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The Horse Power Christmas Special:Sleigh It Ain't So!!

Sleigh It Ain't So:A Horse Power Christmas

The North Pole 1985

A trio of Elves have been sent into an arctic wasteland to investigate
strange energy readings that have been interfering with Santa Claus's

The pair come across a glowing crystal.

"What the noel is this?"

"I don't know, but we better put in a report to the big man himself."

"Santa, this is Sebastian. Santa? Aw fiddle wash, the weird rock is creating too
much interference."

"Perhaps you have cheap equipment?"

"Who are you?"

A man in black and silver armor with a horse head for a helmet steps

He takes the elves down with his Horse Shoe and chain.

"My name is Dark Horse."


The Remnants of Liberty Base

Months prior, Liberty Corps was wrecked in an attack by Professor Necro,
lead by Master Masters and the traitor called Dark Horse.

Most of their energy has been spent trying to reassemble the Obliborex

Right now they are "enjoying" a holiday break.

David Foster grabs Courtney Hendrix from behind and hugs her.

"Courtney, we're under the mistletoe."

Courtney tries to smile. She knows how much stress everyone is under.

"Its okay Courtney, you don't have to pretend. You miss Curt, don't you."

"David, the last thing I think of before I close my eyes is seeing Curt die.
Then I think of Co-Op and Spare Tire.

Will this ever feel better?"

"Eventually, you know my first day in Pan Guay, I watched two squad
members die. The Beige Bengal's men had staged an ambush.

If not for Sarge, I would have died too. I've never forgotten those men, but
the hurt has gone away.

But they were not my..."

"Your brothers?"


David's communicator goes off.

"Its Sarge, we have a mission."

Courtney and David are secretly relieved.


The North Pole 1984

A patch of land that melts all snow the instant it hits the ground, sits

A pile of ashes that have sat there for centuries begin to glow and suddenly
a long forgotten figure is formed. He is seven feet tall and sickly thin. His
skin is green and is wearing a black fur suit with red trim.

Xanta Claw lives!!!!


Dark Horse has tore apart the headquarters of Santa Claus. He had simply
been seeking out the power source of this massive work shop.

He did not actually think the Santa Claus lived here.

"Alright buddy freeze!!!!!"

"Why should I?"

"Because if you don't, you will face the full power of Elf Force:Santa's
Special Forces!!!"

"You're kidding me."

But he looks over and sees four elves each wearing a swat team uniform
with a different weapon.

"Elf Force Red!!!"

"Elf Force Green!!!"

"Elf Force Gold!!!"

"Elf Force White!!!"

Dark Horse grins under his helmet.

"This should be fun."


Liberty Base

Sergent Sargent has gathered the team in the Horse Power Trojan Base. He
looks the same as always, except for a cybernetic headband grafted to his
head. Its only purpose to hold back the demonic Claymorgue. The spirit of a
demon sword that entered his body during the siege,

Zane Dresden walks in last.

"C'mon Sarge, I want to buy a Christmas Tree."

"Zane, you're Jewish."

"Doesn't mean I can't buy a Christmas Tree."

"I think it does."

"Great now you sound like my mom."

"Blast it we do not have time for this!!!!"

Zane quickly sits down.

"We have found a major energy disruption in the North Pole. We found a
huge Oblivorex Shard."

David Foster speaks

"Why is it just showing up now?"

"Something was cloaking a huge area up there. I found something else too."

Romero Sanchez speaks next.

"What is that?"

Sergent Sargent looks at the ground.

"Dark Horse"


Dark Horse is sent crashing into a candy cane pillar. He has obviously
underestimated Elf Force.

He takes out his Horse Shoe Guillotine and catches the Mistletoe sword of
Elf Force Green and kicks him in the jaw three times. Wrapping the chain
around his throat and sending him into the wall.

Elf Force Red fires his candy cane blasters at Dark Horse who deflects it
with his Horse Shoe.

He leaps across the room and kicks Red in the back of the head.

Elf Force Gold tries to use her Jingle Bells, only to have them cut to pieces
by the Guillotine.

This leaves Elf Force White. He tears into Dark Horse with his Candy Cane
Nun Chucks. But is simply over matched by the Evil Horse Power.

Dark Horse catches White's last punch and crushes his hand and knocks
him out with a slap.

"Now to find your boss."


Xanta Claw relishes being alive again. This world is so much naughtier than
the one he left. Oh most people are good, but with the population explosion,
there are far more bad people than before.

