Friday, June 28, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: Day 5


Deep Space

Within the Grid Cage of Infini-Knight, three duplicates of Gold Sama, are
engaged in combat with three grid clones of Infini-Knight.

Even though their powers come from different sources, Sama and the
Knight are evenly matched.

Gold Sama joins hands with the three duplicates and creates a violent tempest within the Grid Cage, that destroys the three grid clones of Infini-Knight. Sama absorbs his three duplicates and fractures the chest of

The grid cage fades away and they are back in deep space. Infini-Knight's chest heals and his arms morph into cannons and fire at Gold Sama, who blocks both blast easily.

Infini-Knight shifts out of this dimension and appears behind Gold Sama, firing a large wave of energy at him.

Sama folds his arms together and chants.

"Om Mani Padme Hum"

Infini-Knight finds himself, gripped by grey bands of energy and pulled into a side dimension.

Gold Sama looks down upon Infini-Knight in this nightmare dimension.

"Rulian you have greatly underestimated my power."

Infini-Knight is overwhelmed by a swarm of demons. But as leader of the Ruling Class, he will not give in. He releases a large quantity of the grid bombs, annihilating the strange creatures.

He uses the Grid Energy to become a giant, out growing the dimension and bringing them back to space.

Sama was not expecting Infini-Knight to fight his way out of the dimension.

He is left feeling disoriented. Giving Infini-Knight the opening to stab him with the sword he formed from his left hand.

Gold Sama's blood floats out of his wound, into the vacuum of space.


Delta Town, Iowa

Billy Francis just turned one. His room is filled with stuffed
animals and story books filled with fantastic adventures.

Little does Billy know, but deep within his room, on a level he could never imagine, a fantastic adventure is taking place.

Arnold Barrow is a scientist. A man who created an incredible invention in 1975, but one that came with a great price. He discovered another dimension beneath us.

Unfortunately in discovering it, he punctured a hole in our reality. Thru that hole came the Insectites. Bug like aliens from this other dimension.

Dr.Barrow attempted to stop the invasion on his own, but he was quickly subdued by the Insectites. If not for the intervention of the Gold Sama and the Forces of Fate, he would be dead.

Instead he sealed the hole to the Insectiverse and learned to utilize its energies for his own use. He becomes. the shrinking super hero known as the Micro, and when the occasion calls for it, he becomes the super sized Macro.

He never hesitates to help those in need, whether it be busting up gangs, or stopping bank robberies. But most of his time is spent stopping the Insectites from invading our world.

He has very delicate instruments that warn him of areas that are vulnerable.

These little pinholes are all the Insectites need to enter our dimension.

He finds that one of the Insectites has managed to get thru. The Insectite in
proportion is very large. It has one big eye, ten antennae and 25 arms.

The Micro narrowly misses the stream of venom fired at him by the Insectite.

Micro takes off a flash grenade and throws it at the monster. Its one eye blinded,

The Micro grows to the point, it is slightly larger than the Insectite.

Two punches from his shock gauntlets knock out the Insectite. Not a violent man by nature, the Micro simply sends the creature back to the Insectiverse.

Meanwhile little Billy Francis is being sang to sleep by his grandparents. Just as the Micro grows to his full six foot eight frame.

"Oh pardon me folks, I'll show myself out."


Deep Space

The Gold Sama believes he is dying. The Infini-Knight has just stabbed him in the torso. His blood is floating from the wound into space.

His concern is not for his own life. Rather it is leaving Earth defenseless to a Rulian invasion. The disparate super heroes on the planet, do not have enough power or team work to stop them.

From fighting Infini-Knight alone, he knows Horse Power will have to expand its ranks to stop him. What if these Rulians join forces with Necro?

He must stop the Infini-Knight by any means necessary.

As the Knight comes to inspect the body of Gold Sama, his head is grabbed.

"Rulian you have forced my hand. As my life force leaves me, I will destroy you. using my powers in a way that violates everything I stand for.."

Gold Sama enters the mind of the Infini-Knight. The alien nature of the mind, nearly destroys him. But still he persist, pushing forward until he reaches the core of the Infini-Knight's mind.

He grabs it and with one telepathic push, crushes it to psychic pulp. The shock waves overwhelms Gold Sama and the world turns white.

The Infini-Knight is now brain dead.


