Friday, June 28, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: Day 5


Deep Space

Within the Grid Cage of Infini-Knight, three duplicates of Gold Sama, are
engaged in combat with three grid clones of Infini-Knight.

Even though their powers come from different sources, Sama and the
Knight are evenly matched.

Gold Sama joins hands with the three duplicates and creates a violent tempest within the Grid Cage, that destroys the three grid clones of Infini-Knight. Sama absorbs his three duplicates and fractures the chest of

The grid cage fades away and they are back in deep space. Infini-Knight's chest heals and his arms morph into cannons and fire at Gold Sama, who blocks both blast easily.

Infini-Knight shifts out of this dimension and appears behind Gold Sama, firing a large wave of energy at him.

Sama folds his arms together and chants.

"Om Mani Padme Hum"

Infini-Knight finds himself, gripped by grey bands of energy and pulled into a side dimension.

Gold Sama looks down upon Infini-Knight in this nightmare dimension.

"Rulian you have greatly underestimated my power."

Infini-Knight is overwhelmed by a swarm of demons. But as leader of the Ruling Class, he will not give in. He releases a large quantity of the grid bombs, annihilating the strange creatures.

He uses the Grid Energy to become a giant, out growing the dimension and bringing them back to space.

Sama was not expecting Infini-Knight to fight his way out of the dimension.

He is left feeling disoriented. Giving Infini-Knight the opening to stab him with the sword he formed from his left hand.

Gold Sama's blood floats out of his wound, into the vacuum of space.


Delta Town, Iowa

Billy Francis just turned one. His room is filled with stuffed
animals and story books filled with fantastic adventures.

Little does Billy know, but deep within his room, on a level he could never imagine, a fantastic adventure is taking place.

Arnold Barrow is a scientist. A man who created an incredible invention in 1975, but one that came with a great price. He discovered another dimension beneath us.

Unfortunately in discovering it, he punctured a hole in our reality. Thru that hole came the Insectites. Bug like aliens from this other dimension.

Dr.Barrow attempted to stop the invasion on his own, but he was quickly subdued by the Insectites. If not for the intervention of the Gold Sama and the Forces of Fate, he would be dead.

Instead he sealed the hole to the Insectiverse and learned to utilize its energies for his own use. He becomes. the shrinking super hero known as the Micro, and when the occasion calls for it, he becomes the super sized Macro.

He never hesitates to help those in need, whether it be busting up gangs, or stopping bank robberies. But most of his time is spent stopping the Insectites from invading our world.

He has very delicate instruments that warn him of areas that are vulnerable.

These little pinholes are all the Insectites need to enter our dimension.

He finds that one of the Insectites has managed to get thru. The Insectite in
proportion is very large. It has one big eye, ten antennae and 25 arms.

The Micro narrowly misses the stream of venom fired at him by the Insectite.

Micro takes off a flash grenade and throws it at the monster. Its one eye blinded,

The Micro grows to the point, it is slightly larger than the Insectite.

Two punches from his shock gauntlets knock out the Insectite. Not a violent man by nature, the Micro simply sends the creature back to the Insectiverse.

Meanwhile little Billy Francis is being sang to sleep by his grandparents. Just as the Micro grows to his full six foot eight frame.

"Oh pardon me folks, I'll show myself out."


Deep Space

The Gold Sama believes he is dying. The Infini-Knight has just stabbed him in the torso. His blood is floating from the wound into space.

His concern is not for his own life. Rather it is leaving Earth defenseless to a Rulian invasion. The disparate super heroes on the planet, do not have enough power or team work to stop them.

From fighting Infini-Knight alone, he knows Horse Power will have to expand its ranks to stop him. What if these Rulians join forces with Necro?

He must stop the Infini-Knight by any means necessary.

As the Knight comes to inspect the body of Gold Sama, his head is grabbed.

"Rulian you have forced my hand. As my life force leaves me, I will destroy you. using my powers in a way that violates everything I stand for.."

Gold Sama enters the mind of the Infini-Knight. The alien nature of the mind, nearly destroys him. But still he persist, pushing forward until he reaches the core of the Infini-Knight's mind.

He grabs it and with one telepathic push, crushes it to psychic pulp. The shock waves overwhelms Gold Sama and the world turns white.

The Infini-Knight is now brain dead.


Drama Bay, California

Jed DuPont wakes up on the couch in his office. He would wonder if the deep space adventure was a dream, but the cuts, welts, bruises and burns on his body show him it was real.

The last thing he remembers is destroying the mind of the Infini-Knight. The
psychic shock waves knocked him unconscious. Perhaps he teleported home on instinct.

"The Council rescued you from deep space."


"Yes, as always, I am at your service."

"The Council knew of my trip?"

"Yes, they knew of your visitor."

"I had to go, you must understand the visions."

"I believe you, but the Council grows weary. They would have allowed you to die, but because of the massacre of 1969, there are no candidates ready to become Sama."

"And what of you Tsarong?"

"I could never replace you. Tell me Jed, do you believe these Rulians are gone?"

"I truly hope so."


Deep Space

On the one surviving Rulian Space Cruiser, Cyphred and Crolok collect the body of Infini-Knight. His body still functions and has full access to the Grid Zone. But his mind appears to be gone.

"Crolok, can the Infini-Knight recover?"

"I believe we can piece together a semblance of what he was."

" What of Earth? Do we abandon it and return home."

"The Ruler must not know of my failure here. Not until we present him with the body of the Gold Sama."

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