Tuesday, December 18, 2012

End Of The Road:Finale


Unicorn just witnessed his partner and only friend in the Liberty Corps being murdered by Professor Necro.

He grasp the handle of his orange scepter tightly and prepares to fight the villain.

But he looks over at the merged Horse Power known as Equestrex. Glowing
with a multicolored energy. Equestrex speaks one word and Unicorn
knows to obey.


In Equestrex hands, is the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster in Melee

He strikes Professor Necro with the weapon, who blocks it with a force
field of black light. But Necro underestimates the power of Equestrex, who
shatters the force field with a second attack.

The force field shattered, the Power Horse slashes Necro across the chest. He
attempts it again, only for the weapon to slide thru Necro harmlessly.

Necro melts into the ground and rises behind The Power Horse. Stretching his
fingers out into long tendrils, he entangles the Merged Horse Power.

He sends a surge of Necronic Energy into Equestrex. Dropping The Power Horse to one

Suddenly its eyes glow and shatter Necro's tendrils.

Power Horse summons the Horse Power Horse Cannon. Mounted on his
shoulders he fires it at full power and hits Necro.

Necro gets up and sees he is missing an arm, a leg and parts of his torso. He
draws more power from the Necromizone into himself and the rotting flesh
replenishes itself.

Necro flies into Power Horse and punches him into the Liberty Corps Hanger. At
blinding speed, Equestrex charges back into battle.

Necro takes to the sky.

"Hmm, you are too powerful for me.."

He flies down to meet the merged Horse Power face to face.


A thick wave of energy tears into Power Horse. He fights as fiercely as he can,
before turning into four distinct beings. Mustang, Clydesdale, Bronco and

Necro walks toward them with confidence.

"Yes, I think this is more my speed."


Courtney Hendrix and Triage have been running for thirty minutes. They have
ran to one of the dark pillars of light surrounding Liberty Base.

Courtney suspects if they can disable the source of the light pillars, they can stop

The pair finally get to the pillar of light by the artillery range. They look down
and see a bizarre looking plaque.

"Here we are Triage, we disable this and we're all set."

"Its not safe to touch that."

"Why I'm using this."

In her hands is a laser scalpel. At full power it can equal Sergent Sargent's Laser

Courtney aims the scalpel, only for a ghastly image to appear in front of her.

"What do you ladies have planned?"

"Professor Necro....."

"I am far too along, to have you interfere."

Five Necronoids appear in front of Courtney and Triage.

"Hmm, seems like a waste."

Four of the Necronoids disappear.

"Destroy them both."

Necro disappears and the Necronoid attacks, slamming Triage into the ground.
It swings at Courtney Hendrix, who ducks and kicks it in the face.

She picks up her laser scalpel, but it is crushed by the Necronoid. Courtney is not
going to run. Not while she can still help.


Sergent Sargent is slowly crawling across Liberty Base. Right now his body is a
spiritual battle ground for the Dragonmace and the Claymorgue. Both desire him as a

Sergent Sargent's only desire is to help his team. He knows Professor Necro has
landed on the base. He can sense that Power Horse has been defeated.

So he continues to crawl toward the one thing that can stop Professor Necro. He
crawls toward Trojan.


Unicorn sees the Horse Power team laying helpless on the ground. He knows
he is the only one left and attacks Professor Necro.

Necro blocks the attacks from the orange scepter easily.

"You're new. You and the one I killed earlier. Wonder how many of you
Horse Powers they have in reserve."

Unicorn kicks Necro in the face.

"Don't worry about them, you have your hands full with me."

Necro fires a wave of Necronic energy at Unicorn, who absorbs the energy thru
his horn.

Unicorn finds this is different than absorbing the
Curseifix energy.

Before he can be overwhelmed, he channels the energy into his scepter and fires it at Professor

Necro creates a force bubble at the last second that deflects the blast.

Now angry, Necro grows several tentacles and spider legs, while a thicket of bony spikes come out of his skull.

Unicorn attacks and Necro wraps a tentacle around his ankle and whips him into
the ground.

Necro out stretches his hand and points at the ground, bringing both the
Oblivorex Crystal and DNABLER to the surface.

"Finally I will regain favor with the old ones, bringing my birth planet into the


Courtney Hendrix has been brutalized by the Necronoid. Every attempt to get to
the Oblivoplaque has been thwarted.

She lays on the ground near the plaque, she knows if she reaches for it, The
Necronoid will stop her.

Its Robo Eye is now glowing bright red. Courtney sees her first real chance.

Courtney slides between the Necronoid's legs and puts a thin wire across its throat, aiming the Robo Eye at the Oblivoplaque.

The energy beam shatters the Plaque, creating a energy backlash that destroys the Necronoid.