Drama Bay, California

Jed DuPont wakes up on the couch in his office. He would wonder if the deep space adventure was a dream, but the cuts, welts, bruises and burns on his body show him it was real.

The last thing he remembers is destroying the mind of the Infini-Knight. The
psychic shock waves knocked him unconscious. Perhaps he teleported home on instinct.

"The Council rescued you from deep space."


"Yes, as always, I am at your service."

"The Council knew of my trip?"

"Yes, they knew of your visitor."

"I had to go, you must understand the visions."

"I believe you, but the Council grows weary. They would have allowed you to die, but because of the massacre of 1969, there are no candidates ready to become Sama."

"And what of you Tsarong?"

"I could never replace you. Tell me Jed, do you believe these Rulians are gone?"

"I truly hope so."


Deep Space

On the one surviving Rulian Space Cruiser, Cyphred and Crolok collect the body of Infini-Knight. His body still functions and has full access to the Grid Zone. But his mind appears to be gone.

"Crolok, can the Infini-Knight recover?"

"I believe we can piece together a semblance of what he was."

" What of Earth? Do we abandon it and return home."

"The Ruler must not know of my failure here. Not until we present him with the body of the Gold Sama."

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians:Day 4


Gold Sama is floating in the vacuum of space. His fine silk gold/grey colored
robe torn to shreds and his body covered in cuts and bruises.

He could kick himself for underestimating the Rulians. He had no idea they
would have super human agents like the being that attacked him.

He finally stops his descent into oblivion and looks at the Rulian Battle Ship, he was attacked
in. He can see the stranger who attacked him standing near the gaping hole.

His stance comes across as someone satisfied with himself. He obviously thinks he destroyed his
enemy. No force in this universe can stop The Gold Sama so easily.

Even though he knows sound cannot travel in space, he still mouths the words as  he out stretches
his arms.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum!!!"

From his hands, emerges a massive golden beam of energy that tears the Space Cruiser in two.



Becky Sanders is on a trip with her classmates from California University:Drama Bay.

She at a pyramid lamp, that she is considering buying for her grandmother.

Suddenly she sinks into the ground. She screams, but no one notices. In fact a few people walk
directly across the hole.

She is in a tomb. She looks around and sees a pyramid with lightning bolts carved into
the wall.

"Rebecca Sanders, I have waited a very long time for you."

"How do you know my name?"

"The Pyramid Master knows all."

A very muscular dark skinned man stands up. Looking at his face, it is clear he is very old. He
has the thunder pyramid emblem carved into his chest.

"Please let me go."

"He opens his eyes and she sees a white light."

"You will be released unharmed and more powerful than any being on this

Becky Sanders is terrified and tries to run, only to find the Pyramid Master
waiting. In his hands is a blue arm band, with a lightning bolt on it.

"You will know when to wear the Band of Annihilation. You shall seek out the Lama to guide you."

The walls melt around Becky Sanders and she is back in the gift shop. With the blue arm band in
her right hand.


Deep Space

Gold Sama flies toward the now ruined Space Cruiser. He knows the attack did not finish off the
one who attacked him.

As he gets closer, he finds himself in a red wire frame cage.

"Human did you think such an attack could kill Infini-Knight?"

Gold Sama kicks Infini-Knight in the chest and palm strikes him in the

"No, that is why I came to finish you off."

"You should have ran human."

Sama holds his hands up to the torso of Infini-Knight and fires a red ball of light.
Inifini-Knight is sent crashing into his own grid cage.

He splits himself into four forms. Sama nods and splits himself into four separate

Infini-Knight is caught off guard, obviously Earth requires closer inspection.


LA, California

Brad Simon took up the mantle of Duel-Devil four years ago.

His dad had been part of the team of Duel-Devils in the 60's and 70's. He (and the other Little Wise
Guys) had been sidekicks to the original Duel-Devil in his glory days.

Back then his Dad was called Curly.

Eventually the original Duel-Devil, suffered a career ending injury of some sort. So the Wise Guys took up the mantle of Duel-Devil.

The four friends worked as a team and kept the peace. But over time, they got older, started
families and eventually losing contact.

They each dropped their Duel-Devil activities, until only Curly was left. Curly wore the original
Blue and Yellow uniform of the Devil.

Curly was killed in the late seventies and right before training his only son, to take his place
as Duel-Devil.