There is one source of misery that draws him closer. He disappears in a
black, red and green tornado.

His next stop is Lawnvale, Ohio.


The North Pole

Dark Horse has defeated Elf Force Four. He has entered the enter sanctum of Santa Claus. He is frustrated to find yet another locked door.

He swings his guillotine around and smashes in the door. He enters a chamber full of computers and other technical devices far beyond his perception.

Everything in the room is green and red, with white blinking lights.

"Close to the power source. What is the purpose of this place. Why devote this much energy to Christmas Town?"

"Because the world needs goodwill and cheer."

"No it can't be."

"Ho Ho Ho"

Santa appears out of a gold door of light.

"You are not Santa Claus."

"Of course I am George."

"How do you know that name?"

"I know all of your names. George Alberts, Road Test and Dark Horse."


Dark Horse kicks Santa in the jaw and attempts to punch him, but Santa teleports behind the Black Horse Power.

He holds out his palm and sends Dark Horse crashing into a wall with one burst of energy.

"Very Naughty George."

The environment shifts and they are outside in a howling blizzard.

"I'm so sorry George, but I must not let my work shop be damaged."

"Call me George again and I'll tear out your throat!!!!"

Dark Horse attempts to hit Santa with his Horse Shoe, but each swing misses. With the seven foot, 500 pound man displaying amazing agility.

Santa in returns fires a series of green energy orbs at Dark Horse, who deflects each one.

Santa teleports behind Dark Horse and puts him in a bear hug.

He releases him quickly. A white light begins emanating from Dark Horse. His armor changing to white and silver.

"What? What are you doing?"


"Where am I? I..I remember my tank exploding."

"You are safe now George. You can be more than you are."

Suddenly the white and silver peels away, revealing Dark Horse.


He takes his Horse Shoe and hits Santa in the face, knocking Old Saint Nick down. He quickly sits up.

"I'm sorry George, I thought there was some spark of you left."

A tear goes down Santa's cheek and he raises his hands and with a white burst of light sends Dark Horse back to the Necromizone.

But he will not allow himself to be overwhelmed with sadness, there are others he can help.


Courtney Hendrix is in her room looking at pictures of her brother Curt.

Curt never cared for Christmas, he thought it was spirutal hokum. Even as a
little kid he didn't believe in it. He liked getting presents, but that was it.

Now Courtney hopes more than ever, that Curt was wrong. She picks up the
Scramble Scope he gave her last year. It was a prototype that he could
never get to work.

Courtney begins crying like she does every night. She hears bells ringing
and smells the light stench of brimstone as smoke enters the room.

Out of the smoke steps a tall thin man. With sharp teeth, black hair and
beard to match with green skin.

"Do not cry little girl. I am here to end your pain, forever."

Liberty Base

Sergent Sargent and his team are preparing to leave for the North Pole
when an alarm goes off. A new enemy has attacked Liberty Base.

All four men grab their Horse Collars and scream


Davis Foster is transformed into the Blue Stallion.

Zane Dresden is transformed into the Green Mustang

Brutus Roberts is transformed into the Red Clydesdale

Romero Sanchez is transformed into the Yellow Bronco

Horse Power along with Sergent Sargent run back into Liberty Base.


Courtney Hendrix has seen too much, to be scared of a monster in a black
Santa suit. She kicks him in the face and fires five rounds into Xanta's chest.

"That's it girl, feed me your hate."

Courtney chooses to attack again. Wanting to unleash the pain she has had
inside, since Curt was killed.

Xanta grabs her and slams her to the ground.

"I will keep you alive. Your pain is simply too delicious. I can make you
suffer forever."

"Back away from Courtney!!!"

That demand came from Stallion. He leaps down and slashes Xanta in the

Xanta is bleeding from his chest and begins laughing as his eyes glow.


The wound heals as he feeds off of Stallion's hate.

He runs at the Blue Horse Power only to be hit by multiple laser blast from
the Bronco Blasters.

Xanta collapses to the ground with three large gaping wounds in his torso.

Bronco and Stallion look down at it.

"Is that one of Necro's?"

"No, energy signature is way off."

Xanta's eyes open and the wounds heal again.

"Sounds like my kind of guy!!!!"

He hits Bronco and Stallion with twin beams of black and red energy.
Sending them flying.

Sergent Sargent stands back, hesitant to enter the fray. He knows this thing
is trying to feed off hate and he is possessed by a demonic entity known as

Clydesdale tries to smash Xanta in the head with his hammer, only to have it
caught in the things grasp.

