Thursday, June 27, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians:Day 4


Gold Sama is floating in the vacuum of space. His fine silk gold/grey colored
robe torn to shreds and his body covered in cuts and bruises.

He could kick himself for underestimating the Rulians. He had no idea they
would have super human agents like the being that attacked him.

He finally stops his descent into oblivion and looks at the Rulian Battle Ship, he was attacked
in. He can see the stranger who attacked him standing near the gaping hole.

His stance comes across as someone satisfied with himself. He obviously thinks he destroyed his
enemy. No force in this universe can stop The Gold Sama so easily.

Even though he knows sound cannot travel in space, he still mouths the words as  he out stretches
his arms.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum!!!"

From his hands, emerges a massive golden beam of energy that tears the Space Cruiser in two.



Becky Sanders is on a trip with her classmates from California University:Drama Bay.

She at a pyramid lamp, that she is considering buying for her grandmother.

Suddenly she sinks into the ground. She screams, but no one notices. In fact a few people walk
directly across the hole.

She is in a tomb. She looks around and sees a pyramid with lightning bolts carved into
the wall.

"Rebecca Sanders, I have waited a very long time for you."

"How do you know my name?"

"The Pyramid Master knows all."

A very muscular dark skinned man stands up. Looking at his face, it is clear he is very old. He
has the thunder pyramid emblem carved into his chest.

"Please let me go."

"He opens his eyes and she sees a white light."

"You will be released unharmed and more powerful than any being on this

Becky Sanders is terrified and tries to run, only to find the Pyramid Master
waiting. In his hands is a blue arm band, with a lightning bolt on it.

"You will know when to wear the Band of Annihilation. You shall seek out the Lama to guide you."

The walls melt around Becky Sanders and she is back in the gift shop. With the blue arm band in
her right hand.


Deep Space

Gold Sama flies toward the now ruined Space Cruiser. He knows the attack did not finish off the
one who attacked him.

As he gets closer, he finds himself in a red wire frame cage.

"Human did you think such an attack could kill Infini-Knight?"

Gold Sama kicks Infini-Knight in the chest and palm strikes him in the

"No, that is why I came to finish you off."

"You should have ran human."

Sama holds his hands up to the torso of Infini-Knight and fires a red ball of light.
Inifini-Knight is sent crashing into his own grid cage.

He splits himself into four forms. Sama nods and splits himself into four separate

Infini-Knight is caught off guard, obviously Earth requires closer inspection.


LA, California

Brad Simon took up the mantle of Duel-Devil four years ago.

His dad had been part of the team of Duel-Devils in the 60's and 70's. He (and the other Little Wise
Guys) had been sidekicks to the original Duel-Devil in his glory days.

Back then his Dad was called Curly.

Eventually the original Duel-Devil, suffered a career ending injury of some sort. So the Wise Guys took up the mantle of Duel-Devil.

The four friends worked as a team and kept the peace. But over time, they got older, started
families and eventually losing contact.

They each dropped their Duel-Devil activities, until only Curly was left. Curly wore the original
Blue and Yellow uniform of the Devil.

Curly was killed in the late seventies and right before training his only son, to take his place
as Duel-Devil.

His dad was not a rich man, so they did not have the resources to travel the
world. Instead his dad gave him a crash course in throwing boomerangs and

The big day finally came and he debuted as Duel-Devil. He decided to wear a blue and yellow
version of the uniform.

He has ran into various villains, the last few years.

He stopped Crime King and Retro-9 from stealing plutonium.

He stopped The Scrambler from killing the President of the LA Clippers. That was a nasty fight and
he still has a scar on his arm from it.

He tried to stop Thunder Thief from ruining the Rose Bowl. He did stop
Thief, but it shorted out the power in LA and the game had to be rescheduled.

What is Duel-Devil doing right now? Pushing his old dirt bike home, because it ran out of gas, in
the middle of a high speed chase.

He had finally busted Jacob Catskill. One of the highest ranking members of the Grim Circle's LA
branch. Catskill got into his limo and took off.

Duel-Devil hopped on his yellow and blue Duel Cycle and gave chase. Until after two hours, it ran
out of gas.

Dad never told him about nights like this.

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