His dad was not a rich man, so they did not have the resources to travel the
world. Instead his dad gave him a crash course in throwing boomerangs and

The big day finally came and he debuted as Duel-Devil. He decided to wear a blue and yellow
version of the uniform.

He has ran into various villains, the last few years.

He stopped Crime King and Retro-9 from stealing plutonium.

He stopped The Scrambler from killing the President of the LA Clippers. That was a nasty fight and
he still has a scar on his arm from it.

He tried to stop Thunder Thief from ruining the Rose Bowl. He did stop
Thief, but it shorted out the power in LA and the game had to be rescheduled.

What is Duel-Devil doing right now? Pushing his old dirt bike home, because it ran out of gas, in
the middle of a high speed chase.

He had finally busted Jacob Catskill. One of the highest ranking members of the Grim Circle's LA
branch. Catskill got into his limo and took off.

Duel-Devil hopped on his yellow and blue Duel Cycle and gave chase. Until after two hours, it ran
out of gas.

Dad never told him about nights like this.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: Day 3


Tokyo, Japan

Jacob Finman runs thru the streets of Tokyo. A few minutes before, he leaped out of the water, and began running down the pier.

He avoids being hit by cars and leaps over a cyclist. He climbs up the fire
escape, so he can run roof top to roof top.

Inside a corporate boardroom, several seedy businessmen are having a meeting.

Before they can finalize their deal, Finman burst in thru the front door. He runs up to the business man at the end of the table and slams a package down.

"You have a package, sign here."

The man quickly signs for the package, and Jacob Finman leaves the room.

The former "Fin Man" has seen better days.


Deep Space

Crolok sits in the command chair on the bridge of the Rulian Warship. His
second in command, has informed him that a scouter fleet was just destroyed by a human.

"Cyphred, this is preposterous. Humans have not even mastered deep space travel by ship, yet you expect me to believe a human flew here under his own power......

Cyphred, what is that?"

Looking at the monitor, he sees a hooded man in green flying toward the ship under his own power.

The man holds out his hand and fires a bolt of energy into the largest Rulian

The power in the ship briefly flickers on and off.

"This is impossible. Send out a Battle Fleet, along with a squad of suit fighters."

Out of the Rulian Warships, comes fleets of armored Rulians in advance battle suits and others in ships resembling the ones, Gold Sama destroyed earlier.

The Suit Fighters fire bolts of energy at Sama, who shrinks out of sight to avoid them. The leader of the Suit Fighters looks confused. The energy readers in his helmet are unable to find a trace of the hooded man.

The readings briefly go berserk, when Gold Sama grows to the size of a large moon and destroys most of the Suit Fighters in a single swipe.

The ships begin firing at full power at the giant Sama, only to see him shatter to a million pieces. The pieces reform as tiny Gold Samas and hack away at the Rulian Squadron with tiny energy bolts.

Some of the Rulians are veterans of the battle with Sun Smasher and his Sunpyre horde. But this is pure insanity, things like this Gold Sama should not exist.

Soon the Suit Fighters and the Rulian Jets are destroyed. Though the operators are mostly alive.

Gold Sama reconfigures himself and teleports into the largest Rulian Ship.


Drama Bay, California

A small group of thugs have broke into Hunt Sporting Goods. They heard a
rumor, that the safe has over twenty thousand dollars in it.

The men are not particularly bright, but are skilled thieves. They get inside without tripping an alarm.

Before they can get to the safe, they hear a voice.

"You know the safe is empty."

The thieves turn around and see a man in bright red tights, wearing a red visor, with several quivers of arrows and bows strapped to his body.

"The heck is this guy?"

"He looks like that guy from the newsreels."

"The Arrow?"

"Yeah, Yeah, I saw a TV special bout him the other night."

The man in bright red with the black hair and goatee smiles.

"Hmm that was on PBS right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Nothing, nothing, you just don't look very sophisticated."

"Now why do ya gotta say that?"

The leader of the thieves looks agitated.

"Who cares, SHOOT HIM!!!"

The men fire their pistols at the man, and realize he is already gone. In rapid
succession, four arrows are fired.

One is an electric net, and shocks two of the men into unconsciousness.

The second is a glue arrow and binds the victim to the ground.

The third is a hard foam brass knuckle arrow and knocks the victim out.

