Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: Day 3


Tokyo, Japan

Jacob Finman runs thru the streets of Tokyo. A few minutes before, he leaped out of the water, and began running down the pier.

He avoids being hit by cars and leaps over a cyclist. He climbs up the fire
escape, so he can run roof top to roof top.

Inside a corporate boardroom, several seedy businessmen are having a meeting.

Before they can finalize their deal, Finman burst in thru the front door. He runs up to the business man at the end of the table and slams a package down.

"You have a package, sign here."

The man quickly signs for the package, and Jacob Finman leaves the room.

The former "Fin Man" has seen better days.


Deep Space

Crolok sits in the command chair on the bridge of the Rulian Warship. His
second in command, has informed him that a scouter fleet was just destroyed by a human.

"Cyphred, this is preposterous. Humans have not even mastered deep space travel by ship, yet you expect me to believe a human flew here under his own power......

Cyphred, what is that?"

Looking at the monitor, he sees a hooded man in green flying toward the ship under his own power.

The man holds out his hand and fires a bolt of energy into the largest Rulian

The power in the ship briefly flickers on and off.

"This is impossible. Send out a Battle Fleet, along with a squad of suit fighters."

Out of the Rulian Warships, comes fleets of armored Rulians in advance battle suits and others in ships resembling the ones, Gold Sama destroyed earlier.

The Suit Fighters fire bolts of energy at Sama, who shrinks out of sight to avoid them. The leader of the Suit Fighters looks confused. The energy readers in his helmet are unable to find a trace of the hooded man.

The readings briefly go berserk, when Gold Sama grows to the size of a large moon and destroys most of the Suit Fighters in a single swipe.

The ships begin firing at full power at the giant Sama, only to see him shatter to a million pieces. The pieces reform as tiny Gold Samas and hack away at the Rulian Squadron with tiny energy bolts.

Some of the Rulians are veterans of the battle with Sun Smasher and his Sunpyre horde. But this is pure insanity, things like this Gold Sama should not exist.

Soon the Suit Fighters and the Rulian Jets are destroyed. Though the operators are mostly alive.

Gold Sama reconfigures himself and teleports into the largest Rulian Ship.


Drama Bay, California

A small group of thugs have broke into Hunt Sporting Goods. They heard a
rumor, that the safe has over twenty thousand dollars in it.

The men are not particularly bright, but are skilled thieves. They get inside without tripping an alarm.

Before they can get to the safe, they hear a voice.

"You know the safe is empty."

The thieves turn around and see a man in bright red tights, wearing a red visor, with several quivers of arrows and bows strapped to his body.

"The heck is this guy?"

"He looks like that guy from the newsreels."

"The Arrow?"

"Yeah, Yeah, I saw a TV special bout him the other night."

The man in bright red with the black hair and goatee smiles.

"Hmm that was on PBS right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Nothing, nothing, you just don't look very sophisticated."

"Now why do ya gotta say that?"

The leader of the thieves looks agitated.

"Who cares, SHOOT HIM!!!"

The men fire their pistols at the man, and realize he is already gone. In rapid
succession, four arrows are fired.

One is an electric net, and shocks two of the men into unconsciousness.

The second is a glue arrow and binds the victim to the ground.

The third is a hard foam brass knuckle arrow and knocks the victim out.

The man walks over to gloat.

"So glad, I started that rumor, about the money in the safe. It allowed me to test my arrows in a controlled environment. I think it is time for Arrowmatic to hit the streets."


Rulians possess one unique power and that is the ability to teleport over long distances.

Crolok and Cyphred use this ability to escape from Gold Sama. Going into a smaller transport vessel nearby. Once there they put in a distress call to The Ruling Class.

The Ruling Class are the elite super powered defense force of the Rulian Empire.

They are only contacted in the most extreme emergencies. Right now, Crolox and Cypred consider this an extreme emergency.

Teleporting onto the bridge of the tiny saucer like ship is Infini-Knight. He wears a multicolored computerized wire frame armor.

Crolok walks up nervously.

"Forgive me Inifi-Knight, but you are the only one? We requested the entire
Ruling Class."

"Captain Croloc, you know we are at war with the Dominorse. Right now Moon Front and Ghost Chase are holding off the reptilian scum by themselves.

I only came out of curiosity. I must see the human that can decimate a Class 6 Rulian War Ship."

As he says this, the small vessel is rattled by an intense shock wave, created by a Gold Sama attack.

Infini-Knight turns his right arm into a cannon.

"Yes I must see this."

The Star Ships in the Rulian Battle Fleet, actually resemble gigantic golden flying saucers. The largest ship in this particular fleet is the size of a small moon.

It is on this ship that the Gold Sama has launched his attack. The Rulian
security forces on this ship, are very well trained. They surround Sama and demand he surrender.

Sama simply lifts his hand and with a simple telekinetic shove, knocks out the security force. Sama looks around dissatisfied with more pointless violence. He turns intangible and flies to the next floor.

He is greeted by two Suit Fighters. They fire their pulse cannons at full power, and Sama narrowly avoids the attack. The cannons tear a hole in the hull of the ship.

He realizes the Rulians are desperate, if they are letting these armored fighters destroy the ship.

Sama flies toward one Suit Fighter and kicks it in the head. Another punches him and Sama ducks, punches it in the chest.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum!!!"

His hands out stretched, a wave of energy cripples both armors. He seals the damaged hulls with debris.

He finally reaches the bridge of the cruiser and finds it empty

A man emerges from the center of the room, wearing multicolored armor that resembles a computerized wire frame. Each arm and leg, along with his torso, has a different color.

Much larger than the Gold Sama. He fires a current of energy, that sends Sama flying out of the ship.

He is the leader of the Rulian Elite Ruling Class. He is the Infini-Knight.

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