Thursday, December 6, 2012

End Of The Road Part 3


Horse Power and Sergent Sargent have returned to Liberty Base and feel
frustrated. They were unable to finish off SkeleGun and Ax Wing. Both of
them made off with seemingly random objects.

Zane "Mustang" Dresden speaks first.

"I don't get it. Why does Necro want a engine block and amplifier? Is he
going to make some kinda musical car monster?"

David "Stallion" Foster speaks

"No Zane, every creation of Necro's started out as something living that
recently died. Like Braionic or the Greasetrap monster."

Sergent Sargent looks at the ground.

"It could be a red herring."

Romero "Bronco" Sanchez speaks next.

"What do you mean Sarge?"

"Masters knows how I think. He knows we are planning to invade the

Necro must have something big planned that he does not want
interrupted. So Masters had him send out those two, to distract us."

David Foster ask the question.

"But what is he planning?"

"I don't know David."


Road Test has accomplished his first mission. He successfully drugged the
food in the Liberty Corps Dining Hall.

Later in his private barracks, he is contacted by a hologram of Master

"Excellent work Road Test. Soon Liberty Base will be swarmed by Brutes.
Now I need you to execute the second part of the plan. Prepare to receive
the Necro Plaques."

Four black and grey plaques materialize on his bed. They appear to be made
of stone but with circuits embedded on them.

Road Test looks at them.

"What do I do with them?"

A map materializes near the plaques.

"On that map are five locations. Place one plaque at each location
and activate it. "

"What happens after that?"

"You will destroy Horse Power."


Spare Tire is in bed, he is in terrible pain. Earlier he had went to the dining
hall, because it was country fried steak day.

He had been working for twenty straight hours on the Trojan Base. When he
got to the dining hall he was starved and went straight to the kitchen and helped
himself. He ate twenty steaks all by himself. Even though they had a weird
after taste, he could not stop himself.

Mess Hall had a fit, and threw him out of the dining hall. Spare Tire thinks
the pain he feels is simply the effects of over eating. That is until he feels like
every muscle in his body is tearing apart.

He looks in the mirror and does not recognize himself.  His eyes are
bloodshot and veins in his neck are throbbing. His work boots are tearing off, as his
feet grow larger.

His coveralls are tearing as his arms grow bigger. Finally Spare Tire
screams and destroys the left wall in his office.


Curt Hendrix is in the Liberty Corps stockade. This is where menaces too
dangerous for normal prisons go.

He first walks into the cell holding Crime King. King has been here for a

Since his Rulian Fighter Suit ran out of power. He has been unable to
remove the armor. It has just enough power to wash and feed him, It even
massages his muscles to prevent atrophy. But still he has been going a bit stir crazy.


Curt Hendrix taps a few buttons on the Rulian Fighter Suit and an outlet

"Just routine maintenance."

He insert a cord into the Fighter Suit and leaves.


Hendrix next walks into the room containing Grease Trap. He taps a
command into the container holding the monster. Then leaves the room.


Road Test is on the artillery range, where Grunt Patrolmen train. The
sounds of gunfire and explosions take him back to the fight with Braionic.

He remembers trying to escape just as his tank exploded.

He remembers the shrapnel tearing his stomach open and the fire burning
his flesh.

He remembers the rotting man in the tattered robes appearing before him.

That man was Professor Necro and he stole from Road Test the peace of death.

These memories keep racing in his mind. He grabs the broken Horse Collar
Buckle and prepares to activate it. But he stops himself, it is not time yet.

He activates the plaque and drops it on the ground. It glows a bright purple
light and binds itself to the ground.

Road Test feels nothing and simply moves to the next location.


Sergent Sargent is thrown across Liberty Base Court Yard. When he heard
the report of a large man tearing apart Liberty Base, he thought that
Masters had sent more of his DREAD Brutes. But this is worse, this is
Spare Tire.

Spare Tire has been transformed into a monstrous brute. Now Sergent
Sargent and Horse Power are trying to contain him.

Mustang and Stallion charge at him. Mustang hitting him with a thrust kick
to the stomach and Stallion punches him in the side.

Spare Tire grabs the Green and Blue Horse Powers by their chest plates
and slams them into a brick wall.

Clydesdale grabs him from behind and prepares to drop Tire on his head.

But freezes up, not wanting to hurt his friend.

Sergent Sargent gives an order.

"Bronco, fire a low powered energy blast at him, while Clydesdale has him."

Bronco gets ready to fire but stops. Like Clydesdale, he is afraid of hurting
his friend.

Spare Tire elbows Clydesdale in the face and throws him into the Yellow
Horse Power.

Sergent Sargent is beside himself.

"For the love of thunder..."

He jumps onto the back of Spare Tire only to have Tire drive his body into
the ground back first.


The Necromizone

Master Masters and Professor Necro watch as the chaos unfolds at Liberty

"Masters, you said they all would transform."

"I did not account for the gluttony of Spare Tire. But this has worked out

"At this rate they will defeat him and discover what Dark Horse is doing."

"Necro, can you truly reanimate the dead?"

"Of course I can."

"When I had control of Liberty Base, I discovered something interesting in
one of the labs in sector G7. It was the husk of the Heterocera creature that
Horse Power battled."

"I see what you are planning Masters. Yes I can do this."

Necro's eyes emit a bright red fire and he begins to chant.



The husk of the Heterocera has laid here for months. Dr.Hendrix had been
planning on reverse engineering its creation.

Martin Howard (the creator of the Living Larva/Heterocera) has been in a
coma for months.

Without Howard's help, Hendrix has had no luck in recreating the process.

But the husk has remained here in the cold storage unit.
Security Drones no longer pay this area much attention. They do the routine
check and move on. The husk has not moved in months. The eyes of
the creature open and its wings flap wildly and it flies thru the ceiling.


Clydesdale has now summoned his Horse Hammer and hits Spare Tire in
the gut.

He does not want to hurt Tire, but he will not risk Sergent Sargent's life either.

Sergent Sargent is back on his feet. Times like this he fears he is not free of
the Dragonmace. He thinks that every bone in his body should have been

Before he can rejoin Horse Power in containing Spare Tire, his
communicator goes off.

"Sarge here."

"Sarge, its Laugh Track, The Heterocera is back."

"Dr.Howard came out of his coma?"

"No, the Heterocera husk came to life and flew thru the ceiling. He really
did some damage to the Security Drones guarding him."

"We're on it Track. Get High Five and the Ace Squadron on it. I'll send
Horse Power soon."

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