The man walks over to gloat.

"So glad, I started that rumor, about the money in the safe. It allowed me to test my arrows in a controlled environment. I think it is time for Arrowmatic to hit the streets."


Rulians possess one unique power and that is the ability to teleport over long distances.

Crolok and Cyphred use this ability to escape from Gold Sama. Going into a smaller transport vessel nearby. Once there they put in a distress call to The Ruling Class.

The Ruling Class are the elite super powered defense force of the Rulian Empire.

They are only contacted in the most extreme emergencies. Right now, Crolox and Cypred consider this an extreme emergency.

Teleporting onto the bridge of the tiny saucer like ship is Infini-Knight. He wears a multicolored computerized wire frame armor.

Crolok walks up nervously.

"Forgive me Inifi-Knight, but you are the only one? We requested the entire
Ruling Class."

"Captain Croloc, you know we are at war with the Dominorse. Right now Moon Front and Ghost Chase are holding off the reptilian scum by themselves.

I only came out of curiosity. I must see the human that can decimate a Class 6 Rulian War Ship."

As he says this, the small vessel is rattled by an intense shock wave, created by a Gold Sama attack.

Infini-Knight turns his right arm into a cannon.

"Yes I must see this."

The Star Ships in the Rulian Battle Fleet, actually resemble gigantic golden flying saucers. The largest ship in this particular fleet is the size of a small moon.

It is on this ship that the Gold Sama has launched his attack. The Rulian
security forces on this ship, are very well trained. They surround Sama and demand he surrender.

Sama simply lifts his hand and with a simple telekinetic shove, knocks out the security force. Sama looks around dissatisfied with more pointless violence. He turns intangible and flies to the next floor.

He is greeted by two Suit Fighters. They fire their pulse cannons at full power, and Sama narrowly avoids the attack. The cannons tear a hole in the hull of the ship.

He realizes the Rulians are desperate, if they are letting these armored fighters destroy the ship.

Sama flies toward one Suit Fighter and kicks it in the head. Another punches him and Sama ducks, punches it in the chest.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum!!!"

His hands out stretched, a wave of energy cripples both armors. He seals the damaged hulls with debris.

He finally reaches the bridge of the cruiser and finds it empty

A man emerges from the center of the room, wearing multicolored armor that resembles a computerized wire frame. Each arm and leg, along with his torso, has a different color.

Much larger than the Gold Sama. He fires a current of energy, that sends Sama flying out of the ship.

He is the leader of the Rulian Elite Ruling Class. He is the Infini-Knight.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Challenge Of The Rulians: Day 2


The Gold Sama left the Milky Way an hour ago. He flies toward the energy
signature of the Rulian scouter fleet.

Sama is not exactly sure what he will do. Right now he hopes that perhaps he can
negotiate with them.

Perhaps telepathically make them forget that Earth even

In his tenure are Sama, he has encountered other dimensional beings, so The
Rulians do not intimidate him. As he gets closer he sees a trio of gold space ships
that resemble a combination of an F-14 bomber and a badminton birdie.

The ships notice Sama immediately and fire energy missiles at him. He
quickly forms a force field around himself and absorbs the attacks.

The ships are now circling Sama, he is impressed. These Rulians are
obviously well trained.

Sama serenely floats in place. Insisting on the Rulians making the first move.

One Rulian known as Ryclorg is the senior officer of the trio.

"Who is this? He can't be a Dominorse."

The other pilot is named Cawbreck. He recently graduated from the Rulian
military academy.

"Ryclorg, as hard as this is to believe, I think he is a human."

"A human flew into deep space without a ship and and deflected pulse missiles
without armor?"

The third Rulian is known as Simor. He is an older pilot, but never obtained any
real rank in the empire. He is simply a good hand.

"Ryclorg we shouldn't underestimate the humans. One managed to send a
message to The Ruler and you saw the crazy energy signatures that planet is giving off right now."

"Alright Simor, we cannot take any chances, we need to vaporize the human
before he gets to the Command ship."

The three ships prepare to fire on the Lama, when suddenly his eyes open and he
holds out his hand palm first. Out of them comes a gold wave of energy that
destroys the ship carrying Simor.

Ryclorg attempts to fly into the Sama, who turns intangible. He turns around on a
dime and flies back, only to be crushed by a telekinetic force field.

