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Cosmic Forces:Challenge of The Rulians: Day 1

Cosmic Forces:Challenge of The Rulians


By Matt D

As long time readers may notice, some of the names of the characters of Cosmic Forces have changed. While we know how important canon and consistency is and there will be a story-based explanation, the primary cause of these modifications are to protect the author from the dangerous waters of copyright law.

Great care is taken in these tales of using only new and original creations along with the great heroes and villains of decades past that have fallen into the public domain. These dynamic characters of yesteryear are then given a new sheen of characterization, back story, and dynamism in order to be fleshed out even further as compelling three-dimensional characters. 

That said, others have tried to use these characters in recent years and while this work is neither inspired by nor follows the same creative lines as those uses, problem cases have arisen for others. Therefore, we've decided it best to change names where we think the copyright and trademark are the murkiest. We hope that you find these change to not only smooth and seamless but also to further highlight the originality of the ideas and reinterpretations of the characters contained within the Cosmic Forces Universe. 


Drama Bay California 1985

At DuPont Towers, Jed DuPont is giving a presentation to a group of
shareholders. Explaining the need for the new DuPont Space Station.

One shareholder is a short stocky man. His hair is red and thinning.

"Mr.DuPont why the sudden need to send DuPont Industries into space?

Liberty Corps has their own space station and have been more than
generous to private sector companies in sharing it."

Jed DuPont looks out the window. Even though it is public knowledge he
is the Gold Sama, defender of the mystic order of life, he has down played the
Sama role in the last decade.

Preferring to take care of matters in as low key a fashion as possible. So to
most people The Gold Sama is simply a TV personality from the 1950's and 60's.

But recently things have began to change. The Liberty Corps created a
super powered task force known simply as Horse Power.

His enemy Professor Necro has returned from his fifteen year exile and is
far more powerful than before.

Beings from other dimensions have began to invade Earth on a semi regular
basis. Things like that DragonMace creature and The
Cyborg Abraham Lincoln.

Both times The Gold Sama had to intervene in secret. He has avoided
confronting Necro for the time being. He hopes that Horse Power can defeat him or at the very least weaken him.

Jed DuPont fears the Earth could not survive a fourth battle between the
Gold Sama and Professor Necro.

But he cannot tell this man that he wants to build a space station, to better
monitor the larger solar system for alien activity.

"No one appreciates Liberty Corps more than me. Over the years DuPont
Industries has had many fulfilling interactions with Liberty Corps. In fact we
provided them with a loan to expand their operations.

But we cannot and will not make outer space their sole domain. Not when
there is so much good that can be done. Within a year the DuPont Satellite will pay
for itself......"

Jed DuPont collapses in a heap. When he stands up he sees the entire
room is frozen solid.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The Grey and Gold suit transforms into the Gold silk robe of the Gold

"I am impressed you were able to catch me off guard. But I am ready now,
show yourself."

Out of a green mist appears a translucent gold humanoid. Wearing the emblem of the
of the Gold Sama.

"I apologize for my abrupt appearance, Jed DuPont. But this is a crucial
time in history and I had no time to be gentle."

"Who are you?"

"The Gold Sama of 3402."


"Time Travel via astral projection has been possible for centuries."

"No impossible because you as an artificial construct, possessing no soul,
cannot possibly be a Sama."

"I am a computer program that contains what remains of the Sama Council.

I serve as Gold Sama in a limited capacity."

"What happened to the Council?"

"That data is lost."

"Why are you here? What is this crucial time is history you are concerned

"Earth is about to be invaded by aliens."

"You mean by Professor Necro?"

"No by an alien race known as the Rulians."

"That is outside of my jurisdiction. If they are a natural part of this universe,
they are part of the Mystic Order of Life. At most I could prevent them from
killing humans."

"This invasion has dire consequences for the human race. You must

"Liberty Corps and Horse Power are equipped to deal with it."

The Sama hologram changes the room to look like a war zone.

"Horse Power are the problem. They lack the power to stop the Rulians

So they created more and more Horse Power members."

"And became a totalitarian dictatorship?"

The room changes to show thousands of Horse Powers fighting each other.

"No, the technology becomes too widespread. It started an arms race that
brings the world to the brink of destruction."

DuPont looks appalled by what he sees.

"What do you expect me to do about it?"

"Very soon a battle between Horse Power and Professor Necro will draw a
Rulian Scouter Fleet to Earth. You must destroy all traces of them."

"I can simply attack Necro when he makes his move."

"Horse Power will stop Necro and with less damage to the planet than if
you intervened. Stop the Rulians before Horse Power gets involved. It is the
only way."

The hologram fades a way and the meeting returns to normal.

"Pardon me gentlemen, I must leave."

Jed DuPont flies to the roof of DuPont Towers. He knows the hologram
was telling the truth. He can sense the Rulians in the greater universe.

But an alien invasion is far out of his jurisdiction.

He thinks of the last time he overstepped his bounds. Trying to be the savior
of the world. To be all things to all men.

In the end, he helped no one.

In the end, his actions killed Captain Battle.

In the end, his actions brought the Oblivorex Crystal to this dimension..

Jed DuPont decides this is his responsibility. It is up to him to stop the

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

He once again transforms into the gold and emerald uniform of the Gold Sama.

He is covered in a gold fire and flies into space. Determined to make up for his
previous actions.

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