Tuesday, December 11, 2012

End Of The Road Part 6


Clydesdale is thrown thru a brick wall. The brute known as Spare Tire follows

Clydesdale has been trying not to hurt Spare Tire. He knows his friend is not in
control of what he is doing. Now he knows he needs to do something to slow Tire


A red hammer appears in Clydesdale's hand.

"Sorry Tire, its the only way."

He smashes Spare Tire in the jaw with his hammer. This enrages Tire who
attempts to punch Clydesdale, who ducks the swing.

Clydesdale retaliates by hitting Tire with an uppercut and pushes him to the wall
with the handle of his hammer.

"Where is Sarge with that backup?"


Sergent Sargent is running across Liberty Base. He gave the orange and purple
horse collars to Dr.Hendrix and Private Bedlam. They contacted him minutes
before, reporting that they had taken out the Heterocera, Crime King and Greasetrap.

He was going to help Clydesdale, until he got a report of an evil Horse Power attacking the base.

Before he can go witness it for himself, he is zapped in the leg by a powerful laser

It belongs to Monocruel of Dread Watch. They have picked this moment to

Ramshackle and Shuristrike are accompanying Monocruel. They are lead
by Sarge's former mentor, Master Masters. Who is surrounded in a dark red fire.
Wielding the broken Claymorgue.

Sergent Sargent shifts his Laser Bayonet into sword mode.

"What is it Sargent? Were you not expecting Dread Watch to strike at once? I suppose you expect the old cliche of me wanting to fight alone?

Not this time..."

Ramshackle lunges at Sergent Sargent, who leap frogs over his head, while
slashing him across the back.

Monocruel fires three laser blast at Sergent Sargent, but he deflects all three
with his Laser Bayonet.

He narrowly avoids being stabbed by the teleporting Shuristrike. Master
Masters sits back amused, watching his former protege fight for his life.

Even as tough as Sergent Sargent is, eventually one of Ramshackle's hay makers
gets thru. Another of Monocruel's laser blast makes contact, and Shuristrike
cuts him with his katana.

Masters decides to end this now.


Thunder Thief walks around Liberty Base in agony. He is absorbing more and
more electricity, each power increase putting him in more pain.

Why does he not release the power, to get even temporary relief? At first he
thought it was misguided nobility.

Not wanting to hurt his support staff. But he knows that is no longer true. Right now he would deep fry his own mother if this pain would go away.

He gets outside and he sees the base is in chaos. Grunts lay dead, while others
are wounded. He could safely release the power right now. But some instinct
stops him.

He stumbles across the field in agony when he comes across Sergent Sargent
fighting Dread Watch. He remember encountering the lumbering idiot know as
Ramshackle during Dread Watch's last invasion. He remembers being tosses

The anger puts him in even more pain as he begins instinctively absorbing more
power. Turning a bright blue sky black.

He'll show Ramshackle.


Stallion, Bronco, Mustang and the newest Horse Powers known as Unicorn and
Pegasus have been attacked.

The five were preparing to split up when they were ambushed by SkeleGun and the

Joining SkeleGun, are Curseifix and Ax Wing with a cadre of Xenoids.

Stallion does not feel ready to lead this team into combat. But right now he has
no choice. He raises his sword and screams.


Stallion attacks SkeleGun, anxious to finish the fight from earlier. He deflects
bullets and rockets fired by the Necborg.

He leaps forward and slices each gun and rocket from the body of SkeleGun.

Giving Bronco the chance to unload his Bronco Shooters into the Necborg.

Ax Wing confidently takes to the sky with his Xenoids. Feeling confident no one
can lay a finger on him. But before he can decide which Horse Power to attack,
Pegasus attacks him.

Ax Wing has not had to fight in the air before. At least not on equal terms.

He flies at Pegasus and spins like a drill to avoid being hit by his gold and purple
rifle. But before he can strike, Pegasus has moved.

"You can't be that fast!!!!"

Pegasus charges at Ax Wing and sends him crashing to the ground with a flying

"Believe it!!!"

Pegasus sees he is surrounded by the flying Xenoids. He charges his rifle and
zaps them to pieces in seconds.

Curseifix keeps blasting beams of Necronic energy at Mustang and Unicorn.

Unicorn for his part is taking out the empowered Necronoids.

Mustang keeps changing patterns at super speed, but he cannot get close to
Curseifix. He attempts the direct path and is hit with a full blast Necronic energy.

Unicorn having taken apart the last Necronoid runs at Curseifix.

"You Horse Powers keep growing in numbers and shrinking in brains. You saw
what happened to Mustang. Well if you insist on a taste."

His Curseistaff glows with power and fires upon the Orange Horse Power.

The black horn on Unicorn's helmet glows and absorbs the Necronic energy.

"Maybe you should do better research."

He lifts his scepter with the Horse Shoe at the end and fires the energy at
Curseifix, breaking his body in half.

SkeleGun slowly rises to his feet with no hands or weapons.

Stallion walks toward him.

"You should give up, you can't win like this."

"You're right, not like this."

The eyes of the Necborg glow bright red as he is surrounded by all of the fallen
Necronoids and Xenoids.

They form giant arms, legs and eventually a torso in seconds.



Spare Tire throws Clydesdale across the base again. He somehow seems to be
growing in power. He would be mad at Sarge for not returning with back up, but
he knows something must have went wrong.

He wearily stands up and prepares to fight with his friend. When a black blur
kicks Tire in the head. Did Sarge actually activate Unicorn and Pegasus?

He realizes that is not the case when he sees the individual standing still. It looks like a dark reflection of Horse Power.

"Who are you?"

"No thank you? You Horse Power types were never grateful to the little people."

"I'll thank you, when I figure out what you are."

Spare Tire gets up. He tries to punch Dark Horse, who leaps over his head and lands behind him. He takes out his giant jagged horse shoe. But before he can kill Spare Tire with it, Clydesdale strikes Dark Horse with his hammer.

"I'm not going to let you hurt Tire!!!"

"But you were fine with Road Test being killed."


Dark Horse attacks with his jagged Horse Shoe, but Clydesdale blocks each strike with his hammer. He wraps the Horse Shoe around the hammer, to disarm Clydesdale. But the Red Horse Power is far too powerful and pulls Dark Horse toward him. But Dark Horse slides between the legs of Clydesdale and kicks him below the abdomen.

He quickly retrieves his weapon and tears apart the Red Horse Power. Before he can finish him off, Spare Tire smashes his head in with all of his new found brute strength.


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