That leaves young Cawbreck. Instead of fighting Sama, he retreats to gain

Sama turns back into intangible energy and pursues him. But not before making
sure Ryclorg and Simor are alive.


Mexico City

The White Fury prowls the rooftops every night. Her real name is Mia Rivera and her father was  El Terror Negro. Or in the United States, The Black Terror of Mexico.

Her father was a pharmacist in a poor neighborhood who grew tired of the Grim Circle's violence. One night he saw a news report that showed the Black Terror of America. He saw his phenomenal feats of strength and wondered how he obtained such power.

He began work on a chemical compound that would duplicate the Terror's
powers. He had heard rumors that the Terror had obtained his powers thru a

After weeks of failure, Eduardo finally perfected the formula. To honor his
inspiration, he donned the costume of the Black Terror.

Soon he declared war on the Grim Circle and eventually drove them out of the city. For over a decade things were relatively peaceful.

Until one day the Grim Circle returned. They were more vicious than before.

They were more brazen than before. More self assured, like they no longer
feared the Terror.

But her father fought on, positive he could win in the end. But Mia's father was
wrong, one night his neck was broken and a hole was burned into his chest.

Mia's father was dead. She tried to live her life. She had started attending the university, but her father's death haunted her. She had already lost her mother to the Grim Circle and now her father was lost.

She came across a old newspaper in her father's lab about an American hero
named the Black Fury. Rumor had it he was connected to the original Twin

Mia went thru her father's notes and recreated the formula. She had already trained for years in various martial arts and forensic sciences.

Until she was ready to become, The White Fury.

She decimated the Grim Circle in weeks. She has been careful not to rely on
brute force like her Papa had. No she struck them with surgical precision.

Making sure it did maximum damage to their business.

It is a rainy Friday night and she is hidden in a warehouse. She heard a rumor, that the Grim Circle is set to receive a big drug shipment from Afghanistan.

Once she destroys this warehouse she can hunt down the leaders at her leisure.

She leaps down and smashes one guard in the jaw and another in the gut. Soon she is surrounded, but nimbly dodges most of the bullets. She tries to dodge all attacks, not wanting to become dependent on her invulnerability.

She grabs a chain and swings across the room and drives her knee into another guard's face.

A voice emerges from the shadows?.

"Really, this is "the large man" who has been destroying my operations?"

Fury sees a sudden light leave the shadows and strike her in the knee. She falls to the ground, shocked at both the speed and the pain.

"I thought when I killed El Terror Negro, that I would be free of costumed

Fury tries to hold back tears. She ignores the pain in her leg and stands up.

Out of the shadows emerges a man in a satanic red wrestling mask. He is
wearing a fine suit.


Fury punches the man three times. But on her forth attempt he simply catches her fist and crushes it.

"Your chemically induced powers can not match the might of Demonico Mascara.

You will die here, but I will not give you the honor of dying directly by my hand.

Instead you will die like these pathetic stooges who failed me. Or perhaps you will be maimed. I doubt you will be stupid enough to fight me twice."

He grabs her by the throat and tosses her into a support beam.

His eyes then glow as he vaporizes every pillar in the building. Before the roof can cave in, he teleports away in a blink of brimstone.

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Cosmic Forces:Challenge of The Rulians: Day 1

Cosmic Forces:Challenge of The Rulians


By Matt D

As long time readers may notice, some of the names of the characters of Cosmic Forces have changed. While we know how important canon and consistency is and there will be a story-based explanation, the primary cause of these modifications are to protect the author from the dangerous waters of copyright law.

Great care is taken in these tales of using only new and original creations along with the great heroes and villains of decades past that have fallen into the public domain. These dynamic characters of yesteryear are then given a new sheen of characterization, back story, and dynamism in order to be fleshed out even further as compelling three-dimensional characters. 

That said, others have tried to use these characters in recent years and while this work is neither inspired by nor follows the same creative lines as those uses, problem cases have arisen for others. Therefore, we've decided it best to change names where we think the copyright and trademark are the murkiest. We hope that you find these change to not only smooth and seamless but also to further highlight the originality of the ideas and reinterpretations of the characters contained within the Cosmic Forces Universe. 


Drama Bay California 1985

At DuPont Towers, Jed DuPont is giving a presentation to a group of
shareholders. Explaining the need for the new DuPont Space Station.

