Wednesday, December 5, 2012

End Of The Road Part 2


Lawnvale Junkyard
Ax Wing fires the Ax Winger from his back to knock a stack of cars onto
Mustang, who uses his super speed to avoid it.

Bronco goes to fire his Bronco Shooters at Ax Wing, but the Winger returns
to his hands. Ax Wing is now using the Ax Winger as a shield and melee weapon.

He deflects all three shots from the Bronco Shooter, runs toward the Yellow
Horse Power and slashes him across the chest.

Mustang mule kicks Ax Wing in the back of the head. Before The Green
Horse Power can follow thru, he is blasted by blast from robo eyes belonging to the

Xenoids are Necronoids who have been mutated by the cyber cocoon of Ax

Ax Wing began its life as a Liberty Corps grunt mutated by the creature
called the Heterocera. It was captured by Professor Necro and transformed into its
current form.

Mustang is busy avoiding the eye beams and cyber silk of the Xenoids.

"These guys seem way more organized than they were."

Bronco blocks another slash from Ax Wing.

"What do you expect with the Dread Master training them?"

Ax Wing reattaches the Ax Winger to his back and takes to the air.

Bronco connects the Bronco Shooters at the handle.

"Super Bronco Shooter!!!"

He takes out the Xenoids attacking Mustang.

Ax Wing dive bombs Mustang, slicing him with Ax Winger.

Bronco fires on him and Ax Wing allows the Winger to deflect it and takes
to the air again.

"Got a plan Bronco?"

"Sure do Mustang. We are going to form the Bronco/Mustang Dagger
Shooter, while he is airborne."

"But he'll just use those detachable wings of his to deflect it."

"Not this time. With your speed you should be able to get enough
momentum to attack him in the air."

"Won't he fire that thing at me?"

"We can only hope."

Ax Wing has gained more altitude and dives down onto Bronco and

Mustang. Mustang has formed a makeshift ramp and is running at full

speed. He tackles the winged terror to the ground in a green blur.

Ax Wing recovers and throws Mustang into a tow truck. Angered it fires the

Ax Winger at him.



A Green and Yellow beam of energy hits Ax Wing in the chest. He wobbly
stands up and rips the engine block out of a 59 Chevy, before reclaiming his
Ax Winger.

He then disappears into a black door of light.

Mustang lifts his face mask confused.

"Why did he want an engine block?"


The Liberty Base Cafeteria

Today is country fried steak day. It is the one day a week every one is
guaranteed to show up, because Mess Hall makes the best country fried
steak anywhere.

Road Test is in the kitchen where the steaks are frying. He takes out the
serum that Professor Necro sent him. The part of him that would have felt guilt
about poisoning his friends died, when Braionic killed him.

Test pours the Brute Serum over the food. Master Masters does not expect
everyone to eat it, since the serum has an odd after taste. But enough will
sample it, making them unable to think.


Road Test grabs the broken horse collar on his belt buckle. But before he
can transform, he realizes it is simply High Five.

"Test, I can't believe you're alive. When I saw that tank blow up, I..... I
don't want to say. How did you survive?"

"I don't know. I blacked out and woke up in North Brook. I couldn't
remember much. Until I saw Horse Power on the news and walked here."

"But that's a five hour drive. Have you called Linda and the kids? They
were so heartbroken. But little Tony never gave up hope. He told me his dad was

"Need to get settled before I call them. I'm a bit outta sorts right now. Look
I have to go lay down."

"Sure man, you must be tired."


Lawnvale Pawn Shop is a place, where cash strapped people trade their
valuables for pennies.

Today it is the setting for a Necronoid attack lead by SkeleGun.

The Necronoids are tearing the store apart. The owner attempts to shoot
them with a shotgun, but buckshot has no effect on a Necronoid.

It grabs the owner by the collar and throws him thru the glass counter.

A laser blast hits SkeleGun in the back. It came from Sergent Sargent's
Laser Bayonet.

"Whats the matter SkeleGun? Necro not pay you enough? Hate to tell you,
but the guy you knocked out, would have only given you a few bucks for that sidearm
you're carrying."

SkeleGun is happy that Horse Power took the bait. Masters told him to
make it look good and if he could kill any of them even better.

He forms another machine gun in his hand and fires at Sergent Sargent,
Clydesdale and Stallion.

Clydesdale shoves Sergent Sargent down and leaps toward Skelegun. Only
to be tackled by a trio of Necronoids.

Stallion runs at Skelgun next, but a pair or Necronoids zap him with their
robo eyes.

Sergent Sargent stands back up.

"Necronoids must be eating their spinach."

He zaps five Necronoids that attempt to stop him. He shifts his Laser
Bayonet into sword mode and deflects a stream of bullets shot by SkeleGun.

He attempts to slice off his hand, but is blocked by the machine gun,
SkeleGun carries.

He punches Sarge in the jaw and slams him into a row of electric guitars.

Sarge takes one down and  hits SkeleGun in the face,


He shifts the Laser Bayonet into gun mode and fires five full powered blast
into the sternum of SkeleGun. Every blast but two are deflected, but that is
enough to damage the Necborg.

Something in SkeleGun's fighting style seems familiar now. But Sarge is
unable to think about it for long.

SkeleGun kicks Sergent Sargent in the face and generates a pistol. Before
he can fire, his hand is sliced off by Stallion.

Followed by his skull being dented by the hammer of Clydesdale.

"Your Necronoids are broken. Stallion lets finish him for good."

"Stallion/Clydesdale Hammer/Sword!!!"

Stallion inserts the handle of his sword into a slot on the head of the
Clydesdale's hammer. It begins to glow blue and red but just as they start to fire,

SkeleGun disappears into a black door of light, after snatching an amplifier.

The owner of the pawn shop is awake now. He begins yelling at Sergent
Sargent about his busted merchandise.

"Oh give it a rest frank. We know you did not pay full price for any of this
and you have insurance."

The trio run out the door, leaving Frank Smelley alone.

"That's true, but he didn't have to say it."

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