Tuesday, December 4, 2012

End Of The Road Part One


High Five has just completed a mission in Hawaii. The remnants of the
Water Mancer cult were attempting to summon a Tsunami, that would have
destroyed Honolulu.

High Five and his Ace Squadron flew in with a brigade of Hatchet
Helicopters and Air Breaker jets and stopped the Water Mancers before
they started.

High Five's jet was destroyed in the fight and now he is having to hitch a ride
with one of his men.

He does not expect to be thanked for saving Honolulu. Saving all those lives
is thanks enough. But he thinks that noone in the city realizes how close
they came to death.

High Five's communicator begins going off. He realizes he has fifty missed

"High Five here, what's the situation."

"This is Co-Op, Road Test is alive!!! Hurry up and return to base."

High Five goes and takes the controls from Ace Grunt #24

"Sorry kid, I'm taking the controls."

Liberty Corps Base

Since showing up a day ago, Road Test has been poked and probed in every
way he can imagine.

Now he is having a full energy scan. It is being administered by Liberty
Corps Director of Science, Curt Hendrix.

Curt Hendrix has went over the scan fifty times now. He has no doubt
something is very wrong with Road Test. He is surrounded by an aura
resembling Professor Necro and his army.

He should report this to Directors Powers and Dixon immediately. But if he
did that, the base would be put on lock down. Curt Hendrix has planned too
much to allow his plan to be stopped now.

Road Test looks at him.

"Am I done, Hendrix?"

"You can leave Road Test, you seem normal."


Liberty Corps War Room

Director Powers and Director Dixon are in a meeting with Sergent Sargent
and the Horse Power team.

The floor belongs to Sergent Sargent.

"During our battle with the Claymorgue, we learned Professor Necro has
joined forces with Master Masters and Dread Watch.

We know that is very bad news. We also know Masters will be launching an
assault using Necro's resources soon.

Shuristrike, Monocruel and Ramshackle have already been given super powers and frankly they
whipped our tails.

Masters himself made off with that cursed Claymorgue sword. We need to
strike Necro first before he hits us."

Brutus Roberts stands up.

"We are not talking about invading a terrorist compound or even a foreign
country. This is another dimension and looking at SkeleGun and Necro, not
a very nice one. We can't risk lives in a ground invasion."

"Better to let them be killed off by monsters Necro sends to this

Brutus you're a soldier and you know war comes at a price. We hope the
price is worth paying. But with Masters and Necro together, we know this is
not the end of it. We have to control the situation. We cannot keep reacting.

Director Dixon speaks

"Sergent, Agent Roberts, I respect what both of you are saying. We do need

a swift response to Necro and Masters, but we must learn more about this

Necromizone, before we proceed further."

On the monitors are Hale Battle, Don Wright, Rick Walters and Richard
Walters. They are the Directors of the Liberty Corps splinter group known
as Jungle Corps.

Hale Battle speaks.

"We appreciate being informed about this. But right now we cannot commit
any resources to a ground invasion of another dimension."

Rick Walters speaks next.

"We are happy to serve as a second front."

Sergent Sargent looks worried.

"Director Dixon, your concerns are valid. We need to learn more about the
Necromizone. That's, why I'm volunteering to enter the Necromizone and do

Romero Sanchez pounds his fist into the table.

"NO!!! We can't risk losing you right now."

"You do not give me orders Agent Sanchez. We are at war and eventually
someone will take a hit. I don't mind when you mother hen the others, but this
is my call."

Before the confrontation can intensify, the alarms go off.

Director Powers stands up.

"Ax Wing and SkeleGun are attacking the city. Ax Wing is at the recycling
center and SkeleGun is at the Second Avenue Pawn Shop."


The Necromizone

Master Masters has the handle of the Claymorgue in his hand. He can feel
the power surging thru him, but the blade is unable to control him.

The Claymorgue has never encountered a spirit this strong.

Masters is surrounded by a squad of Necronoids, powered up by Curseifix.

They attack at once and the blade glows with an errie fire. One Necronoid
brandishing a skill saw on its metallic hand, strikes the sword and Masters
cuts the arm off.

It fires a beam out of its robo eye, which Masters deflects easily.

The rest decide to attack at once and Masters halves them all with a single

Professor Necro walks over. He is impressed by this display, even as he
repairs the damaged Necronoids.

"I'm impressed you have taken full control over the cursed blade. I thought
for sure it would have devoured you."

"No Professor, I am far too powerful for that. Now that Road Test has been
accepted into Liberty Base while SkeleGun and Ax Wing have attacked the
city, it is time to start the next phase of my plan."

"What would that be Masters?"

Master Masters takes out a vile of the Brute Serum.

"We are going to put this into the Liberty Base water supply."

"Humor me, but how will giving the Liberty Corps personnel inhuman power,
help me obtain my goals?"

"This is more than the brute serum. Once ingested, they will become
irrational and angry. They will be prone to even bigger mistakes.

Sergent Sargent is planning a ground invasion of this dimension. With this,
he will be too busy surviving, to think of launching any preemptive strikes."

"And when will Dark Horse appear?"

"Soon enough, Necro."

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