Thursday, December 13, 2012

End Of The Road Part 7


Sergent Sargent and Master Masters are having the fight they knew they were
destined to have. Laser Sword clashes with Claymorgue with neither man giving
an inch.

Sergent Sargent in particular knows the danger he is in. The demonic Claymorgue not only gives Masters greater speed and strength. But it only needs to draw blood once to take the life of its enemy.

Sarge does several back flips and fires off six shots from his Laser Bayonet. But
Masters deflects them with his demon sword.

"Now it is my turn Sargent."

He holds the Claymorgue in the air and allows it to be surrounded by fire and
throws it at Sergent Sargent, destroying the Grunt Patrol barracks at the same
time. Sergent Sargent narrowly rolled out of the way.

Masters walks forward defiant.

"Excellent Sargent."


Clydesdale sits near the body of Spare Tire his face mask lifted as he tries to
administer CPR.

"C'mon Tire!!!!! You have to live!!!!"

Clydesdale is kicked in the head by Dark Horse.

"What made you think, I would let you revive Spare Tire. If I had not broken his
neck, the serum would have induced a heart attack."

Clydesdale retrieves his hammer and lowers his face mask. He charges into Dark Horse and smashes in his helmet, then strikes him in the gut with his hammer.

He body slams him to the ground. Lifts him up and knocks the Evil Horse Power down with a massive clothesline.

Before Dark Horse can stand, Clydesdale lifts him up and drives him into a
brick wall. He props him up and keeps hitting him. Clydesdale is too consumed by
grief and rage, to notice Dark Horse retrieving his Horse Shoe Guillotine.

He mentally commands it to wrap around Clydesdale's throat.

"Are you done?"

He grasp the chain and whips Clydesdale into the ground.

"I can't believe this is the mighty E-Unit. Horse Power was suppose to take
Liberty Corps to the next level."

Clydesdale slowly stands up.

"Who are you?"

Dark Horse strikes Clydesdale with the Horse Shoe three times.

"You couldn't save Co-Op...."

He hits him again with the Horse Shoe.

"You could not save Spare Tire."

He begins spinning the Horse Shoe above his head creating a vortex of black


The energy strikes Clydesdale with full force, causing him to collapse.

Courtney Hendrix and Triage run up on the scene, with the knock out spray that
was meant for Spare Tire. But they see that is not necessary.

Courtney fires her laser pistol at Dark Horse to save Clydesdale. Dark Horse
turns around amused.

He swings his Horse Shoe slowly and walks toward them. Triage runs at him and
hits three vicious martial arts strikes to the Evil Horse Power. Only to see they
have no effect.

Dark Horse grabs her wrist and slams her to the ground. He twist her arm slowly,
only for Courtney to kick him in the face. This gets him to release the hold.

If Courtney Hendrix had the powers of Horse Power, she could survive this fight.

But right now she is over matched.

Dark Horse is splattered into the ground by a massive red hammer.

Clydesdale pulled himself together long enough to save Courtney and Triage.



Skele-Ton is sent reeling by the first Melee weapon slash of Trojan. The fully operational Horse Power Mech.

He fires his fist into the sternum of Trojan. He then forms two high powered rifles in his hands and fires. This sends Trojan back several steps.

Stallion sits in the command seat of Trojan.

"Unicorn how are the shields holding up?"

"Good Stallion, but I don't think it can take another direct hit like that."

"Bronco fire the Horse Shoe beam."

The horse shoe emblem on Trojan lights up and fires a golden beam of energy into Skele-Ton.

Skele-Ton for his part knows he is not expected to defeat Horse Power. Simply keep them from destroying the OblivoPlaques that are merging Earth into the Necromizone.

Inside of Trojan, Pegasus is fidgeting. He knows exactly what it is capable of since he designed it.

"Stallion we should activate the Solar Broadcasters and incinerate Skele-Ton."

"Right now Pegasus we have him on the ropes and we have not field tested the Broadcasters."

"I designed them, I know they only carry a five percent risk."

Skele-Ton fires a missile into the left shoulder of Trojan.

"I'M NOT TELLING YOU AGAIN  PEGASUS!!! You are not experienced enough to direct a battle.
Mustang, shift the Trojan Blaster Melee Mode into Gun Mode.

"Got it Stallion."

The blades and guns shift back into the horizontal position on the hammer head.

The team (minus Pegasus) yells in unison.


A large blue, purple, green, orange and yellow beam of energy fires into Skele-Ton:The Ultimate Necronaut stands up with a hole in his torso. Before falling to his knees.

"Shift back into Melee mode and finish him."

A noise comes in over the radio in Trojan.


"Who is this?"

"Never mind, back away from Skele-Ton now."

Mustang grabs his receiver.

"Why should we?"

"Because if you don't, Clydesdale will die!!"

The team looks out the window and sees a Horse Power in black armor standing over a bruised and beaten Clydesdale. 

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