Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: Day 2


The Gold Sama left the Milky Way an hour ago. He flies toward the energy
signature of the Rulian scouter fleet.

Sama is not exactly sure what he will do. Right now he hopes that perhaps he can
negotiate with them.

Perhaps telepathically make them forget that Earth even

In his tenure are Sama, he has encountered other dimensional beings, so The
Rulians do not intimidate him. As he gets closer he sees a trio of gold space ships
that resemble a combination of an F-14 bomber and a badminton birdie.

The ships notice Sama immediately and fire energy missiles at him. He
quickly forms a force field around himself and absorbs the attacks.

The ships are now circling Sama, he is impressed. These Rulians are
obviously well trained.

Sama serenely floats in place. Insisting on the Rulians making the first move.

One Rulian known as Ryclorg is the senior officer of the trio.

"Who is this? He can't be a Dominorse."

The other pilot is named Cawbreck. He recently graduated from the Rulian
military academy.

"Ryclorg, as hard as this is to believe, I think he is a human."

"A human flew into deep space without a ship and and deflected pulse missiles
without armor?"

The third Rulian is known as Simor. He is an older pilot, but never obtained any
real rank in the empire. He is simply a good hand.

"Ryclorg we shouldn't underestimate the humans. One managed to send a
message to The Ruler and you saw the crazy energy signatures that planet is giving off right now."

"Alright Simor, we cannot take any chances, we need to vaporize the human
before he gets to the Command ship."

The three ships prepare to fire on the Lama, when suddenly his eyes open and he
holds out his hand palm first. Out of them comes a gold wave of energy that
destroys the ship carrying Simor.

Ryclorg attempts to fly into the Sama, who turns intangible. He turns around on a
dime and flies back, only to be crushed by a telekinetic force field.

That leaves young Cawbreck. Instead of fighting Sama, he retreats to gain

Sama turns back into intangible energy and pursues him. But not before making
sure Ryclorg and Simor are alive.


Mexico City

The White Fury prowls the rooftops every night. Her real name is Mia Rivera and her father was  El Terror Negro. Or in the United States, The Black Terror of Mexico.

Her father was a pharmacist in a poor neighborhood who grew tired of the Grim Circle's violence. One night he saw a news report that showed the Black Terror of America. He saw his phenomenal feats of strength and wondered how he obtained such power.

He began work on a chemical compound that would duplicate the Terror's
powers. He had heard rumors that the Terror had obtained his powers thru a

After weeks of failure, Eduardo finally perfected the formula. To honor his
inspiration, he donned the costume of the Black Terror.

Soon he declared war on the Grim Circle and eventually drove them out of the city. For over a decade things were relatively peaceful.

Until one day the Grim Circle returned. They were more vicious than before.

They were more brazen than before. More self assured, like they no longer
feared the Terror.

But her father fought on, positive he could win in the end. But Mia's father was
wrong, one night his neck was broken and a hole was burned into his chest.

Mia's father was dead. She tried to live her life. She had started attending the university, but her father's death haunted her. She had already lost her mother to the Grim Circle and now her father was lost.

She came across a old newspaper in her father's lab about an American hero
named the Black Fury. Rumor had it he was connected to the original Twin

Mia went thru her father's notes and recreated the formula. She had already trained for years in various martial arts and forensic sciences.

Until she was ready to become, The White Fury.

She decimated the Grim Circle in weeks. She has been careful not to rely on
brute force like her Papa had. No she struck them with surgical precision.

Making sure it did maximum damage to their business.

It is a rainy Friday night and she is hidden in a warehouse. She heard a rumor, that the Grim Circle is set to receive a big drug shipment from Afghanistan.

Once she destroys this warehouse she can hunt down the leaders at her leisure.

She leaps down and smashes one guard in the jaw and another in the gut. Soon she is surrounded, but nimbly dodges most of the bullets. She tries to dodge all attacks, not wanting to become dependent on her invulnerability.

She grabs a chain and swings across the room and drives her knee into another guard's face.

A voice emerges from the shadows?.

"Really, this is "the large man" who has been destroying my operations?"

Fury sees a sudden light leave the shadows and strike her in the knee. She falls to the ground, shocked at both the speed and the pain.

"I thought when I killed El Terror Negro, that I would be free of costumed

Fury tries to hold back tears. She ignores the pain in her leg and stands up.

Out of the shadows emerges a man in a satanic red wrestling mask. He is
wearing a fine suit.


Fury punches the man three times. But on her forth attempt he simply catches her fist and crushes it.

"Your chemically induced powers can not match the might of Demonico Mascara.

You will die here, but I will not give you the honor of dying directly by my hand.

Instead you will die like these pathetic stooges who failed me. Or perhaps you will be maimed. I doubt you will be stupid enough to fight me twice."

He grabs her by the throat and tosses her into a support beam.

His eyes then glow as he vaporizes every pillar in the building. Before the roof can cave in, he teleports away in a blink of brimstone.

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