Monday, December 3, 2012

Sword and The Scorn Day 6


Randy Page grasped the handle of the Noble Sword and was transformed. His somewhat cheap Ren Festival costume changed to a intricate armor. His body covered in blue chainmail. He torso covered in silver plating and his head in a knights helmet.

On his chest is the blue emblem of a two headed lion. But the changes went far beyond armor, his body is now rippling with muscles, before he was only 5ft7, now he is 6ft2.

His mind now has the accumulated wisdom of the previous wielders of the Noble Sword.

The Claymorgue looks at The Noble Sword trembling with fear. All that time killing potential candidates and he overlooked a child playing make believe.

"NO!! You will not stop me. I have killed one wielder of the Noble Sword and I can do it again!!!"

Claymorgue holds his broken blade in the air and summons a tremendous amount of demonic energy into his blade. He fires it at Noble Sword, who stops it with his shield.

Noble Sword attacks and begins slashing at the over matched Claymorgue. He disarms the broken sword from its host.

Noble Sword's blade begins to glow with a white light. It will purge the Claymorgue from the host body.

Bronco, Clydesdale, Mustang and Stallion are up on their feet again. Three of them want to stop Noble Sword from killing the host, but Stallion stops them.

"Wait the blade of the Noble Sword cannot spill innocent blood."

The glowing blade enters the host and he screams, as the Claymorgue is driven from  his body and back to the blade.

Soon the demonic look fades and Danny Barnes is back to normal. His injuries healed, he begins crying.

"What did I do? I tried to fight it, but that sword overwhelmed me."

Bold Eagle approaches him.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of you. Stallion, I want the Claymorgue neutralized, until we can figure out how to destroy it."

Stallion walks toward it and is hit by a burst of crimson energy.

It belongs to Monocruel of Dread Watch. He is joined by, Master Masters, Ramshackle and Shuristrike.

Master Masters steps forward.

"We'll take care of the Claymorgue for you. Dread Watch, ATTACK!!!"

Horse Power is tired and injured from the fight with Claymorgue. But they rush into a battle with Dread Watch.

Bronco attacks Ramshackle, but this Ramshackle is very different. Now his hide is a complete callous, thicker than the skin of a dinosaur.

"C'mon Bronco, lets see how tough you are now!!!"

He grabs Bronco by the back of the head and drives him into the ground face first. Kicking him in the ribs and sending him across the field.

Mustang battles Monocruel and narrowly dodges each energy blast.

"C'mon one eye, this never works. Either you run out of juice or I run up and snatch your power monocle."

"Why not try it now?"

Mustang runs up and grabs the monocle apparatus on Monocruel's face. But finds he is unable to remove it.

"See Mustang, things have changed."

His monocle lights up and Mustang is knocked out by a full powered energy blast.

Stallion and Clydesdale are having a harder time with Shuristrike than they could have imagined. He has always had the ability to "teleport", but that was a ninja illusion.

But now he is teleporting large distances, that could not possibly be simply illusion.

He is hitting Clydesdale with exploding shurikens from every direction.

He drops behind Stallion and attempts to stab him with a sai, but the Blue Horse Power parries it.

But winning is not Shuristrike's goal, simply distracting them for Master Masters is all he needs to do.

Master Masters strides toward the Claymorgue sword that is laying on the ground. He was intrigued by Necro's description, but after seeing it in action, he must own it.

Bold Eagle fires his laser pistol at Masters, who deflects each shot with his titanium rapier.

"Come now old man, we've danced this dance before. You are not my equal."

Sergent Sargent leaps at Masters with his Laser Bayonet.

"But I am, Masters!!!"

Masters cuts Sargent's arm and kicks him in the ribs.

"Perhaps if you were not injured. But that Claymorgue did a number on you."

Masters cuts Sergent Sargent's cheek and punches him in the jaw."

The Noble Sword now attacks Masters. Masters fires his pistol and finds each blast blocked by the shield of Noble Sword.

He attacks with his rapier and finds the Noble Sword to be quite skilled with a blade.

"I imagine with your mystically augmented might, you would eventually defeat me."

"Then surrender villain."


Noble Sword is blind sided by an energy blast belonging to Monocruel.

"Thank you, Monocruel."

Master Masters picks up the Claymorgue and disappears into a black door of light along with the rest of Dread Watch.

Sergent Sargent fires at the black door of light.


Noble Sword walks over to shake Sergent Sargent's hand.

"Thank ye good sir, for all the good work you have done."

"That is all fine and good, but if you are connected to that armored goon, we need to talk."

Suddenly the skies darken and a man walks out of a door of white light. He is wearing a futuristic blue robe and has a long white beard with no mustache.

"I can explain that Sergent."

"Who in thunder are you suppose to be?"

Stallion lifts his face mask and approaches the bearded man.

"You're Merlin aren't you? I met you in the middle ages."

"Indeed I am David Foster."

Mustang runs over.

"I'm more confused than before."

Merlin lifts his hand and a bright blue energy leaves his fingers. Surrounding The New Noble Sword. The sword reverts back to the silent armored figure and the man changes back to a fourteen year old boy.

Another wave of Merlin's hand, causes a large door of blue light to appear. Out of it walks Sensei Tetsuro and the other kidnapped swordsmen.

"You see, my power on this plane is now limited and I knew that a great catastrophe is about to occur. It is time for my greatest of champions, The Noble Sword to walk again.

But alas tis been many years since the sword known only as Valiant had a master. With the Claymorgue active and killing all potential wielders of the Noble Sword, I had only one option. I gave Valiant human form and sent him out to capture all potentials."

Bold Eagle speaks

"So you could find a new Noble Sword, before Claymorgue killed them all."


Merlin turns toward Randall Page.

"Young Randall, you are now the rightful heir to the power of Noble Sword.
Whether you choose to accept it, is up to you."

Merlin and Valiant:The Living Sword disappear into the door of blue light. In Randall's hands in a gold amulet with a glowing blue jewel in the center.


The Eagle's Claw has landed in the Liberty Base hanger. The entire team is exhausted.

Sergent Sargent begins speaking.

"So I think we know what has happened to Dread Watch."

David Foster speaks

"They have hooked up with Professor Necro."

Zane Dresden talks

"Which is bad news for us."

Sergent Sargent speaks again.

"We have put this off too long. Its time we stop waiting for Necro and invade the Necromizone."

Brutus and Romero object simultaneously.

Romero goes first.

"That is far too dangerous."

Followed by Brutus

"How many troops would we lose in a ground invasion?"

Director Powers walks over.

"Masters did not steal the Claymorgue for his private collection. He is looking for true power.

If Necro has aligned himself with Masters, then he is planning his biggest attack yet."

Courtney Hendrix and runs into the hangar.

Courtney speaks first.

"Director Powers, Sergent Sargent, its a miracle!!"

"What is a miracle Dr.Hendrix?"

"Its Road Test!!"

Brutus Roberts pushes forward.

"Road Test?"

"He's Alive!!!!"


Horse Sense PSA

Billy and Jimmy are in the backyard.

"Jimmy it was a great idea to play knights. These pots make great helmets."

"You said it Billy and these butcher knives are terrific swords."

"Hold it......"

A man walks forward wearing military fatigues.

"Road Test?"

"You kids should never play with knives. You could get hurt. Next time play with guns. Just turn the safety on and you'll be fine."

"Thanks Road Test

"Know Better"

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