Friday, December 14, 2012

End Of The Road Part 8


Stallion looks down at the individual with his boot on Clydesdale's throat. He is
wearing black Horse Power armor. The Horse Shoe emblem is broken. He has a
chain wrapped around his arm connected to a large jagged horse shoe.


"Don't worry Stallion, I'm done with him. Its the rest of you I want."

Mustang stands up.

"What do we do Stallion? I say we go down there and kick his butt."

Pegasus looks at the monitors.

"If we fire the Horse Shoe beam, that would destroy him."

Bronco looks over.

"It might kill Clydesdale too. Lets go meet him."

Stallion, Bronco, Mustang, Unicorn and Pegasus leap to the ground. Mustang
looks at Pegasus.

"You know anything about this guy Pegasus?"

Pegasus stands defensively. He knows the original Horse Powers have never
trusted him. Even in the days of E-Unit.

"No, there were only six Horse Collars."

Dark Horse walks forward slowly swinging his chain.

"That's right, not an original. Powers created by Professor Necro himself."

Stallion runs at him with his sword out and swings it at Dark Horse, who blocks it
with his Horse Shoe guillotine.


Sergent Sargent is being overwhelmed by Master Masters and his sword known
as The Claymorgue. The sky is cracking open and he cannot figure out why.

Master punches Sarge in the gut and throws him to the ground. He lifts the
blade to stab him and is shot in the chest by a powerful beam of energy.

It belongs to the Liberty Corps agent known as Battle Line. He is the grandson
of the Living Legend of two World Wars, the late Captain Battle. In his hands is
the Battle Shot pistol.

"Back away from Sergent Sargent.."

Masters gets back to his feet.

"You? You could not beat me as a "normal" man. Yet you expect to defeat me

Battle Line kicks Masters in the face and tries to shoot him again, until Masters
grabs his wrist. He tosses him aside and lifts his sword in the air.

Before he can kill Battle Line, he is shot by the laser pistol belonging to Bold
Eagle. Otherwise known as Liberty Corps Director, Bill Powers.

He is then hit in the back with the laser hatchet of the Bronze Destroyer.
Otherwise known as Liberty Corps Director, Jeff Dixon,

"You men are too old to be playing this game."

He brings his sword down at Destroyer who blocks it with his hatchet. Battle Line
fires at Masters again, who leaps behind Destroyer and uses the Director as a
battering ram to run over Battle Line.

Bold Eagle lifts Sergent Sargent and prepares to fly away with him.

"What are you doing Powers?"

"You're hurt, you need help."

"Let go of me. I have to finish this with Masters. You need to get out of her.

Take Destroyer and Battle Line and form a second front in Pan Guay."

Eagle wants to tell Sergent Sargent that he is hurt and the four of them have a
better chance of winning. But he realizes that Masters would get at least one of
them in a prolonged fight and they need to form a second front.

"It's your call Sarge."

Sergent Sargent fires a high powered round at Masters who deflects the blast
with his sword.

But it gives Bold Eagle a chance to save Destroyer and Battle Line.

Sergent Sargent sets his Laser Bayonet on its highest setting and attacks again.

Masters manages to block every attack Sarge can think of. Eventually Masters lands
a small cut to the shoulder. Then a larger one to his right bicep.

The cuts begin to glow, but neither man notices in the heat of combat.


Dark Horse has overestimated his powers. His dominance over Clydesdale lead
him to think Horse Power was significantly weaker than him. What he did not
realize was the Red Horse Power was exhausted from holding the transformed
Spare Tire at bay.

His only advantage right now is the Orange and Purple Horse Powers keep
getting in the way. Dark Horse has no memory of them. He thinks they must
have been activated recently.

Still he is finding it difficult to fight all five of them. Stallion tries to cut him with
his sword, but Dark Horse catches it in his Horse Shoe and drives it into the

Pegasus tries to shoot him in the back, but Dark Horse rolls behind
and uses Stallion as a shield.

Unicorn tries to batter him with his scepter, as Mustang tries to slice him with his
daggers. But the team is too inexperienced to avoiding hitting each other.

Mustang turns to Unicorn angry.

"Watch it new guy!!!"

Unicorn feels an overly intense reaction to this and shoves Mustang.

"Learn to duck!!!"

Dark Horse strikes them with his chain, only to be shot in the side by Bronco.

Pegasus follows up with a blast from his rifle.

He tackles Dark Horse and begins flying higher and higher.

Stallion runs over.


But its too late he is already in the air. His plan is to drop Dark Horse from a
high altitude. But there is a problem with this plan. Dark Horse wraps the chain
around Pegasus throat and begins hitting him, before driving him into the ground.

Dark Horse stands up without a scratch.

"Alright who's next?"

Mustang steps forward.

"Grrrrrrr.... You want to know who's next, how bout what's next!!!"

Stallion grabs the Green Horse Power.

"What are you thinking?"

"Look at the sky. Look at those pillars of black energy. We do not have all day to fight this fraud. We need the power of Equestrex."

Stallion looks at the ground.

"That has a price."

Bronco walks over.

"And we already paid it."

Clydesdale stands up, using his hammer as a cane.

"Do we include the new guys?"

"No this is dangerous enough, without adding Hendrix and Bedlam."

Dark Horse begins swinging his Horse Shoe Guillotine at faster and faster speed to the point it is a swirling vortex of energy.

"Time out is over Horse Power. Time for you to join your friend's."

Stallion, Mustang, Bronco and Clydesdale press down on the Horse Shoe emblems on their chest. Their bodies are transformed into Blue, Green, Yellow and Red energy forms and smash into each other.

Out of the light steps Equestrex:The Power Horse. Dark Horse swings his Guillotine at The Merged Horse Power. who catches the Horse Shoe in his hand and shatters it.

"NO MORE!!!"

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