Monday, December 17, 2012

End Of The Road Part 9


Dark Horse has just had his Horse Shoe Guillotine destroyed by The Power Horse. He had no idea the Horse Power team could merge into one being. He realizes he has been gone for a long time.

He decides to attack, and finds all of his punches and kicks bounce off of Power Horse harmlessly. Then quicker than he could imagine, Power Horse punches Dark Horse and sends him flying thru a building.

He stands up and tries to plot a counter attack. But with incredible speed, Power Horse attacks again. Slamming him into the ground, creating a massive crater.


Master Masters is winning his fight with Sergent Sargent. Yet he can't help but wonder why Sargent is not dead. He has given him several deep cuts with the Claymorgue sword and whatever it cuts dies.

He realizes to end this fight, he is going to have to stab Sergent Sargent in the heart.

He rears his sword back and prepares to deliver the killing thrust. But he has failed to notice Sergent Sargent was feigning weakness. He charges his Laser Bayonet to full power and slices Masters hand off, the one that was grasping the Claymorgue.


Sergent Sargent shifts back to gun mode and shoots Masters in the chest five times. Before he can help his team he collapses, and his skin is begins to change as he is covered by a demonic hell fire.


The Power Horse is unsure what to do with the defeated Dark Horse. He realizes that it is only a mockery of the man that was Road Test. But the Clydesdale and Bronco parts of his psyche refuse to acknowledge this.

For the first time he looks around and sees the dark pillars of energy that surround Liberty Base. He realizes they are being merged with the Necromizone.

Necronoids are beginning to crawl thru cracks of light and are attacking the remaining Grunt Patrol and Liberty Corps Agents.

Power Horse summons the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster and fires it into the Necronoids destroying them.

He shift the Sword into the head of the hammer and the daggers and pistols to the side of the hammer to form Melee mode.

He lifts it up and destroys another batch of Necronoids. Unicorn and Pegasus run up to the merged Horse Power. Pegasus in particular is amazed.

"Even as I created Horse Power. I never imagined."

Suddenly the thunder storms intensify and out of a black portal of light steps Professor Necro.


Sergent Sargent vaguely recognizes this place. It is the Komondo Kingdom from the video world. He looks down and sees his cuts are gone.

"Where am I?"

Out of the shadows steps Dragonmace.

"You are safe within your own mind."

"Impossible, we killed you. I purged you from my mind."

"You purged me, but you did not purge the Heart of the Dragonmace. You can never purge the power."

"I will never be consumed by something as evil as the Dragonmace."

Another voice emerges from the shadows.

"Foolish human. The Dragonmace is not evil."

"I saw what the Komondos did in the Video World."

"What you saw was a moment is history."

Out of the shadows steps a being that resembles Dragonmace, but more noble.

"The Komondos were not always evil. We evolved over time as our enemies overwhelmed us."

"You mean the flower people? They look real dangerous."

Another voice comes from the shadows.

"Do not underestimate Emperor Redwood."

"Another one?"

Out of the shadows emerges a living redwood tree. Covered in armor and carrying a club covered in spikes.

"Where once the Plant Empire only covered a single patch of land, we expanded. Soon we took the tiny kingdom of the lizards and made it our own."

The noble looking Dragonmace steps forward.

"As king I could not allow my kingdom to be overwhelmed. I had to do something, so I sacrificed myself to create the Dragonmace. Our most powerful mages and a pair of brothers named Zulth and Multh, created the Dragonmace."

Emperor Redwood begins to speak.

"That cursed weapon destroyed me. Turned me to splinters and my heirs proved too cowardly to retaliate  Most settled for peace, while a select few joined the Komondo King's army."

Sergent Sargent looks at the trio.

"What does this have to do with me?"

Dragonmace looks at him.

"You must embrace the Heart of the Dragon or you will die."

"I feel fine."

Suddenly Sergent Sargent is surrounded by a pair of burning skeletons, and his skin begins to melt.


Sergent Sargent's eyes open and he finds himself at Liberty Base. His skin is turning to green scales and half of his body is on fire.

He begins to crawl, sensing his team needs him.


Professor Necro has finally stepped thru the portal. He stares at the being called Equesterx:The Power Horse. He has a vague memory of seeing him once before.

Pegasus looks at Professor Necro and is unimpressed. Reading his energy signature he is not much more powerful than SkeleGun or Ax Wing.

He summons his Pegasus rifle and charges at the leaders of the Nation of Necro.

Power Horse holds out his hand.

"Pegasus wait!!!"

Pegasus fires four shots at Professor Necro, and the Professor blocks each one with his hand.

Suddenly the energy readers in Pegasus's helmet go crazy. Necro lifts his hand and fires a black wave of Necronic energy into Pegasus chest. The Purple Horse Power falls to the ground, dead.

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