Sergent Sargent has finally reached Trojan. He has put in the command and
began the slow climb upward. He has to reach the cockpit.


Necro just heard a loud explosion. He knows one of his Oblivoplaques has
been destroyed.

"Those women defeated my Necronoid. Curse my arrogance. Curse my need to
shatter wills instead of spines."

"You want something shattered!!!!"

Clydesdale leaps into the air and smashes his red hammer into the base of
Professor Necro's back.


One of Necro's tentacles grabs Clydesdale.

"Even if I can't bring Earth into the Necromizone. I can still kill Horse Power..."

Professor Necro does not notice the massive shadow above him.

Or that Mustang has recovered and snatched Clydesdale from his clutches.

Necro is unaware that Sergent Sargent won his battle with Masters and
is now in control of Trojan.

When he finally notices the giant foot above his head, it is too late. Professor
Necro is crushed under the foot of Trojan.

Sergent Sargent sits at the controls, consumed by demonic hell fire.

"At last."


The five Horse Powers stand around the body of Professor Necro.

Stallion suddenly panics.

"Where's Courtney!!!"

"Over here David....."

Courtney Hendrix is battered and bruised. Carrying the unconscious body of

Courtney is relived it is over, until she sees the dead body of her brother, Curt

She runs over and scoops his body into her arms.

"Curt, Curt, Curt.... Why? You weren't a hero. Why did you do this? Why?"

David Foster sits next to her.

"Courtney, Curt saved us today. If not for him, Crime King would have killed

Courtney hugs David and begins to sob.

Zane Dresden has the face mask on his helmet up.

"Where's Sarge?"

The foot of Trojan opens and Sergent Sargent crawls out of it.
His body covered in the hell fire of the Claymorgue.

Mustang, Bronco and Clydesdale run to help Sarge.

The Oblivorex has a minute crack in its surface. Likely obtained during the
recent fighting.

Sergent Sargent speaks.

"Don't worry about me. The crystal, check the crystal."

Suddenly the Oblivorex transforms into white energy and explodes. Scattering
across the Earth.

Unicorn looks down at the broken DNABler.

"What does this mean?"

Before the group can ponder the question, the pile of flesh and bone that was
Professor Necro disappears into a white door of light.


Professor Necro has taken the small remainder of his Necronic energy and
reformed his body. But every bone is still broken and he is unable to move.

Xcision and five of his men teleport into the lair of Necro. They walk toward his
broken body with scowls on their faces.

SkeleGun stands in front of Necro, prepared to fight with his remaining power. Xcision stares at the Necborg with his red beady eyes.

"move..... skelegun.....move...........am......a......failure....xcision....
finish me....."

Xcision looks down at the broken remains of his prized student.

"Necro I could never kill you. I cared for you, as I might have cared for a
Darklin of my own.

I am sorry this has happened to you. You were never expected to pay back the
Oblivorex. I thought a deadline would motivate you......

I am unable to instantly heal injuries this severe. You were severely damaged
during this fight. Ax Wing create a cocoon for Necro."

Xcision stares at SkeleGun once again. There is something noble in
the Necborg, that twist Xcision's insides.

Finding Crime King is low on the list of priorities, for what is left of Liberty

So late one night, when a tractor beam took the prone body of the self proclaimed King of Crime, nobody noticed.

When Crime King wakes up, he sees a familiar face. The face of his long time partner, the robot known as Retro-9. Retro-9 is surrounded by a group of orange, five eyed humanoid aliens.


"Rest human, we have much to discuss. Such as what power on your planet, could
do such damage to one of our Fighter Suits?"


Clark City, Texas

Clark City is the heart of the burgeoning super science community. It took
Thunder Thief several weeks to walk here. He has made it a point not to draw the attention of Horse Power. Being a prisoner is not the life for him. Gilded cage or no.

He came to Clark City to get his regulator belt repaired and modified. So he can once again be immune to his own powers.

He found a man with the skill to repair Liberty Corps tech, yet have no moral reservations about doing it. For a no name, the guy is quite the electronics genius.


"Call me Thunder Thief."

"I was able to fix your regulator belt. Unfortunately I was unable to make it so
you can be immune to your powers."

Thunder Thief begins to feel angry.

"WAIT!!! I did add a switch that deactivates it. So you can switch your
powers on and off."

"Thanks buddy, sorry I almost flash fried you."


Horse Sense PSA

"Billy did you find the guns."

"Yeah I found where my dad hides the keys to his gun cabinet"

"Ready to play duel?"

"You bet!!!"

The boys look around as if waiting for someone.

"Alright we go ten steps and fire."

The boys walk the ten steps, continually looking around.



But the boys drop the guns.

"Billy this is stupid. Lets go play some video games."

The End

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