian Cruiser.

That would wipe Drama Bay, Gold Sama and the mystery girl off the face of the Earth. But Crime King is not sure if he is prepared to commit mass murder.

The thunder/pyramid on the girl is glowing. He has to make a decision. But before he can make that choice, he is contacted by Retro-9.

"Observation: Tide of battle has shifted. Rulians teleporting away in mass. Retreat immediately."

"Another time girl."

Crime King teleports back to the Rulian Space Cruiser.


Gold Sama is seriously injured, but he must speak to the young woman. The emblem on her chest looks familiar.

"Who are you?"

Becky Sanders thinks to herself. What name could she use. She thought maybe Thunder Queen, but that is an old movie serial and is probably copyrighted.

Maybe Lightning Girl? No that is not right either. Finally the name comes to her.

"Call me Star Shock. The Pyramid Master told me to find you. But I guess I was hoping that Egypt was a crazy dream."

The Gold Sama recognizes the name of the Pyramid Master. The Council hesitantly considered him an ally. He has had his own champions appear periodically, though this is the first one he has decades.

"What do you plan to do now Star Shock?"

"Well I have a political science class in fifteen minutes."

"Come to DuPont Tower in three hours, we have things to discuss."


DuPont Tower,

The auditorium is normally used for corporate presentations. But this presentation is very different. Sitting in seats thru out the room are super heroes.

Some are already allies of the Gold Sama like Jianhu, The Micro, Kid Blur and the Blue Recluse.

Others like the Fin Man have been allies in the past.

Some like the current Duel-Devil, White Fury and Arrowmatic. Bear strong resemblances to past allies of the Sama.

While Star Shock is a completely new element in this disparate group.

The Gold Sama speaks into the microphone.

"I have gathered you together out of necessity. The Earth was invaded by an alien threat today. The Forces of Fate proved to be no match for the Rulians. If not for the intervention of you newcomers, we may very well have lost.

I ask you newcomers to join our ranks. Where the Forces of Fate failed, the Cosmic Forces will stand strong."

The Fin Man stands up.

"I don't know how you got Recluse and Blur to trust you again. But I still remember how you treated me. I only came here because Tsarong asked me."

The Lama remembers Jacob Finmen very well. The young man sought out the Sama, hoping for guidance in the surface world. Instead the Sama simply used him as a weapon to defend the mystic order of life.

"Jacob... I have no right to ask you to stay. But you have seen the Grid Men up close. You have seen the power of the upgraded Retro-9.

I ask you to stay, not for me, but for the very planet."

The Fin Man has sought guidance all his life. Since he was a child celebrity in Atlantis, to when he first appeared on land. As jaded as he pretends to be, deep down he still has hope. For that reason alone, he stays.

Sama then looks at Star Shock. The young woman who has been appointed the latest avatar of the Pyramid Master.

"Young woman, I hope you will join our team. Your power is needed and you will need guidance in learning to properly utilize it. I fear if the Pyramid Master felt the need to appoint a new avatar, then the Rulians may only be the beginning."

Becky Sanders looks up at the Gold Sama  She watches the old Gold Sama cartoon, every morning before class. Now she is expected to join him as a partner and student.

"Will this interfere with school work?"

"No more than the Earth being destroyed."

"Well I guess Star Shock is in."

The group of heroes slowly disperse.

In the orbit of Jupiter flies the Rulian Space Cruiser. Crolok sits in his command chair, nursing his wounds.

He was defeated by a human. A non powered human in combat. He knows he cannot contact the Ruler, until he has conquered the entire planet.

Crime King meanwhile is busily working on upgrading his armor. He will defeat that girl in combat and eventually claim the Rulian Empire as his own. He will be more than the King of Crime, he will be the King of The Cosmos.