Monday, December 10, 2012

End Of The Road Part 5


Bronco and Mustang have been frustrated by the Heterocera Husk.  Somehow
the creature has out maneuvered them at every turn.

High Five is directing the Ace Squadron in their attacks, but the husk is too
strong. It is already regenerating the parts it lost earlier. In addition to that, High
Five is having a difficult time flying Mustang's Green Horse Fly Chariot.

They are preparing to go in for another attack on the husk, when Bronco's
communicator starts going off.

"Bronco here.."

"This is Co-Op. Greasetrap and Crime King are loose. Crash Course is in critical

High Five takes the communicator.

"What happened?"

"He was seen with Road Test, then Test disappeared and some guy in black Horse Power armor appeared."

"Is Test okay?"

"I don't know he........"

Mustang fires the lasers on his chariot at the husk of Heterocera.

"We have to finish this thing and go help the others!!!"

Before he can fire again, a purple streak goes thru the husk of
Heterocera. The husk regains its balance, but now has a hole in its torso.

It opens its broken mandible and roars. But the purple streak flies thru the husk
three more times.

The purple streak of energy finally stops in midair. Revealing a purple alternate
version of the Horse Power armor. But with the alteration of a pair of black
metallic wings.

Bronco opens his face mask.

"Oh no Sarge, you didn't."

Pegasus speaks.

"I'm here to help Horse Power."

The husk of the Heterocera flies toward Pegasus, now missing large portions of
its body.

Pegasus holds his hands out.

"Pegasus Gun!!!!"

A Purple and Gold Shotgun appears in his hands.


A beam of Purple and Gold energy fires out of it, destroying the husk of the

Pegasus flies to Bronco and Mustang.

"We need to return to Liberty Base immediately."

Soon he is back to being a Purple blur of speed.


Dark Horse is surrounded by twenty grunts. They are wielding Heavy Hitter
canons and Pulse Rifles.

He grasp the chain wrapped around his arm and begins swinging the large jagged
horse shoe attached to it.

He knows the Grunts will not fire until he makes a move. He leaps into the air
and they fire.

With a speed they can not expect, he deflects every shot with the
jagged horse shoe and throws it at the Grunts. Killing the squad in two swings.

"I have no idea what you are. But I'll find a way to stop you."

Dark Horse brings the jagged horse shoe back to his hand.

"Co-Op, there is something you don't know? I have been gone a long time."

"Road Test? It's you...."

"There's the Co-Op I know."

He grabs the handle at the base of the jagged horse shoe and attacks. Wielding it
like a mace. Co-Op takes out his katana and blocks each shot. He cuts Dark
Horse several times, but Dark Horse is simply too durable.

Dark Horse kicks Co-Op in the chin and smashes his jaw with a back fist. Co-Op
stands up bleeding. His katana broken now. But he refuses to die on his knees.

Co-Op throws a Mud Ball grenade at Dark Horse. The Mud Ball creates a time
displacement field within five feet of its detonation.

Dark Horse is caught in the field and slows to a crawl. Co-Op takes out a laser
pistol. Studying the Horse Power armor, he knows he has a one in five thousand
chance of hitting a structural flaw and damaging the armor.

He fires and it hits his left shoulder blade just as Dark Horse crushes the
Mud Ball grenade.

He grabs Co-Op by the throat.

"Playing the odds Co-Op? You should have ran. In this chaos I would have found another target. But you know everything don't you Co-Op?

You know exactly where you are going?"

Dark Horse clutches his hand around Co-Op's throat and The Liberty Corps Agent
falls in a heap.

Dark Horse goes searching for his next victim.


The Necromizone

Professor Necro looks at his viewing window of Liberty Base. He sees the dark
pillars of energy changing Liberty Base. Soon he will finish what he started in
1969, he will merge his home planet with the Necromizone.

His current partner, Master Masters is not aware of this. Necro does not feel
guilty, Masters will become a serious player in the Necromizone after this.

Master Masters has been transformed by the Claymorgue. His helmet
now covered in sharp edges. His shoulders have sharp bone like protrusions
sticking out. The sword emits an ugly light and uglier humming sound.

"Necro, the ceremony has began. It is time we returned to Earth. It must be at
my hand that Sargent is killed."

Master Masters, his Dread Watch, SkeleGun, Curseifix and Ax-Wing are
consumed by a black door of light.


Stallion narrowly dodges a boiling hot stream of grease.

"Hahahaha, where is your tasty girlfriend blue boy?!! Would love to deep fry

"You don't want to do that Greasetrap, she'd go straight to your thighs!!!"

Stallion takes his sword and cuts the Frying Man's legs off.

"Now Gravel Pit!!!"

Gravel Pit drops a ton of dirt onto the legs of Greasetrap.

"That should slow him down Gravel Pit. Bury him now."

Before he can move, Greasetrap brings himself to his hottest boil ever, and
explodes onto the Earth Mauler tank of Gravel Pit, which is melted into slag.

Stallion attempts to save him, but is hit by a barrage of pulse missiles fire by
Crime King.

"Forgotten about the King of Crime already?"

Crime King had never encountered Horse Power before. They would of been a
serious shock to his system, if he had not had access to television news.

He lifts Stallion by the head. Crime King's Rulian Fighter Suit is two feet taller
than the Horse Power Armor. He lifts up a glowing fist and prepares to obliterate
the skull of the Blue Horse Power.

But a surge of energy hits him in the back, actually damaging the Rulian Fighter

"Who dares?"

A being in a orange version of the Horse Power armor emerges from the smoke.

The armor is protected by a Horse Shoe shaped black shield, that surrounds his
chest and back.

On top of his head is a long black horn.

Stallion says to himself.

"Oh No Sarge, you didn't..."

Crime King activates his thrusters and flies at Unicorn.

"Unicorn Scepter!!!"

A scepter with a black handle appears in Unicorn's hand. At the tip of it is an
orange horse shoe. He smashes in the side of the Rulian Fighter Suit. Leaps into
the air and smashes it across the head of Crime King's Armor.

Crime King staggers back.

He flies into the air, out of reach of Stallion and Unicorn.

"Curse you...."

The gauntlets on the Rulian Fighter Suit begin glowing.


A gigantic beam of energy comes surging at Unicorn. But the Orange Horse
Power does not move.


The Horn Glows as it absorbs the gigantic beam of energy. He transfers the
energy into his scepter.


A Orange Beam of Energy consumes the Rulian Fighter Suit and it crashes to the
ground. Little more than scrap metal.

Stallion lifts his face plate and walks toward Unicorn.

"Private Bedlam is that...."

Before Unicorn can answers Greasetrap stands up. His body mostly regenerated.

"You won't destroy the Frying Man that easy!!!"

A Purple Blast of energy shatters Greasetrap into a million pieces.

Behind him stands Pegasus holding his freshly fired Shotgun.

"Wanna bet?"

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