One shareholder is a short stocky man. His hair is red and thinning.

"Mr.DuPont why the sudden need to send DuPont Industries into space?

Liberty Corps has their own space station and have been more than
generous to private sector companies in sharing it."

Jed DuPont looks out the window. Even though it is public knowledge he
is the Gold Sama, defender of the mystic order of life, he has down played the
Sama role in the last decade.

Preferring to take care of matters in as low key a fashion as possible. So to
most people The Gold Sama is simply a TV personality from the 1950's and 60's.

But recently things have began to change. The Liberty Corps created a
super powered task force known simply as Horse Power.

His enemy Professor Necro has returned from his fifteen year exile and is
far more powerful than before.

Beings from other dimensions have began to invade Earth on a semi regular
basis. Things like that DragonMace creature and The
Cyborg Abraham Lincoln.

Both times The Gold Sama had to intervene in secret. He has avoided
confronting Necro for the time being. He hopes that Horse Power can defeat him or at the very least weaken him.

Jed DuPont fears the Earth could not survive a fourth battle between the
Gold Sama and Professor Necro.

But he cannot tell this man that he wants to build a space station, to better
monitor the larger solar system for alien activity.

"No one appreciates Liberty Corps more than me. Over the years DuPont
Industries has had many fulfilling interactions with Liberty Corps. In fact we
provided them with a loan to expand their operations.

But we cannot and will not make outer space their sole domain. Not when
there is so much good that can be done. Within a year the DuPont Satellite will pay
for itself......"

Jed DuPont collapses in a heap. When he stands up he sees the entire
room is frozen solid.

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

The Grey and Gold suit transforms into the Gold silk robe of the Gold

"I am impressed you were able to catch me off guard. But I am ready now,
show yourself."

Out of a green mist appears a translucent gold humanoid. Wearing the emblem of the
of the Gold Sama.

"I apologize for my abrupt appearance, Jed DuPont. But this is a crucial
time in history and I had no time to be gentle."

"Who are you?"

"The Gold Sama of 3402."


"Time Travel via astral projection has been possible for centuries."

"No impossible because you as an artificial construct, possessing no soul,
cannot possibly be a Sama."

"I am a computer program that contains what remains of the Sama Council.

I serve as Gold Sama in a limited capacity."

"What happened to the Council?"

"That data is lost."

"Why are you here? What is this crucial time is history you are concerned

"Earth is about to be invaded by aliens."

"You mean by Professor Necro?"

"No by an alien race known as the Rulians."

"That is outside of my jurisdiction. If they are a natural part of this universe,
they are part of the Mystic Order of Life. At most I could prevent them from
killing humans."

"This invasion has dire consequences for the human race. You must

"Liberty Corps and Horse Power are equipped to deal with it."

The Sama hologram changes the room to look like a war zone.

"Horse Power are the problem. They lack the power to stop the Rulians

So they created more and more Horse Power members."

"And became a totalitarian dictatorship?"

The room changes to show thousands of Horse Powers fighting each other.

"No, the technology becomes too widespread. It started an arms race that
brings the world to the brink of destruction."

DuPont looks appalled by what he sees.

"What do you expect me to do about it?"

"Very soon a battle between Horse Power and Professor Necro will draw a
Rulian Scouter Fleet to Earth. You must destroy all traces of them."

"I can simply attack Necro when he makes his move."

"Horse Power will stop Necro and with less damage to the planet than if
you intervened. Stop the Rulians before Horse Power gets involved. It is the
only way."

The hologram fades a way and the meeting returns to normal.

"Pardon me gentlemen, I must leave."

Jed DuPont flies to the roof of DuPont Towers. He knows the hologram
was telling the truth. He can sense the Rulians in the greater universe.

But an alien invasion is far out of his jurisdiction.

He thinks of the last time he overstepped his bounds. Trying to be the savior
of the world. To be all things to all men.

In the end, he helped no one.

In the end, his actions killed Captain Battle.

In the end, his actions brought the Oblivorex Crystal to this dimension..

Jed DuPont decides this is his responsibility. It is up to him to stop the

"Om, Mani, Padme, Hum"

He once again transforms into the gold and emerald uniform of the Gold Sama.

He is covered in a gold fire and flies into space. Determined to make up for his
previous actions.