Mustang drops his daggers into the small of Xanta's back.

Xanta unleashes a blood curdling scream. These wounds will not heal.

The green one has no hate to feed off of.

Stallion gives the command.

"Fire the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster!!!!"

Clydesdale places the Horse Hammer on the ground handle first.

Bronco connects his Bronco Blasters at the handle and puts them on the
head of the hammer.

Mustang places his Daggers on the Bronco Blaster.

Finally Stallion places the Sword between the Daggers.


A Red, Green, Yellow and Blue beam of energy hits Xanta Claw, making
him explode.

They are relieved until Xanta pulls himself back together.

"Yes that recharge of hate and pain is what I needed!!!"

In a blur he takes down Horse Power.

"I can't afford to let you live."

It begins to snow in Liberty Base.

"Ho Ho Ho"

Santa Claus has arrived.


Santa had hoped Horse Power could stop Xanta on their own. But he now
knows their hearts were too full of sorrow. After failing to save Dark Horse,
Santa teleported to Liberty Base.

There he sees Xanta Claw standing over Horse Power. Xanta looks over
Santa, now over stuffed with grief.

"Cringle, I am so glad I don't have to look for you."

He attacks Santa who blocks each swipe and punches Xanta in the gut,
teleports behind him and fires a massive wave of energy at him.

Xanta gets up, having absorbed the damage. He charges into Santa and
knocks him down with a hard elbow.

He takes to the air and lifts both of his arms. He is absorbing all of the
negative energy from Liberty Base, until a black cloud of energy is in his

Sergent Sargent wants to help. But knows attacking Xanta with negative
energy, would only help him.

Santa appears in the minds of Horse Power, Sergent Sargent and Courtney

"I know you are all in a dark place. You miss your friends and truly I feel
your pain. But dwelling on the pain only strengthens Xanta."

The group remembers their friends.

Stallion remembers how much grief Curt Hendrix gave him over dating
Courtney. Curt was not a large man and was quick to avoid fights.

But he always stood up for Courtney. Maybe that was why being Pegasus
was so important to him. So he could protect his sister from the crazy world
they live in.

Bronco thinks about Spare Tire and how dedicated he was to his job. Once
staying up for three days to repair the Side Winder cycle. Then making sure
he was at Zane's birthday party.

Clydesdale remembers how much Co-Op loved training soldiers and
teaching them. Not just how to fight, but how to live better.

Mustang's memories are a little different. He remembers the cold war he
waged with Co-Op over the Adventure Ed high score at the Burger Barn.

He would never admit he was 2OP, but his face burning with rage when
Mustang came in bragging about finding the kill screen .

Sergent Sargent remembers meeting Spare Tire in Pan Guay. He was
Private Ralph Higgins back then. He had turned down a football scholarship
to Drama Bay University, to serve his country.

The second Sarge met him, he felt like he had met a long lost brother.

Courtney Hendrix remembers how scared she was about climbing into their
tree house. She remembers Curt encouraging her and finally hiding her
favorite doll in the tree house. Courtney climbed up ready to punch her big
brother, only to find him laughing and happy she had overcame her fear.

They worked on all sorts of projects up there. Until Curt's scent free air
freshener caused it to burn down.

Santa Claus stands up. A white light coming from his hands.

He sends the light into the black energy cloud of Xanta and it dissolves to

Santa catches Xanta Claw with a right cross that sends the monster crashing
to the ground.

"Horse Power, I have a special gift for you."

The Horse Power team is handed a candy cane colored Horse Cannon.

Xanta stands up bleeding.

"No, No."

Sergent Sargent smiles, his resolve finally returning.

"OH YES!!!!"


A Red, Green and Gold Beam Of Energy leaves the Horse Cannon and
turns Xanta Claw to ash.

Mustang jumps up and down.

"Sarge where did you get that new cannon so fast?"

"Don't thank me, thank Santa."

Mustang lifts his face mask revealing Zane Dresden.

"Santa Claus? C'mon Sarge, that is just silly."

"Yeah guess it is."

Courtney Hendrix runs outside excited.

"Guys a huge chunk of Oblivorex just teleported into the
DNABLER room. We traced it to the North Pole."

Everyone looks at Sergent Sargent bewildered.

He puts his arm around Zane.

"Tell you what Zane, let me buy you a Christmas Tree."


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