Friday, December 7, 2012

End Of The Road Part 4


High Five is in his Sound Breaker Jet and is in pursuit of the husk of the
Heterocera, or the remains of it. Somehow it has come back to life.

High Five flips on his radio and gives orders to his men.

"Listen up, do not even attempt to get close to that thing. Stay as far back
as possible. Do not underestimate its speed, it deceptively fast."

Five gets the Heterocera in his sights and sends a barrage of gunfire at its
wings, he only manages to do a little damage. Even as a husk, its wings are too

But now High Five has its attention and flies toward The Sound Breaker Jet.

"Was hoping you would do that."

He fires a Electric Net missile at the Heterocera husk. Once it makes
contact it explodes into a field of electricity.

"Ace Squadron, fire!!!"

The Aces line up in their Hatchet Helicopters and begin firing away on the
paralyzed Heterocera husk.

The husk is not in pain because it is not truly alive. But still it is unable to
get out of the electrical field the missile created.

It looks down at its own broken talon and tears the arm off and throw it at
the Sound Breaker Jet. Destroying one of its wings.

High Five quickly ejects and sees the Heterocera has escaped the Electrical
Field he created. It is coming straight for him and he is strapped to his seat.

Before it can attack, Green and Yellow lasers cut a hole in the Heterocera.

It is Bronco and Mustang in their Green and Yellow Horse Fly Chariots.

Mustang snatches High Five out of his seat and places him in the green

"Sorry we took so long Fives."

The Heterocera stops its descent and begins charging toward Bronco and

Bronco fires his Bronco Shooters at the Heterocera.

"Why was this thing not disposed of properly."


Liberty Base Stockade

Crime King had grown adjusted to being trapped in the armor. At some point
it felt like an extended dream. So when he heard.


He thought it was part of the dream. Until he raised his arm and shattered
the west wall with a pulse beam generated by his left hand.

He looks over and sees that a bizarre looking humanoid blob had freed itself
and was burning the Liberty Corps Security Drones.

He looks up at the ceiling and destroys it with another laser blast and flies
into the sky.

"I never thought I would live to see this again."


Sergent Sargent, Stallion and Clydesdale have struggled to contain the
Brute formerly known as Spare Tire.

"Stallion, can you get Cold Snap here?"


"Why not?"

"He's busy fighting Greasetrap."


"There was a prison break. Crime King's armor was activated at the same
time, that Greasetrap was freed."

"That's not possible. Stallion go help Cold Snap contain those two.

Clydesdale just try to knock Tire out. Its not pretty, but maybe we can think of
something later."

"What about you?"

"I'm going to find Curt Hendrix."


Thunder Thief was sitting in his cell when suddenly a familiar feeling
returned. He was being electrocuted. He looked down and saw his regulator belt had
fallen off.

He tries to put the belt back on but finds he can't. He is no longer immune to
his powers and if he does not release the electricity inside of him, the greater
his pain will be.

He goes into the hall and sees a trio of nurses running from him.

He could release it right now. But he knows those women. He sees them
every day. He has killed before and likely will again. But he is not some mad
dog killer.

He has to find another way.


Road Test is near the gate of Liberty Base. He is activating and dropping
the final plaque.

The chaos around the base. It reminds him of Braionic, of Professor Necro, of

"Road Test!!"

He turns and sees someone he does not recognize.

"Who are you?"

"Name's Crash Course. But you knew me as Tank Grunt #6776. After you
well...disappeared. I took your place."

"Took my place...."

"Listen the base is falling apart and you are not cleared for combat. You
need to get out of here."

Road Test looks down and sees a purple beam of light emit from the
Oblivoplaque he placed on the ground.

"Test, we really need to go."

Road Test grabs the broken Horse Collar on his belt and activates it. He
transforms into a dark reflection of Horse Power.

"Oh my.... What are you?"

The black armored figure punches Crash Course in the face and kicks him
across the parking lot.

In his hand a large jagged horse shoe attached to a chain materializes.

"Dark Horse..."


Within a secret chamber underneath Liberty Base, Sergent Sargent has
brought Dr.Curt Hendrix and Private Mark Bedlam with him.

Sergent Sargent goes over to the computer and types in a command. The
last two Horse Collars appear. One is orange and the other a dark purple.

"We are being attacked on all fronts. Horse Power is being divided and we
cannot be every where at once, we need Unicorn and Pegasus."

Hendrix takes the Purple Horse Collar. It was originally meant for Director
Bill Powers. But it ended up being too powerful for a man Bill Powers age.

Hendrix expected that and made sure he was compatible.

Mark Bedlam takes the Orange Horse Collar. This was originally meant for
Sergent Sargent. But his first attempt to use it, gave him a seizure.

Bedlam was chosen as a suitable replacement, until he failed the psyche

That worries Sergent Sargent, but he knows Bedlam is a good man and they
need the power of Unicorn.

"You have been begging for this chance Hendrix. Don't blow it."

Hendrix and Bedlam in perfect unity activate the Horse Collars.


Hendrix is covered in a purple light.


He emerges in a dark purple armor.

Bedlam is covered in a orange light.


He emerges in a orange armor. Complete with a chest plate that resembles
a giant horse shoe.

"Unicorn go help Stallion stop Greasetrap and Crime King. Pegasus go help

Bronco and Mustang stop the Heterocera husk. Then contact me."

The pair quickly run into the fray and Sergent Sargent wonders if he did the
right thing.

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